Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 377

Chapter 377 : Recruiting Su Daji

Jiang Feng looked at the two women that appeared after the mirage had disappeared. He then used Identify on both the women.

Su Daji*: Level 200 Rank Two Sacred NPC

Introduction: The eldest daughter of the Jinhai Town near the Golden Sea Wetlands.

Su Ningxiang: Level 200 Rank Two Sacred NPC

Introduction: Su Dajis younger sister

"Er a famous person from the Huaxia mythology," Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he looked at Su Daji and Su Ningxiang from afar.

But what surprised him was that Su Daji and Su Ningxiang were not from the Fox race.

He gave it a thought, then understood why.

Su Daji and Su Ningxiang were originally humans, but they were possessed by the Nine-Tailed Foxes afterward.

Looking at the two sisters playing on the surface of the water, Jiang Feng and Mu Xi looked at each other before heading toward both of them.

Since Su Daji was a famous character in the legend, then there must be a quest on her.

"Mu Xi, does your quest have anything to do with Su Daji?" Jiang Feng asked Mu Xi.

"No, they arent part of the Fox tribe. My task is to find the Fox tribal head," Mu Xi said.

"True, lets go and see if she has any quests," Jiang Feng said as she rode on Heifeng, and headed toward Su Daji.


Just as Jiang Feng and Mu Xi were going through a reeded area, a noise came from afar.


When he saw that, Jiang Feng quickly said to Mu Xi and had Heifeng stop as they hid within the reeds.

As soon as they managed to hide, they saw a dozen invisible foxes heading toward Su Daji and Su Ningxiang.

Among the invisible foxes, there was one with nine tails and was obviously the leader of the foxes.

Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit: Level 200 Rank Two Sacred Level

Introduction: The soul created from a dead Nine-Tailed Fox. While it cannot cause any damage using its own form, it can possess the living.

Sacred Health: 650,000

Sacred Attack: 55,000 60,000

Sacred Defense: 33,000

"Whew~ Their stats are so high!"

Jiang Feng was slightly shocked when he saw the Nine-tailed Fox Spirits stats.

With his current power level, it would be very difficult to defeat the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit if he were to face it head-on.

"Big Sis, its the Fox Spirit, run!"

When Su Daji and Su Ningxiang saw a group of Fox Spirits pouncing toward them, their faces went pale and they turned to escape. Unfortunately, the moment they escaped, they realized that all their escape routes had been blocked by the Fox Spirits.


Su Daji said to Su Ningxiang and headed toward the Fox Spirits that were rushing toward them and attacked.


At this time, the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit repositioned itself and appeared next to Su Daji, and its transparent body melded into Su Dajis body.

Another three-tailed fox spirit with three tails also used this time to enter Su Ningxiangs body.

After the two Fox Spirits entered Su Daji and Su Ninxiangs bodies, their body began to tremble as they showed a painful expression.

"Come out, help me block the other Fox Spirits!"

When he saw this, Jiang Feng summoned Xiao Longnu and the others of his followers from the Lianyao Flask, left them a message, then brought the Lianyao Flask toward Su Daji and Su Ningxiang.


The Fox Spirits that were protecting Su Daji and Su Ningxiangs body stood around them and let out an angry cry when they saw Jiang Feng, and they rushed toward him.

"Roar~ Little beasts, your opponent is me!" Heifeng rushed out and blocked several Fox Spirits.

Xiao Longnu, Yanhu, The Thunderclap Mantis, and Guapi also blocked several Fox Spirits to stop them from getting close to Jiang Feng.


At this time, Jiang Feng raised the Lianyao Flask that was in his hand and pointed it toward Su Daji. Next, white light flew out from the Lianyao Flask and turned into a white rope and bound itself on Su Daji, and pulled her toward the Lianyao Flask.

On Silvermoon, most of the monsters did not obey him. The Shifter Emperors Flag and the Donghuang Bell Fragment had little effect on them. It would be too dangerous to fight with the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit, so he had to take in the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit in Su Dajis body using the Lianyao Flask.

If he guessed it correctly, the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit and Su Dajis body might be an important piece in overthrowing King Zhou.

Once he had control of this key person, would King Zhou not be his to manipulate?


Jiang Feng knew that the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit was consuming Su Dajis soul when he saw Su Dajis body that was still trembling. Once the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit had successfully possessed Su Dajis flesh, the difficulty to recruit it would become extremely high.

The thing that he had to do now was to absorb the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit into the Lianyao Flask, and then recruit the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit within the Lianyao Flask.


After several dozen seconds, his health was getting lower and lower. But what made him happy was that just before the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit had completely destroyed Su Dajis soul, perhaps it was too tired, it was absorbed into the Lianyao Flask.


After absorbing Su Daji, he then absorbed Su Ningxiang.

He did not waste any time absorbing Su Ningxiang, and managed to absorb her in an instant.


He took out a Sacred Spring Pill, restoring some of his depleted health, and then looked at the Lianyao Flask in his hand.


Just as he was getting excited because he was able to get Su Daji and Su Ningxiang, there was a sharp pain on his buttocks. He turned around and saw a Fox Spirit that was violently biting on his buttocks, and blood continued to flow.

"To hell with you!"

Jiang Feng was somewhat angry as he took out Deicide and struck at the Fox Spirit that had bitten his buttocks.

"Lets go, theres no need to stay!"

All the remaining Fox Spirits were Super Divine Beasts. He could not get any good things by killing them. Jiang Feng shouted at Mu Xi and his followers, then continued to head toward the center of the Golden Sea Wetlands.


When the Fox Spirits saw Jiang Feng and the others escaping, they roared as they chased after them.

"Transmute Monster!"

When he was almost being caught up by a Fox Spirit, he used Transmute Monster on it.

Ding. System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful! You have received one Soul Orb, 1 level 200 Experience Pill, and 1 Evolution Pill.

"Soul Orb?"

After hearing the system prompt, he then picked up the transmuted Soul Orb and took a closer look.

Soul Orb: Fox Spirit

Introduction: When used during the forging of a piece of equipment, it can change its Artifact Spirit to a Fox Spirit.

"A Fox Spirits Soul Orb. That means, when I forge equipment, I can change the Artifact Spirit within it into a Fox Spirit. But it seemd that theres no limit to the equipment that I can use it on. That means that if I forge a piece of non-Sacred Artifact equipment, I can also make it so that it has an Artifact Spirit. That is a good item. If I take this out, many of the players that dont have a Sacred Artifact would be welcoming of this!"

Jiang Feng looked at the Soul Orb as he became excited, then turned and looked at Mu Xi and his five followers and said, "We are not running anymore. Kill these Fox Spirits!"

The Fox Spirits were treasures to him. When he had built his nation, he could also use some low-level equipment that contained Artifact Spirits as rewards from the nation, then they would be able to attract more people to join them!

T/L Note: If you remember, his staff from the auction house was also named Daji