Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Mirage

I should try and see how powerful the Deicides Artifact Spirit is! Jiang Feng thought to himself as he lowered his head and looked at the ten Japanese Server players that were rushing toward him.

The Sacred Artifacts Sacred Attack equaled the users 50%. The higher its rank was, the more power it could unleash.


With a thought in his mind, a giant, golden ape appeared from within Deicide and headed toward the ten Japanese Server players.


Then, he saw that when the golden ape appeared, it slammed both its fists on the ground. At that moment, the entire ground shook and the ground that the ten Japanese Server players were standing on quaked. That caused them to enter into a short dazing condition.

When it saw that the enemies were all dazed, the golden ape appeared next to one of the Japanese players and its fists quickly landed on that player.

After equipping the Deicide, Jiang Fengs Sacred Attack was around 90,000. The Golden Apes power would be half of his, that meant around 40,000.

After the attack, it had caused that player to lose around 30,000 Sacred Health. After a few more punches, the players that had less than 200,000 Sacred Health was instantly turned into a bloody pulp

Next, the Golden Ape headed toward the other nine players.

Mu Xi and the other three members of the Shifter Faction looked at the scene, and then glanced at Jiang Feng who was standing on Deicide. They were surprised as they thought to themselves, Sacred Artifact? Rank Two Sacred Artifact!

While they were still astonished, the golden ape killed another player. The remaining eight players all scattered, terrified.

"Rank Two Sacred Artifact! Didnt expect the Shifter Emperor to have a Rank Two Sacred Artifact! Run!"

Kemayama Shi was the first one to run, and his speed was very fast.

"Running away? Not so fast!" Jiang Feng yelled out coldly and appeared next to Kameyama Shi, and then slammed him with the Deicide in his hand, and immediately threw him toward the golden ape.

The golden ape cooperated with Jiang Feng and punched Kameyama Shi, flinging him toward Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng gave him another strike and instantly killed off Kameyama Shi.

Mu Xi and the other three Shifter faction members did not stand aside and do nothing. They quickly pursued the other seven players.

In less than five minutes, all the ten Japanese Server players had all been killed. All the loots had been automatically picked up by the Lianyao Flask.

"Thank you, Shifter Emperor. If not, we would have been killed and thrown back to the Starter Town!"

One of the players called "HopperOnTheTree" walked over and said to Jiang Feng.

He was only level 150. If his level fell to 149, he would be teleported to the Starter Town.

Jiang Feng smiled. "Youve joined the Shifter Faction. As the Inheritor of the Shifters, I will naturally have to ensure your safety. If you want to level, go somewhere near the Royal Qin City. There are no players from the other servers there!"

"Alright." HopperOnTheTree nodded.


Next, Jiang Feng and Mu Xi were on their way again.

When they were on their way, Mu Xi said to him calmly, "Shifter Emperor, if you have time, get up on the Earth Leaderboard and then farm for the Lords Order. Once we have transported the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, we can bring the rest of our people here. It seems that the stat-conversion for our people in Silvermoon is quite low, 10:1. And when they level up, the free attribute points they receive would be 10 points per level. Once our people are here, then the Shifter faction will be able to stand on its own two feet!"

"Alright, I understand," Jiang Feng said. "You arrived in the nine main cities earlier than I did. Do you understand the current situation?"

Jiang Feng had arrived in the nine main cities later than many did, for about one to two days.

And these two days were the most important. That was why he did not know much about the circumstances within the game.

Mu Xi said, "The current situation is very complicated, mainly"

Next, Mu Xi told Jiang Feng about what she understood about the situation they were in.

At this point in time, the largest player factions in Silvermoon were Xuanyuan Qis Xuanyuan Dynasty, Luxs Heaven, Johns Atlantis, and Kitazawa Hinatas Yamaguchi Group.

Between the four factions, the most powerful was the Xuanyuan Dynasty. That was because all of the members of the Divines had joined Xuanyuan Dynasty. Even Qiu Si was part of Xuanyuan Dynasty.

Next was Luxs Heaven, who was also the Inheritor of the Fallen Angels. He was very powerful. Even Lux had entered the Earth Leaderboards Top 50."

Johns and Kitazawa Hinata were developing quite well and had also entered the Earth Leaderboard.

The remaining Huaxia Server players that were in the Earth Leaderboard were mostly players that he had not heard about back in the Divine Dominion Continent. However, they were quite powerful up here in Silvermoon.

On the other hand, no one from the Ancient City had entered the Earth Leaderboard. And he was quite surprised.

"After Ive helped you finish your quest, I will also go and get a ranking on the Earth Leaderboard. Otherwise, they would think that we, the Shifters, have fallen!" Jiang Feng said to Mu Xi.

Mu Xi nodded. "Yes!"

Afterward, the two of them headed toward the Golden Sea Wetlands as they chatted.

The Golden Sea Wetlands were about half an hour away from Shuiyue City. They had quickly arrived at the edge of the Golden Sea Wetlands.


When they had almost reached the Golden Sea Wetlands, Shen Luo suddenly appeared, floating in front of Jiang Feng.

"Yes? What is it, Shen Luo?"

The Divine Fate Compass was a Rank Two Compass, and Shen Luo was also an Artifact Spirit. Not only that, but her intelligence was also much higher compared to the other Artifact Spirits. When he saw Shen Luo suddenly appear in front of him, he was curious as to why.

Shen Luo looked at the Golden Sea Wetlands, she said to Jiang Fang, "Master, I discovered that there is a piece of the Donghuang Bell Fragment within."

"Donghuang Bell Fragment?"

Before he came to Silvermoon, he had searched the entire Divine Dominion, but he could not find any Donghuang Bell Fragment. His guess was that the remaining Donghuang Bell Fragments were probably in Silvermoon or Dragonquarry. But he did not expect that they would really be here!

He finally understood why the previous Shifter Hierophant would give him a deadline of 5 years.

That was because, to gather all the fragments, he would need to search all three maps.

When he knew that there was one Donghuang Bell Fragment here, he was still quite excited about it. "Shen Luo, tell me the coordinates!"

Shen Luo then said, "At the heart of the Golden Sea Wetlands. The coordinates are 342.352."

Once he had received the coordinates, he then had Shen Luo reenter the Divine Fate Compass. He then rode on Heifeng and headed inside the Golden Sea Wetlands together with Mu Xi.

There were very few trees in the Golden Sea Wetlands. There were mostly puddles, and nearby the puddles were dense reed and grass growing several meters tall.

Golden mist raised from the water from within the puddle, and it gave a misty atmosphere.

Within the reeds, grass and puddles were all monsters. He could still handle the Super Divine Monsters that were around level 150 to 155 in the outer rim.

But he was not here to kill monsters, but to do a quest. So, he did not fight against the monsters and moved around them toward the center of the Golden Sea Wetlands.


At this time, Mu Xi suddenly pointed in front.

Jiang Feng looked at it, and he saw a city appear in the sky. Many people were walking about, and it looked very lively.

"A mirage!"

His golden eyes flashed, and he activated his Blazing Golden Eyes. He found out that the city in front of him was not real. It was a mirage.

"Hm? What beautiful women"

The mirage was there for quite a while before slowly disappearing. The moment the mirage disappeared, Jiang Feng saw within the reeds and grass far deeper within, two beautiful women were playing by the yacht in the water. What made him astonished was that one of the women was so beautiful that she could not be described. She was on the same level as Ling Feiyu, but their personalities were different, and so their attractiveness was different as well.

This woman gave him a feeling of needing to be protected, but every movement she made was extremely tempting and alluring.