Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 383

Chapter 383 Fusing Skills

Originally, the players that were waiting to see how Jiang Feng made a fool of himself were rooted on the spot, surprised, especially when they saw Jiang Feng take out Deicide and blow Sakaguchi Shouta away with his staff.

Even BrotherQiangIsNotFlirty and SoftlyOneStrike exchanged a glance with each other when they saw Jiang Feng with his Deicide.

"Did I just call the Shifter Emperor an idiot?" BrotherQiangIsNotFlirty said with a shudder.

"Did I just cheat the Shifter Emperors money?" SoftlyOneStrike said as her face paled.

To many of the players from the Huaxia Server, the Shifter Emperor was their servers hero, and many players worshipped him.

If they knew that he cursed him and she cheated him, they would be looked down on by the other Huaxia Server players.

When they thought of that, BrotherQiangIsNotFlirty and SoftlyOneStrike could not help but feel nervous.


Sakaguchi Shouta looked at Jiang Feng with a pale face and angrily yelled out, "You played dirty?!"

If Jiang Feng did not hide his information, did not change his appearance, Sakaguchi Shouta would not agree to fight with him.

But, the duel had already begun. If Sakaguchi Shouta chose to retreat, that would mean that he had given up.

And if that were to happen, his Earth Leaderboard ranking and the ante would belong to Jiang Feng.

That was why he said Jiang Feng was playing dirty.

Jiang Feng said with a calm smile, "Thats right. I played dirty."

"Hmph! You have a death wish!"

Sakaguchi Shouta yelled out angrily as his entire body was surrounded by a black miasma. After a short while, three ugly and malevolent demon heads appeared and flew around him. A circular knife as dark as night appeared in his hand as he attacked Jiang Feng.

As he slashed with the circular knife, dozens of black lights shot toward Jiang Feng.

"Dimension Door!"

Jiang Feng did not care about Sakaguchi Shoutas Sacred Skill and chose to circumvent it directly. reappearing in front of him after two teleports. "Shadow Strike!"

In the next moment, six duplicates appeared next to him and seven Deicides struck on Sakaguchi Shoutas back.


That attack was Jiang Fengs most powerful attack. While it had been weakened after his arrival on Silvermoon, he could still deal three to seven times his damage.


That attack had dealt three times the damage, and Sakaguchi Shouta was only left with one HP.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on your victory over arth 45 Sakaguchi Shouta. You shall replace his position and obtain the Shoes for the Black Ice Set.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, you have obtained a Fief Order. You may choose one spot to be your fief. You can also move your city from the Divine Dominion Continent to your fief on Silvermoon.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on entering the Earth Leaderboard. You now have the opportunity to enter the Nirvana Auction House once a week.

After winning Sakaguchi Shouta, Jiang Feng had then entered the Earth Leaderboard and obtained the shoes of the Black Ice Set. Not only that, but he had also obtained the Fief Order, which would allow him to choose a location to be his fief.

As soon as he had chosen his fief, he could then move the Ancient City of the Shifter Empire over.


Looking at Sakaguchi Shoutas angry face, Jiang Feng smiled and put the Black Ice Boots into the Lianyao Flask, and then headed toward the Cultivation Room.

Before heading to the Turquoise Forest and looking for the White Tiger tribe, he needed to upgrade the skills that he had on him, and upgrade those skills into Sacred Skills. Otherwise, he would not have enough means of combat.

Other than the Sacred Skills from his equipment, the one Sacred Skill that he learned himself and Dimension Door, all the other skills effects had been suppressed and weakened.

Other than the 100 points he added on Luck, he still had 851 free attribute points, and that would be enough for him to go on a spree.


After he left, the players from the six servers all looked at him, impressed.

"The Shifter Emperor defeated Sakaguchi Shouta, whos ranked 45 on Earth Leaderboard with two attacks. Who the hell said that he has fallen? Who the hell said that he has become rubbish? Come out now and I guarantee I will hit you until your ancestors wouldnt recognize you!"

"The Shifter Emperor has returned. Looks like Silvermoon is going to fall into chaos, too. Where the Shifter Emperor is, there will be no peace!"

"Hmph, the Shifter Emperor hasnt become a Second Stage Inheritor yet. So what if he is stronger than us? Once any of our servers inheritors have reached the Second Stage, they could easily kill him!"

Among these players, the players from the Huaxia Server were all excited and praised Jiang Feng.

Since they all knew that Jiang Feng was a player and the only son of the Animal Arenas boss. He was someone that ruled a corner of society. If they complimented him the correct way, then perhaps they would not even need to worry about the rest of their lives.

At this point in time, the other players from the other servers also knew that Jiang Feng was a player. However, just as Jiang Feng had guessed, it was useless for them. They could not do anything to Jiang Feng.

All they could do was gossip behind his back and curse him.


"Hee hee, Shifter Emperor? Isnt that the little dog that Ive been monitoring? I didnt expect him to become so powerful!"

At this time, a very beautiful girl appeared from within the crowd.

The little girl chased after Jiang Feng as she ate the candy in her hand.

The little girl was none other than Ling Luo.

However, she was no longer the Lord God, but only a normal player. She had no authority to change anything in the game. Even her memories of the games various settings were hidden from her as a player.

The only things that were not hidden from her were some information that did not matter much. for example, the information on Jiang Feng who she had been monitoring, as well as the other inheritors.


The Cultivation Tower was a tower that was located at the heart of every main city.

Within the Cultivation Towers Cultivation Room, one could fuse skills as well as gain skill proficiencies to increase the skills levels.

The Cultivation Towers were the most popular locations on Silvermoon, as not only could this place allow skills to be fused and leveled up, they could also freely trade free attribute points.

And these were also the only locations where free attribute points could be traded.

However, at this stage, the free attribute points were very valuable. One free attribute point could reach more than 2,000pp. Of course, those who sell their free attribute points were craft-profession players.

Since they only needed levels, their free attribute points did not matter much. They could even get some money that they could spend on ingredients after selling them.

"Selling 20 free attribute points! All in a bulk for 42,000pp! Message me if you want it!"

"Buying free attribute points! 1 for 2010pp! If you have it, come to me now! Buying it in bulk, the more the better!"

"100 free attribute points! Selling in bulk for 210,000pp! Those who buy the points from me, I can forge a great Divine Artifact for free if you provide me with the ingredients!"

It was very lively in the Cultivation Tower. Many of the players were yelling out from their stalls as they stood on the first floor of the Cultivation Tower.

Jiang Feng ignored all the shouting and spent 10 free attribute points to unlock a Cultivation Room.

Once inside the Cultivation Room, he noticed that there were many wooden stakes in the room and that there was a Cultivation Machine within the Cultivation Room. He could use the machine to fuse skills, as well as convert free attribute points to proficiencies.

He came in front of the Cultivation Machine, then chose about 10 skills without much use, and prepared to fuse them.

Ding. System Prompt: Fusing 10 skills will require 50 free attribute points. Fuse?