Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Meeting Heiya Again

Su Daji and Su Ningxiang were both beauties so gorgeous that they could topple nations and cities with their beauty alone.

The players were not the only ones salivating when they were on their way, even some of the NPCs with Super A.I. could not help but wipe drool dripping from their mouths.

Both of them moved their hips and approached the Imperial Palace.

Su Daji glanced at the Level 250 Rank 1 Sacred Level NPC guards, then rolled her eyes at them before crying and running toward the Imperial Palace.

"Halt! The Imperial Palace is forbidden to those without any official business!" While the guards had also been seduced by Su Dajis beauty, they still knew what their duties were.

"Ah My lords, my life is so miserable! Everyone from my village had been killed by bandits! Please, my lord! Report this to our King, so that he may send out his soldiers to destroy the bandits and avenge my people!"

The way that Su Daji cried made her very pitiful and lovely.

The two guards glanced at each other, and one of them said, "Ahem Alright, wait here. I will go and report this!"

Next, the guard went into the Imperial Palace.

Su Daji and Su Ningxiang exchanged a glance, showing an expression saying that their plans had succeeded.


At this time within the Imperial Palace, King Zhou and his concubines were having fun and enjoying themselves!


At this time, the guard that was guarding the entrance into the Imperial Palace shouted.

King Zhou frowned and said angrily, "Scram! Did I not say that none of you slaves may enter the Imperial Pool?"

The guard outside the gate said, "My liege, there are two unbelievably beautiful women crying and saying that they want to see you. If you do not want to, I will tell them to leave!"

Unbelievably beautiful women?

King Zhous eyes beamed with excitement. He quickly put on some clothes and disappeared on the spot with a simple move, and appeared outside the Imperial Palace in the next second.

As soon as he appeared outside the Imperial Palace, he saw Su Daji and Su Ningxiang.

The moment his eyes fell on Su Daji, his eyes opened wide as he stared at Su Daji, his saliva about to drip from his mouth.

"Greetings, my King!"

Su Daji and Su Ningxiang were slightly surprised when they saw King Zhou suddenly appear in front of them, and they quickly greeted him.

"You may rise, you may rise," King Zhou said with a smile, "I heard that there are things that you wish to report to me. Worry not, I shall aid you in all things."

Next, King Zhou led Su Daji and Su Ningxiang into the Imperial Palace.


At this point, Jiang Feng still did not know that Su Daji and Su Ningxiang had entered the Imperial Palace, and had even met King Zhou.

He was within the waters with Mu Xi at the moment, heading to the Donghuang Bell fragments coordinates.

Since they could not find the Fox tribes location after spending so much time in the Golden Sea Wetlands earlier, Jiang Feng could not help but head into the waters where the Donghuang Bell fragments coordinates were.

With his past experience, he guessed that the Donghuang Bell fragment should be in the hands of the Fox tribe.

The lakes of the wetlands were quite shallow, and they reached the bottom of the lake after a short while.

"Found it!"

After swimming in the depths for a while, they finally found the entrance that would lead them to the Fox tribe. It was also where the Donghuang Bell fragment was.

And in front of them, they saw a ten-meter tall prismatic fox statue. Its giant mouth was gaping, forming an entrance.

Jiang Feng and Mu Xi did not hesitate to swim into the mouth of the prismatic fox.

As soon as they entered the prismatic fox, they suddenly appeared within the valley.


They were standing at the entrance of a valley. Jiang Feng looked into the valley, and when he saw what had happened in the valley, he became extremely troubled.

Everywhere within the valley were the corpses of foxes, and the smell of blood permeated the air. There were even foxes that had just been born, there were also some that were aged. Among these foxes, most of them only had one or two tails. A few of them had multiple tails.

"What happened here? Why was the Fox tribe massacred?"

He looked at the blood-soaked valley as he mumbled with a scowl, and then headed deeper into the valley.

Looking at the corpses littered around him, he felt that his heart was shaken.


At this time, there was a terrible scream coming from deep inside the valley. Mu Xi and he quickly made their way there.

"The specifics of my quest is out! Protect the Fox tribe and prevent them from being massacred!" Mu Xi suddenly said.

"Huh I was wondering why the Fox tribe would have suffered so many losses, it was because of the quest!"

When Jiang Feng heard it from Mu Xi, he heaved a sigh of relief as he headed straight into the valley.

It did not take them long to reach the depths of the valley.

As soon as they reached the valleys depths, they then saw a group of black-robed men killing several dozen foxes.

"The Infernals!"

When Jiang Feng saw the group of black-robed men, he took out Deicide and quickly rushed toward the Infernals.

Once Silvermoon had been unbarred from entry, other than the players from the Divine Dominion Continent, many of the NPCs had also come to Silvermoon. These NPCs included those from the Divines, Infernals, Shifters as well as other races.

But what he did not understand was why the Infernals were killing the Fox tribe. Was it because they were targeting the Shifters?

"Things are not as easy as they seem!"

Jiang Feng held on to Deicide and he struck a Rank One Sacred Infernal that was about to attack, saving around five foxes.

A sword appeared within her hand and Mu Xi danced with her sword, striking back another Rank One Sacred Infernal.

"The Shifter Emperor?"

After continuously striking back two Sacred Infernals, the leading Sacred Infernal looked at Jiang Feng and exclaimed coldly.

Jiang Feng looked at the leading Sacred Infernal, and to his surprise, he knew who that Sacred Infernal was. He was the Infernal King Heiya that he released when he was still at the Divine Dominion Continents Starter Village.

It had been a very long while since he had met him, and the Infernal King Heiya had grown into a Sacred Infernal. A Rank Two Sacred Infernal.

Then, it would seem that Mojis power would become even stronger, surpassing Rank Two.

"Long time no see, Infernal King Heiya!" Jiang Feng said coldly to the Infernal King Heiya.

"I didnt expect that the little tiger that had stolen my Qiankun Gourd would have grown to become the Shifter Emperor! Regardless, it means nothing for you to have become the Shifter Emperor. I will kill you, and take back my Lianyao Flask!" The Infernal King Heiya said.

"Wait, before I kill you, can you answer my question?" Jiang Feng was very curious why the Infernals wanted to kill the Fox tribe. While it was just a quest, he knew that these quests were not random. Every quest had a reason behind it.

He would only show weakness to let Heiya feel like he was not his match in order to get an answer to the question in his mind.

Heiya sneered at Jiang Feng and said, "Very well, allow me to tell you then. Within Silvermoon, there exist fragments of maps that lead to an Inheritors Ruins for every race. The reason that I came over this time is to seek the fragments that would lead toward the Shifter Ruins. Once the Infernals have sought out the Shifter Ruins, we could then groom our own Shifter Inheritor, and you can never reach the Second Stage of being the Inheritor of the Shifters!"

From Heiyas words, Jiang Feng understood that the Shifter Ruins could also be sought out by others from other factions. Once the ruins were found, they could then retrieve the key item from it that would allow an Inheritor to progress to his or her Second Stage. They could then groom and create their own Inheritor. Then, the original inheritor would lose the key item, and would not be able to progress to their Second Stage, and would even have a new, powerful challenger.

"I see, you can die now!"

Since Jiang Feng had discovered the reason why, as soon as he had finished his sentence, his figure flashed and appeared next to Heiya. With the Deicide in his hand, he violently slammed it toward Heiya.