Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 38

Chapter 38

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After sending a friend request to Mu Xi, she had accepted it almost instantly.

“All your equipment at the Trading Hall for 30,000. The Secret-Class Class Change Letter for 50,000. 80,000 all in. What do you think?” Mu Xi sent in a message as soon as she was added as a friend.


Jiang Feng gulped.

Since he was a child, he had mostly seen thousands of yuan and a dozen thousand yuan a few times. However, he had rarely seen a grand sum of 80,000. He was tempted for a second.

He had placed thirteen pieces of equipment at the Trading Hall. One was the Greenwind Staff, ranked top on the leaderboard. Another was the Qingyun Bow, ranked ten on the leaderboard. The others were three Green-Bronze equipment and eight Black-Iron equipment. All of them were Level 10 to 15 equipment with great stats.

30,000 for those were quite reasonable. In fact, the offer she made was towards the higher end, since these pieces of equipment were just for the transition period.

But for the Secret-Class Class Change Letter, he felt that 50,000 wasn’t enough.

It was mentioned at the official website that Secret-Classes were extremely rare. There were only fifty of them in each server.

As long as one could class change into a secret class, it would mean strength.

It was useful whether it was at the beginning of the game, or at the endgame. 50,000 wasn’t a price that he could accept from Mu Xi.

“Hey beautiful, I don’t have a problem with 30,000 for the equipment. But I would only accept the Donghuang Bell fragments in exchange for the Secret-Class Class Change Letter, so sorry about that!” Jiang Feng replied after giving it a thought.

With 30,000, and the 30,000 in his bank account, it would be enough for him to repay the loan that he owed. He had eventually decided to use the Secret-Class Class Change Letter in exchange for Donghuang Bell fragments.

Since if he couldn’t finish the Shifter’s main quests, he wouldn’t be able to play this game after five years. It also meant that he couldn’t use this game to earn a living, and he couldn’t use this game to settle both debts and wrongs in a way he saw fit.

“How about 100,000?” Mu Xi replied again.

Jiang Feng could only shake his head with a forced smile and replied, “Beauty, it isn’t that I don’t want to sell it to you. To tell you the truth, the Donghuang Bell fragments would be of use to me. If you want to have the Secret-Class Class Change Letter, you can buy and collect the Donghuang Bell fragments. Since these fragments are useless in the hands of other players, it should be easy for you to do so.”

“What do you want the Donghuang Bell fragments for?” Mu Xi asked, puzzled.

“For a quest. The rewards are quite good. If you could help me collect ten or more fragments, I can sell the equipment that I obtained from the quest to you. What do you think?”

The reason that Jiang Feng would message her that way was to use Mu Xi to help her collect the Donghuang Bell fragments. Since she was quite rich, she would do her best to collect the fragments for him if he promised to sell her the equipment he would receive from completing the quest.


Just as he thought, Mu Xi had accepted his proposal.

He closed the chatbox and smiled, then used Transmute Monster on the corpse of a Blackwind Tiger in front of him.


He didn’t know that as soon as he had interacted with Mu Xi, she had then posted a purchase request on the Trading Hall.

She was offering 5,000 for one Donghuang Bell fragment.

She wasn’t the only one, though. Even Shen Ye, the boss from the Myth Group, Ling Yun from Lingyun Pavillion, and other companies that were quite affluent all posted purchase requests for the fragments. The offer was getting higher and higher.

1At this time, some of the players that had Donghuang Bell fragments identified themselves and placed the Donghuang Bell fragments for sale at the Trading Hall. All of them were trying to sell the fragments for a high price. There were five of them, with the cheapest one being offered for sales at 15,000.


Just as the offers of purchase and sales for the Donghuang Bell fragments at the Trading Hall became lively, Jiang Feng and the Flaming Tiger King had finally met their match.

“Roar! Why did both of you come to my territory and killed so many of my underlings?”

A tiger’s howl came accompanied by an angry voice.

From the depths of the valley, a large Blackwind Tiger came forth. This Blackwind Tiger was the Blackwind Tiger King from the Blackwind Valley.

“Hehe, Blackwind Tiger King. You’re finally here. I thought you wouldn’t dare to come to face us,” said the Flaming Tiger King arrogantly once he saw the Blackwind Tiger King appeared.

The Blackwind Tiger King stared at the Flaming Tiger King with murderous intent, “Flaming Tiger King. Why didn’t you stay in your own territory? Why did you come to my territory and kill my underlings? You have a deathwish?”

“A deathwish? We don’t even know who will die yet,” said the Flaming Tiger King with a jeer.

“Alright,” Seeing that the Flaming Tiger King was acting arrogant, Jiang Feng couldn’t continue watching him. He rolled his eyes at him, then walked towards the Blackwind Tiger King, and asked, “Blackwind Tiger King, would you like to follow my lead?”

“Follow you?” The Blackwind Tiger King sneered.

“Yes. As long as you follow me, I will make you stronger, as strong as the Divine Beast White Tiger! What do you think?” Asked Jiang Feng as he ignored his sneer.

“You?” The Blackwind King smiled and roared, “You are even weaker than I am, and you boast that you can make me an equal to the Divine Beast White Tiger? What a joke!”

Seeing that the Blackwind Tiger wouldn’t accept his suggestion, Jiang Feng decided that he shouldn’t further waste his breath. He turned to the Flaming Tiger King and said, “Go and show him what is called true power!”

“Blackwind! You and I are both Rank 4! Since you don’t believe it, then I would show you my current power!” The Flaming Tiger King roared out excitedly as he received the order from Jiang Feng. He had been bearing a grudge against the Blackwind Tiger King for being so insufferable. He lunged at the Blackwind Tiger King.

The Blackwind Tiger King wouldn’t show weakness as well and confronted the Flaming Tiger King directly.

The two Tiger Kings dove towards each other, and when both of them were going to ram into each other, the Flaming Tiger King stepped on the ground and jumped to the side, his tiger claw scored the side of the Blackwind Tiger King’s abdomen, leaving a long wound behind. A number of around 500 jumped out from its head.

The Blackwind Tiger King yelped out in pain and stared at the Flaming Tiger King in disbelief.

From the damage and tactic that the Flaming Tiger King used, it could be seen that the Flaming Tiger King was much more powerful than it was. It couldn’t understand that despite its power is much stronger than his, why would he be suppressed.

1It squinted at Jiang Feng who was relaxing nearby, and thought to himself, ‘Perhaps it was really him that made the Flaming Tiger King stronger?’

When the Blackwind Tiger wasn’t paying attention, a ball of fire came out from the Flaming Tiger King’s jaw and smacked right on it and blew him away.


The Blackwind Tiger became enraged and crawled up from the ground. It unleashed two black wind blades, sandwiching the Flaming Tiger King from two different directions.

However, it had underestimated the Flaming Tiger King’s experience from learning how to position himself from Jiang Feng. He quickly jumped twice and easily avoided the Blackwind Tiger’s attacks.

One had to know that even if the monsters in the game were intelligent, their intelligence was at a basic level. They do not understand positioning. As long as their aggro was locked at an enemy, all they would do was to keep attacking it. There was no strategy at all.

And that was why the players could win despite being weaker.

After following Jiang Feng in killing monsters for a few hours at the Blackwind Valley and under his tutelage, he had also learned how to avoid attacks and estimate the enemies’ attacks.

Looking at the stalemated battle, he was getting bored. So he killed another Blackwind Tiger nearby and continued to use Transmute Monster on it.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Blackwind Tiger Pelt, one Level 10 Experience Pill, and one Evolution Pill!


Hearing the system’s voice, Jiang Feng was surprised. Seeing the golden pill floating in the flames, he laughed, “Haha, I never would have expected that transmuting a Blackwind Tiger would yield me an Evolution Pill! My luck is too good!”

As he had obtained the Evolution Pill, it released a wondrous fragrance. Both the Flaming Tiger King and Blackwind Tiger King that were locked in battle trembled and looked at the Evolution Pill. Their eyes were filled with intense desire, and both ended the battle darted towards the Evolution Pill.

Seeing this, Jiang Feng smiled. With a wave, he then kept all three items into his Spatial Bracelet.