Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 381

Chapter 381 Lords Order

Lords Order

In a restaurant within Royal Qin City.

Qiu Si sat opposite of Xuanyuan Qi.

Xuanyuan Qi sipped the tea in front of him, then said to Qiu Si with a smile, "Qiu Si, you said that the title of the Inheritor of the Divines could be given away?"

Qiu Si nodded. "In theory, yes. But we have to find the Divine Ruins first."

Xuanyuan Qi laughed and said, "Haha, Qiu Si. You are quite dependable. If you pass the title of the Inheritor of the Divines to me, I will take care of all of your fathers business, and help your father to become the patriarch of the Baili family.

Qiu Si said with a smile, "Alright."

After the two of them had chatted, Xuanyuan Qi left with a smile.

Through the window, he looked at Xuanyuan Qis back as he left before saying softly, "Currently, Silvermoon is still quite peaceful. Once all the major Inheritors ruins have been found and the new nations built, the battle would be even fiercer than it was back on the Divine Dominion Continent if you include the NPC factions. I only want to play the game as a normal player now. I dont want to get into these fights too. Not to mention that it was no accident that the Shifter Emperor managed to rise. In the history of the Divine Dominion, everyone else was just a co-star."

While Qiu Si was very powerful, he was tired of this kind of life.

Not to mention that he was not someone that was decisive and heartless. The only reason that he was antagonizing Jiang Feng was because of his faction.

If he were given a choice again, he would not choose to be on the opposite side of Jiang Feng. Instead, he wanted to be his friend.

He remembered that when he had just entered the game, he would kill some monsters and do some quests. He missed the days that when he was bored, he would simply lay on the plains with a blade of grass in his mouth, looking at the blue skies and the white clouds passing by as he crossed his feet.

"While I cannot be a hero, I can still be a visitor in the history of the Divine Dominion, and I will be free!"

Qiu Si said with a soft smile, took the cup of tea in front of him, and drank.

Cia City, the city where the players from the West gathered.

Johns and his group of Inheritors were also discussing the ruins.

"If we want to rise here, then we need to quickly advance to our Second Stage. Use this time to quickly find the Shifter Ruins Map Fragments and advance our classes. That way, Silvermoon would be ours!" Johns said to all the Inheritors that were in their seats.

Of course, among the Inheritors, Lux and Davies were not among them.

Between the Western Inheritors, the three belonged to opposite factions.

Lux was the rising Inheritor of the Fallen, and had even started battles against Johns a few times. Naturally, he would not be led by Johns.

Davies was the Western Infernals Inheritor, belonging to the Infernal faction. He also would not listen to Johnss orders.

Once Johns had finished speaking, Eve, James J, and the other inheritors all nodded. They all knew the importance of finding the Inheritors Ruins.

They were not the only ones, but the Inheritors from the Japanese Server, Korean Server, and African Server were also all looking for the Shifter Ruins Map Fragments.

At this stage, other than farming the Sacred Artifacts from the dungeons, all the inheritors had one common goal. To find the ruins!


It could be said that Jiang Feng was the last Inheritor to know about the ruins.

That was because he was the last one to leave the Starter Town, so he did not receive a lot of information.

Of course, it was not considered too late for him to know about the ruins. He could still find them.

At this point in time, there were three things that he needed to do.

Firstly, he needed to complete one of the three main quests on Silvermoon. "Awaken the Qin."

Secondly, he needed to find the ruins.

Thirdly, he needed to continue finding the Donghuang Bell Fragments.

He had not started working on the first one, so he did not need to rush.

Especially when Mount Fulong was considered to be within the territory of high-level monsters. It would be suicide for the players to go there at their current level. That was why he was not afraid that Zhuge Liang would be recruited by others first. His guess was that once the other players had tried it once, they would not try it again.

At this point, he needed to complete the second and third.

As long as he could complete those two things, he would become even more powerful. He could perhaps even deal with a Lesser Sacred Master.

After helping Mu Xi finish her quest and obtaining the 84th Donghuang Bell fragment, Jiang Feng and Mu Xi used the Town Portal Scroll and returned to the Royal Qin City.

As soon as they returned to the Royal Qin City, Jiang Feng and Mu Xi went their separate ways. He then released Xiao Longnu and his other followers, gave them enough Sacred Spring Pills, and let them develop alone.

That was because if they were to follow him, Xiao Longnu and the others would not have much chance to grow.

Since they had enough Sacred Blood from farming monsters, and they had high-level evolution pills, they could freely evolve.

Once he had completed all that, he then went to the Teleportation Circle and teleported to Turquoise Sea City.

The Turquoise Sea City was the city where the African Server players were at. Perhaps it was because of their harsh living environment, they had chosen such a beautiful city.

Of course, other than the players from the African Server in the Turquoise Sea City, there were a lot of players from the other servers, including those from the Huaxia Server.

The reason that he came to the Turquoise Sea City was that he wanted to go to the Turquoise Sea Forest to find the White Tiger tribe.

The Turquoise Sea Forest was the one closest to a city, which meant that it would not take him a lot of time to go there.

"I should find a tavern and look at what I have gotten!"

He said with anticipation as he thought about the items that Heiya dropped.

Because of his very high luck, he had gotten a lot of items from Heiya. He had both equipment and materials.

Most of the equipment was Divine Artifacts and Super Divine Artifacts. Materials were herbs used for Sacred Spring Pills and some ores. His guess was that Heiya must have gotten a few resource packages. Otherwise, he would not have so many herbs for making Sacred Spring Pills.

He did not care much about the items that were of Super Divine Artifacts and below as well as the herbs for making the Sacred Spring Pills. He was paying the most attention to a jade order tablet that he got from Heiya.

He took out the tablet and took a good look at it.

Lords Order: Special Item

Stats: Use the Lords Order and you can build your own Territorial City within your Fief. The Territorial City can declare itself as a Nation.

Prerequisite: User is on the Earth Leaderboard, Level 150 and above

"Haha! I didnt expect it to really be a Lords Order! All I need to do is to enter the Earth Leaderboard, and I can then move the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor over. Then, I can build the Shifter Nation."

Jiang Feng looked at the jade Lords Order that was almost double the size of the Guild-Building Order excitedly.

He knew that many of the guilds bosses were all fighting Sacred-Level monsters and NPCs trying to get a Lords Order, but not even one had appeared yet.

From this, it would prove that his Luck and Destiny were extremely powerful to the point where he was able to obtain a Lords Order on his first time killing a Sacred-Level NPC.

"Now that I have the Lords Order, all I need to do is to enter the Earth Leaderboard. I should go and ask around and see who is on the leaderboard in the Turquoise Sea City!" He mumbled to himself and stood up, walking toward a number of players at the nearby table as he was ready to find out about the fifty on the Earth Leaderboard.