Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Mu Xis Class Change Quest

After Jiang Feng had left the Stewards Residence, he headed to the Royal Qin Citys smithy.

While he now had the quests details in hand and Bai Qi had asked him to find Zhuge Liang earlier, he was not in a rush.

Without power, going over there would only be suicide.

He was to first go to the smithy to upgrade his Sacred Artifacts.

Once his Sacred Artifacts were upgraded to Rank Two Sacred Artifacts, then the Artifact Spirits

Intelligence will greatly increase, and they would know how to attack with more flexibility.

Just like how Xuanyuan Qi attacked Wen Yan. The sword bent like silk, and the attack had no blind angle. It would be terrifying.

When he had arrived at the Smithy, he rented a Smithy Room, and then headed inside and prepared to upgrade his Sacred Artifacts level.

The Sacred Artifacts that he had on him were Deicide, Shifter Emperors Cloak, Teleporting Cauldron, Requiem Bell, Divine Fate Compass, the clothes from the Black Ice Set, and the shoes from the Burning Sun Set.

The Divine Fate Compass had already reached the level of a Rank Two Sacred Artifact, so he was not going to touch it.

He also was not going to touch the two pieces from the sets and the Shifter Emperors cloak. If the set descriptors had been removed, then its value would drop. Unless he managed to get one whole set and upgrade all of them at once.

He took out the Soul Stone, Destiny Stones, and Luck Stones then began upgrading the Deicide, Teleporting Cauldron, and Requiems Set.

Only after spending around 9 hours and spending around 287 Soul Stones, 30 Destiny Stones, and 30 Luck Stones did he manage to increase the three Divine Artiacts grade to Rank Two Divine Artifact.

"Whew Upgrading the Divine Artifacts really cost a lot of Soul Stones. I only have 508 stones left out of the 1000 Soul Stones that I bought from Nirvana. I guess it would only be enough to upgrade one or two Divine Artifacts level to Rank Three."

Jiang Feng sighed and looked at the stats of the three Divine Artifacts.

Requiem Bell: Rank Two Sacred Artifact

Luck: +40

Destiny: +10

Sacred Health: +100,000

Sacred Attack: +10,000

Sacred Defense: +3,000

30% chance of blocking any one attack.

Dominate Soul: Upon activation, control an enemy. Cooldown of 2 hours.

Requiem: Upon activation, the bells of requiem rang. All enemies within 100 meters are dazed for 5 seconds. Cooldown of 10 minutes.

White Tiger Tackle: Upon activation, a White Tiger would appear and rush out from the bell, dealing 200% of base damage to your enemy. Cooldown of 2 hours.

Hellfire: Upon activation, hellfire would appear within a 50 meters radius, dealing 30% of base damage per second to all enemies. Duration of 5 seconds. Cooldown of 30 minutes.

Passive Skill:

Sense Danger: Will ring when in danger.

Deicide: Rank 2 Sacred Artifact (Growing Weapon)

Destiny +40

Luck +10

Sacred Attack +400%

Passive Skills:

Drain Blood. Attack heals 30% of the damage done.

Bloody Burst: Every time you kill an enemy, attack and movement speed increases by 0.1%.

Active Skill:

Sweep the Army: When used after enlarged, the attack will blow away enemies at a rate of 100%.

Transform: Can change to any shape and any size at will.

While the Divine Artifacts had been upgraded to Rank 2 Sacred Artifacts, their stat changes were not that great. However, their Artifact Spirits had become much stronger.

The Deicides Divine Artifact was a giant, golden monkey, while the bells Divine Artifact had become a giant Bell. The Teleporting Cauldrons Artifact Spirit had become a halo.

With the strengthening of the three Divine Artifacts, his stats had also become much stronger.

His current stats were:

Sacred Health: 195,000

Sacred Attack: 20,342

Sacred Defense: 11,500

It could be said that his stats had completely caught up. His stats, with the Deicides 400% boost, his Sacred Attack could reach 80,000.

The players in the current stage had their health around the range of 200,000. He could kill a player in two hits, making him terrifyingly powerful.

Looking at his current stats, he nodded pleasingly.

Beep. Beep.

Just after he left the Smithy, his friend panel began to blink.

He opened his friend panel and saw that Mu Xi had sent him a message.

Mu Xi, "Are you there? Can you help me with a quest?"

Jiang Feng, "I can, where are you?"

Mu Xi, "Shuiyue City."

Jiang Feng, "Ill be there soon.

He was not in a rush to get to Mount Fulong. All the monsters there were Sacred levels, and he would not be able to find Zhuge Liang anyway. Rather than wasting his time at Mount Fulong, he would rather increase his own strength first.

And Mu Xi was the Shifter races Archguardian. Now that she needed help, he did not resist. Since if both of them participated in the quest, he might get some good stuff out of it.

After he promised Mu Xi, he then used his Polymorph skill and turned it into human form. He once again used the ID Card to change his information before heading to the Teleportation Circle.

He was unhappy that there were too few main cities in Silvermoon to the point where the players were all over the place.

The streets were crowded with players, and he had spent some time before reaching the Teleportation Circle. He then used it to reach Shuiyue City.

Shuiyue City was a city that was close to the ocean. The entire city was blue in color, and it looked very beautiful.

The players here were not all from one origin. He could see the players from all six servers.

In a short while, he then found Mu Xi, who was at the Eastern Gate of Shuiyue City.

He looked beside Mu Xi but did not find Nangong Tiaotiao. He then asked with interest, "Your sister is not with you?"

Mu Xi said with a smile, "Shes not online. Not to mention that my quest could only be finished by two players. Her levels not there yet."

Jiang Feng accepted Mu Xis party invitation and nodded. "I see. Then lets go, you can explain to me about the quest when were on our way."

Next, Mu Xi and Jiang Feng headed to the outskirts of Shuiyue City.

Mu Xi began to explain to him her quest.

The quest that she was working on was the class-change quest for the Archguardian of the Shifters class. As the bloodline that she chose when she became the Archguardian of the Shifters was the Fox bloodline, she had a quest that required her to go to the Golden Sea Wetlands and find the Fox tribe on Silvermoon to change her class.

In order to reach the Golden Sea Wetlands faster, Jiang Feng summoned Xiaohei, rode on him, and headed toward the Golden Sea Wetlands.

Clang! Clang!

After they left Shuiyue City, they had arrived at a Level 150 Monster Territory, and there were sounds of fighting and shouting.

"Damn you, Japanese! I dare you to challenge me!"

"Haha, the players from the Shifters faction are so useless, just like the Shifter Emperor. Dont let me see any players from the Huaxia Shifter factions, or Ill kill you every time I see you!"

Jiang Feng heard the commotion and stopped in the sky, and then looked down.

He saw a five-man party being surrounded by a ten-man party from the Japanese server. Out of the five of them, two were already lying on the ground as corpses.

The remaining three looked at the ten Japanese players and shouted at them angrily.

"You all have a death wish!"

When Mu Xi saw it, she frowned and yelled out angrily before heading down toward the ten Japanese players.

She was the Archguardian of the Shifters. She would not hold back when she saw members of the Shifter race being bullied.

She was not the only one. Even Jiang Feng was furious.

He did not expect that after his reputation had decreased on Silvermoon, the members of his faction would be bullied by the players from the other servers. He could not tolerate this.

"Looks like I cannot keep a low profile. I have to be prominent!"

With that, he dispelled his polymorph skill and used his Change skill to shape change into a sparrow. He screeched as he dove down.

"Its the Shifter Archguardian!"

When they heard Mu Xis voice and Jiang Fengs screech, the three members of the Shifter faction became excited.

"Haha, so what if its the Shifter Archguardian? She hasnt changed her class yet, did she? Her stats wouldnt be that high. Come, lets kill her!"

The leader of the Japanese players, Kameyama Shi laughed and said to his party members.

He had completely ignored Jiang Feng, who had turned into a sparrow.


Just as they were preparing to rush toward Mu Xi, the sparrow that was dive-bombing toward them had transformed into a golden monkey. Next, a giant staff smashed at them, blocking the paths of the Japanese players.

Jiang Feng stood on Deicide, his Shifter Emperor Cloak drifting in the wind as he looked at the ten Japanese Players with cold eyes, and asked them frigidly, "Do you think you have the right to kill one of my own?"

"Shifter Emperor!"

When the three Shifter faction members saw Jiang Feng, they became very excited. One of the female players even began to blush from the excitement, her eyes glittered.

"So what if youre the Shifter Emperor? Youre just garbage that cant even enter the Earth Leaderboard! Dont be afraid of him! Kill him!"

As Jiang Feng had not been online recently, nobody knew how powerful he was. However, to Kameyama Shi and the others, he would not be that powerful as he was not on the Earth Leaderboard.

That was why they knew no fear, took out their weapons and attacked Jiang Feng.