Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 374

Chapter 374 First Quest

On Silvermoon, ones overall strength could be judged by using ones stats, Sacred Artifact, Sacred Skill, and battle experience.

Wen Yan was a blood knight, which meant that he loved to fight, especially those who were more powerful than him. He had no shortage of combat experience.

Xuanyuan Qis three swords had to be Sacred Artifacts. If not, he would not put them on his back to show them off.

While his stats were not as high as Wen Yan, he could use the Sacred Artifacts to close their gaps. Therefore, their fight would depend on their Sacred Skills strength, the power of their Sacred Artifacts, and their combat experience


"Here I come!"

Wen Yan laughed out excitedly, and he was being surrounded by a blue flame instantly.

In the next moment, the entire air seemed to become colder.

"A cold Fire Domain, how did he do that?"

Jiang Feng looked at Wen Yan and mumbled to himself curiously.

Wen Yans personal skills were all fire elemental. Xuanyuan Qi took out his blue sword, then it should be able to counter Wen Yan. However, Xuanyuan Qi did not realize that Wen Yan had this skill, and his domain was a Divine Domain.

Domains could be separated into three types. Normal Domains, Divine Domains, and Sacred Domains.

Normal Domains would only reduce enemies health. Divine Dominion had special status effects and elements. Sacred Domains contained powerful Sacred Skills that could be used within it.

"Divine Dominion, huh? Looks like youre no weakling!"

Xuanyuan Qi said that, and with his blue sword in hand, rushed toward Wen Yan.

A burning red sword appeared within his hand and he stepped forward with it.


The weapons clashed, creating sounds of collision.

Both of them did not use their skills, and they were simply fighting based on experience.

After fighting for about a minute, Xuanyuan Qi and Wen Yan crossed each other. Xuanyuan Qi was going to stab Wen Yans armpit, but Wen Yan managed to dodge. Instead, the flaming longsword that Wen Yan was using slashed through his arm, causing around 10,000 damage, and dealt damage to Xuanyuan Qi first.


Xuanyuan Qi, who had received an attack, naturally wanted to win it back. He immediately used a Sacred Skill, and the blue longsword in his had turned into a stream of light and pierced from behind Wen Yan.


The attack had dealt around 30,000 damage to damage to Wen Yan thanks to a critical hit. It had immediately reduced one-third of Wen Yans total HP. It was quite terrifying.

"Purple Blazing Lotus!"

Wen Yan did not show weakness, and also used his own Sacred Skill. A purple-colored flaming lotus appeared in his hand, and he threw it toward Xuanyuan Qi.


The purple fire lotus exploded. And the moment the explosion happened, a golden shield appeared in front of Xuanyuan Qi and blocked the damage. He only lost around 2,000 health.

Next, Xuanyuan Qi quickly rushed out with the blue sword in his hand, it looked like a blue dragon, and violently stabbed toward Wen Yan. Wen Yans body swayed and dodged that attack. He then glided next to his sword, and his body was going to ram into Xuanyuan Qi.

At this time, the blue sword that he was gliding next to suddenly turned its direction as if it was alive, and pierced through him from behind.

After the blue sword went through Wen Yans body, he was just about to dodge when a cold aura came and froze him completely.

In a few strikes, Xuanyuan Qi managed to leave Wen Yans health with only 1.

"You lost!"

Xuanyuan Qi arrogantly pointed his sword at Wen Yan, who had lost.

"Hehe, a bet is a bet. This Super Divine Weapon is yours!"

Wen Yan was also someone big-hearted. All he wanted was to fight with another elite, and he was already satisfied. He did not care about the Super Divine Weapon in his hand and threw it at Xuanyuan Qi.

Xuanyuan Qi took the flaming sword and put it away. He then went into the restaurant. His handsomeness and coolness had earned him a group of female fans.

Jiang Feng who watched the entire battle smiled with the edge of his lips curled up.

Xuanyuan Qi did win, but he did not win through his combat experience or stats. He won because of the Grade Two Sacred Artifact.

Correct. The sword that Xuanyuan Qi was using was not a Grade One Sacred Artifact. It was a Grade Two Sacred Artifact.

In the end, when the sword seemed to be able to bend its direction and stabbed through Wen Yan, including freezing him, it was all because of its Artifact Spirit. If Wen Yans weapon was also a Grade Two Sacred Artifact, Xuanyuan Qi would be in danger when he struck Xuanyuan Qi the first time.

Of course, Sacred Artifacts were also part of ones power. It was difficult for him to assess.

Wen Yan was an Inheritor that supported the Shifters. If it were a duel to the death between two mortal enemies, then he would make a move.

However, since this was just a duel in the Safe Zone, he had no reason to interfere.

In truth, he also wanted to challenge Xuanyuan Qi. But after thinking about it, he believed that the plot quest was much more important. He should go and accept the plot quest first.

On his way to the Stewards Residence, he had seen a few duels while he was on his way there.

Some of the duels were because they were enemies, some of the duels were just for fun, and there were, of course, duels for antes.

After a short while, he had arrived at the Stewards Residence.

It was as if the guards knew him. They did not stop him and let him enter the Stewards Residence.

When he reached the Great Hall in the Stewards Residence, Bai Qi automatically appeared in front of him without needing anyone to call him.

"Why are you so late?" Bai Qi said to Jiang Feng with a frown.

"Something happened," Jiang Feng answered with a smile.

"If you want to reawaken the Great Qin, there are a few things that you need to do. Every time you have finished one of them, come and look for me. I will then tell you your next steps," Bai Qi said to Jiang Feng in a serious tone.

"Then, what is the first thing that I should do?" Jiang Feng asked.

"You must choose a strategist for the Great Qin," Bai continued, "All the stewards of the nine main cities of Silvermoon were all great generals of the nations they previously served, and we are all bound to King Zhou. However, we all wish to restore our nations to their former glory. Therefore, we will need to fight for both personnel and resources on Silvermoon. Zhuge Liang can be considered as the top strategist in the Divine Dominion. The first thing you needed to do is to recruit Zhuge Liang. Others must have already made their moves, so you must make haste!"

Ding. System Prompt. Will you accept the first quest of the "Awaken the Qin" plot quest, "Recruit Zhuge Liang?"


He knew about Zhuge Liang. He was a very famous individual in history. He did not expect that he would be used in the Divine Dominion. Of course, it would be different than what had happened in history.

Recruit Zhuge Liang: Plot Quest

Zhuge Liang, styled Kongming, lives in Mount Fulong. Please head to Mount Fulong and recruit Zhuge Liang and fight together with him.

After he had received his quest, he then left the Stewards Residence.

When he was on his way, he opened Silvermoons official message board and gave it a read.

His understanding was that the players from the other servers were all at different main cities, and they were all concentrated in one of the main cities. For example, all the players from the Huaxia Server were all gathered at the Royal Qin City.

And he noticed that many of the guilds leaders were all creating recruitment posts to recruit expert players, and their objectives were all to recruit Zhuge Liang at Mount Fulong.

He was not the only one who wanted to recruit Zhuge Liang. The other guilds leaders were also doing the same thing.

The reason was that once they had moved their cities to Silvermoon, and obtained the Lords Order, they could then begin building their nation. Once they have built their nation, they would need someone to advise them, and Zhuge Liang was the best of the best.

Other than that, many of the guild leaders were also interested in the treasure that Zhuge Liang had, the Eight Front Strategy.

"Looks like the first quest isnt going to be as easy as I think it would be. The first bloody battle is going to begin!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself.