Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 380

Chapter 380 The Six Sacred Tribes

Heiya was a Grade Two Sacred Infernal. He had three Grade One Sacred Infernals and Thirteen Acrhmasters, who were on par with the Super Divine Beasts.

It would still be quite difficult if he wanted to kill all of them.

When Jiang Feng headed toward Heiya, Mu Xi headed toward the other three Sacred Infernals.


As soon as Jiang Feng had teleported over and reappeared close to Heiya, he quickly used his Requiem skill.

There was a ringing from the bell, and Heiya and his followers were all stunned as their heads begin to sway.

"Hellfire! White Tigers Tackle! Shadow Strike!"

When he saw that his crowd-control skill was effective, he quickly used his sacred skills.

In the next second, Heiya and his followers had all been surrounded by flames as their health kept on decreasing.


A giant White Tigers phantasm sprinted through Heiyas body, causing double damage to Heiya, or 160,000 Sacred Health. And it was terrifying.

Before Heiya could have a chance to recover, he then used the sacred skill that he knew and struck at Heiyas head using the staff violently. Causing multiple folds of damage.

After a few skills, Heiya was only left with one-fifth of his Sacred Health.

Mu Xi, at this time, had also caused enough damage to reduce one of the Grade One Sacred Infernals to only some health left.

"You animal! You have a death wish!" Heiya roared out after recovering from the negative status effect. A chain appeared in his hand and was whipped toward Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng jumped off the ground, dodging the chains attack. He then appeared next to an Archmaster, and struck it away with his staff,

"Dimension Door!"

Seeing Heiya rushing toward him, he teleported and appeared behind Heiya again, and used Shadow Strike a second time.

Then, six duplicates of himself appeared in the sky, and then including his own, the seven staff struck at one point and violently crashed into Heiyas back brutally.


Heiya was struck by that attack and was thrown away. The sacred health in his bar kept on decreasing. He could not believe that the little white tiger had become so strong. He pointed at Jiang Feng, and he slumped on the ground in a pool of blood as he did not even finish his last words.


Just as he was going to turn around and help Mu Xi, he noticed that among the items that were dropped, one of them stood out the most.

He quickly went over and took everything from Heiya, putting them into the Lianyao Flask. He glanced at that prominent item, his eyes beamed as he headed toward Mu Xis direction.

Mu Xi was having a lot of pressure fighting three Grade One Sacred Infernals and a dozen Infernal Archmasters. She had been using the Sacred Spring Pills to kite them as she dodged them.


Jiang Feng went over as his Deicide grew larger. In one swipe, he struck away all three Sacred Infernals and the dozen Infernal Archmasters.


When the Infernal Sacreds and Infernal Archmasters saw that Heiya had already been killed, their faces paled as they turned and ran.

As they escaped, Jiang Feng did not choose to chase them down. Instead, he walked toward Mu Xi and said, "Did you finish your quest?"

Mu Xi nodded. "Completed it!"

As soon as Mu Xi said that, there was a burst of light that came from her. Her stats had been increased by 30%. She could face a Rank One Sacred Level enemy toe to toe.

As soon as players changed their class a third time, they would have the power of a Rank One Sacred Level. Some of the players could even fight against Rank Two or Rank Three Sacred Level enemies with powerful equipment.

"Thank you for your aid, Shifter Emperor, Shifter Archguardian. Otherwise, the Fox tribe would have been completely eradicated!"

At this time, the remaining foxes all polymorphed into their humanoid forms and walked toward Jiang Feng and Mu Xi with their tails behind them.

Jiang Feng turned and looked at the foxes that had all polymorphed, and his eyes fell on an old fox that held a walking stick, and asked, "No thanks needed. I am the Shifter Emperor, it is my duty to save you. But there is something that I must ask of you. Do you know about the Shifter Ruins Map Fragments?"

The old fox then extended his hand into his garb, and took out a piece of square-shaped flat iron board, and said, "You mean this."

Jiang Feng quickly accepted the iron board and looked at it.

Shifter Ruins Map Fragment 3: Special Item

Description: Once all 6 fragments have been collected, it will reveal the location of the Shifter Ruins.

"Patriarch, do you know which of the Shifter tribes have the other Shifter Ruins Map Fragments?" Jiang Feng asked the aged fox.

"The Undying Stone Ape tribe, the White Tiger tribe, the Green Dragon tribe, the Vermillion tribe, and the Black Tortoise tribe!" The old fox continued to explain, "This map fragment didnt originally belong to our tribe. It originally belonged to the Qilin tribe. However, there were very few members of the Qilin tribe. When King Zhou conquered the rest of Silvermoon, the elders of the Qilin tribe opposed them, and they were completely massacred!"

Jiang Feng had finally understood what happened as he listened to what the Fox tribe Patriarch had to say.

Originally, the Six Sacred Beasts on the Divine Dominion Continent were different races on Silvermoon. The six map fragments were kept separately by the six tribes.

Sun Wukong should be one of the Undying Strone Ape tribe. His guess was that these six Shifter tribes should be the most powerful Sacred Tribes within the Shifter tribes. Otherwise, it would not make sense that only the members of these six tribes were able to become Sacred Beasts back on the Divine Dominion Continent.

If they could become Sacred Beasts, that proved the strength of their bloodlines or inheritance!

"Then, do you know where the other five tribes are?" Jiang Feng asked him.

If the Infernals came forward to snatch the Shifter Ruins Map Fragments, then the Divines would not be standing idle. Not only that, but the other races from the other servers might also try to snatch the Shifter Ruins Map Fragments.

All the other inheritors know that if he could class change into the Second Stage of the Inheritors of the Shifters, his powers would be off the charts.

If that was the case, the other Inheritors would not want to see Jiang Feng being able to dominate Silvermoon just like he did on the Divine Dominion Continent.

"I do. The Undying Stone Ape tribe lives in the Ancient Stone Forest. The White Tiger tribe lives in the Turquoise Forest. The Green Dragon tribe lives in the Heaven Lake. The Vermillion Bird tribe lives in the Tianyang Woods. The Black Tortoise tribe lives in the Guanghan Lake. Worry not, Shifter Emperor. These locations are all incredibly dangerous to traverse. Anyone going there would only be giving up their life!" The old fox said to Jiang Feng.

"Alright, I remember them now. Thank you!" Jiang Feng said to the old fox.

"Of course," The old fox said, "Shifter Emperor, can you give us a drop of your blood to fuse it into our Faith Totem? You have saved our tribe, and we are willing to listen to your orders!"

"Of course!"


Silvermoon had the shape of a crescent moon.

The two points of the crescent were also Silvermoons two extremities.

On one point was the Tianyang Woods, the other was the Blazing Abyss.

Very quickly, the sound of fighting had ended. An extremely beautiful woman stepped on an Infernalized Rank Three Sacred Beast. With the wave of her hand, a black pearl and a giant Soul Stone flew out from the Rank Three Sacred Beast that was under her foot.

The woman swallowed the black pearl, and a black light burst out from her as she was obviously savoring it and muttered, "I have finally reached the level of a Rank 5 Sacred Infernal. Time to reorganize Silvermoons Infernals."


At this time, another black-garbed woman flew over and stood in front of the woman holding the soul stone, "Sacred Master Moji, Sacred Master Heiya had been slain by the Shifter Emperor. We didnt obtain the Fox tribes Shifter Ruins Map Fragment!"

Correct. The woman holding the soul stone was none other than Moji who made it from the Divine Dominion Continent to Silvermoon. The other woman was the Inheritor of the Infernals, Yao Qiong.

"I didnt expect that after being completely suppressed by King Zhou, he still had the ability to kill a Rank Two Sacred Infernal. I have underestimated him." When Moji talked about Jiang Feng, there was a hint of complication in her eyes. She then looked at Yao Qiong. "Since we didnt get the Fox tribes Shifter Ruins Map Fragment, lead a group of our men to another location. Go to the Turquoise Forest, where the White Tiger tribe is located!"

"Of course!" Yao Qiong nodded. She then turned and left.