Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Ten Sacred Skills

Fusing skills required the expenditure of 50 free attribute points each time. That would take the five levels worth of free attribute points that he had received. It was too expensive.

If it were the players of other combat-type classes, they would not be able to spend that much at all.

His guess was that there were already millions of Craft-Profession players, and all of them were here to earn a living. They had plenty of free attribute points, and the free attribute points that the combat-type classes had were mostly bought from them.

Of course, even if they buy them, they would not have as many free attribute points as he did.

Since, on the Divine Dominion Continent, his free attribute points did not have much use.

At this point in time, he could continue to add to his three hidden stats, but his current Luck, Charisma, and Insight were already very high. Especially Charisma and Insight, despite not being able to fully utilize the two hidden stats. That was why from what he could see, only Luck was the most useful to him out of the three.

While Luck was very useful for him, but his current luck had already reached the 300s. If he included the Luck bonus from his equipment, it would reach around 400. Probably no one in the game had higher Luck than him.

That was why the values for the three hidden stats were already enough for him. And it would be a waste to save so many free attribute points anyway, so he had rather make them useful for him.

That was why he did not hesitate to spend so many free attribute points to fuse his skills.

If he could fuse a few useful skills, they would be extremely useful for him.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, you have fused a Divine Passive Skill. Please name it!

"Divine Skill?"

When Jiang Feng heard the system prompt, he frowned slightly.

He did not want a Divine Skill. He wanted a Sacred Skill.

Unnamed: Spells casting time decreased by 50%. Each attack absorbs 5% of the targets Mana and Sacred Health.

"Er A skill that is used to Drain Mana and Drain Health. It is suitable for wizards. Ill save it first, and then use the Sects skill book creation and duplicate it. Then, I could give it to the wizards that are led by my followers. If this skill can become a Sacred Skill, then this would become a super Sacred Skill for wizards! Ill call it "Drain Life."

The first skill that he fused was not something that he could use, but he chose to save it for now.

He was also the Sect Leader of the Shifter Emperors Palace and he could create Skill Books. Once he created the Skill Books for Drain Life and gave them to his followers, it could increase the power of the entire Shifter Race at once.

Next, he chose 10 more skills to fuse. If it were possible, he would have chosen to fuse all the skills that he was not using all at once. Unfortunately, the Cultivation Machine could only use 10 skills to fuse at any one time.

Ding. System Prompt: Fusing 10 skills will require 50 free attribute points. Fuse?


As soon as he agreed to it, the Cultivation Machine began to shake.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, you have fused a Sacred Skill. Please name it!

"Haha! A Sacred Skill!"

Jiang Feng was overjoyed and he quickly checked the skill.

Unnamed: Rank One Sacred Skill

Every step you take will create a Green Flame Fire Lotus. The Fire Lotus has an area of effect of 20 meters. All the enemies within the area of effect of the Fire Lotus will have their speed decreased and lose 5,000 Sacred health per second. Once the skill is activated, it expends 100pp per second.

"Holy! This skill is both cool and practical! But its so expensive to use! The Fire Lotus burns my money as well!"

When he saw the skill, Jiang Feng was speechless.

He knew that skills had their own limitations. But he did not expect that this skill would be so troublesome. Expending 100pp per second. If he used it for 1 minute, that would be 6,000pp. 10 minutes would be 60,000pp. It did not matter how rich he was, he would never have enough money for this skill.

"Fine, Ill save this skill for the moment. I should continue to fuse!"

Next, he chose 10 skills to fuse again.

He was going to fuse all his low-level skills.

Even the "Kill" skill that he had first learned, and the "Dao Dao Dao" skill that Yan Chixia had taught him. He had fused all of them. Because of their low levels and they required too many free attribute points to upgrade, it would be pointless to save them anyway.

In the end, out of 100 skills in his skill panel, only 10 were left.

These 10 skills were Drain Life, Money-Burning Lotus, Dimension Door, Time Stop, Blazing Golden Eyes, Two Becomes One, 72 Shapechange, Somersault Cloud, Nine Kills, and Shadow Strike.

Out of these 10 skills, there were 10 that were from fusing. They were Drain Life, Money-Burning Lotus, and Nine-Kills. He had spent a total of 150 free attribute points.

He gritted his teeth, and spent all 700 remaining free attribute points to exchange for proficiencies, and improved all the remaining skills that did not reach Sacred Rank into Sacred Skills.

In the end, he had spent all of his free attribute points, but his skills had also become much stronger.

Dimension Door: Rank One Sacred Skill

Pin-point Teleport Expend 1 point of Stamina and teleport once within a 100-meter radius.

Instant Teleport Expend 30 points of Stamina and randomly teleport within a range of 5km. Cannot be used when in aggro.

Time Stop: Rank One Sacred Skill

Upon activation, everything within a 50-meter radius will be stilled. Duration of 5 seconds. Cooldown of 2 hours.

Blazing Golden Eyes: Rank One Sacred Skill

Upon activation, can check the stats of anything that is of Sacred Rank and below. It can also see through the subject that is being observed and reveal what is behind it. It can also be used to find the enemys weakness.

Flames of Samadhi The eyes can shoot out a bolt of Flames of Samadhi, and deal 150% of base damage. Cooldown of 10 minutes.

Two Become One: Rank One Sacred Skill

Can fuse with a member from the same faction, and the stats are combined. Duration of 1 hour, cooldown of 2 hours. Once the status has ended, level -2.

72 Changes: Rank One Sacred Skill

Can change into any monster that has been fused into and will possess that monsters skills. Has a chance of learning the monsters skills that it has transformed into.

Somersault Cloud: Rank One Sacred Skill

Summon a Somersault Cloud. Flying speed increased by 500%. Movement Speed increased by 100% when in aggro.

Nine Kills: Rank One Sacred Skill

Continuously attack 9 times. If each attack is chained, the next attack is increased by 20%. When using this skill, the user can reposition within 5 meters. Cooldown of 10 minutes.

Looking at the skills in his skill panel, Jiang Feng laughed, "Haha! The Shifter Emperor is back once again! If I have a chance, I should go and get the Earth Leaderboards number one!"

With that, he closed his skill panel, he then took out the "Kill", "Fly" and "Infernal Shades" skill books from his Sect Scripture Depository, and then placed "Drain Life" into it, so that he could create Skill Books from it.

He looked at the three skill books and then smiled bitterly. "I promised to help Mu Xi, Ling Feiyu, and Ye Wushuang to create skill books, but I forgot to give it to them!"

"Ah well. When I find the ruins and turn the ruins into my Fief, I will then move the Ancient City over and give it to them then. While these three skills wouldnt have much use on Silvermoon, they can at least use it for fusion!"

Jiang Feng mumbled to himself and put away the three skill books, then left the tower.

"Somersault Cloud!"

He had fused the Somersault Cloud, Fly, and many other reposition skills into one. Even if he no longer had the Monster Cloud, he could summon a golden cloud at any time to fly.

After he had used the skill, a golden cloud appeared in front of him. He jumped on it and landed on the golden cloud, and he then headed straight to the Turquoise Forest as many players looked on with surprise.