Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 385

Chapter 385 So That I Can Act Cool With You

It was not long after Jiang Feng left that Ling Luo came out from the Cultivation Tower.

She took out a rainbow silk sash, flung it in front of her and her small body jumped onto the silk. The rainbow silk took her away as she quickly followed Jiang Feng.

"Damn it! Why is everyone so cool! I dont want to compare myself to anyone else or I might just die!"

One of the players looked at his tired wolf and said speechlessly.

Just as many of the players were staring at Jiang Feng and Ling Luos flying items with surprise, many of the players from the five other servers were sending messages, as if they were informing someone about something.


Turquoise Forest, several hundred kilometers away from the Turquoise Sea City.

With the Summersault Clouds speed, he only needed about half an hour to reach the Turquoise Forest.


After flying for a while, Jiang Feng seemed to have noticed something. He frowned, and then looked behind him.

Then, she saw a sash made of rainbow silk that was quickly floating toward him from afar. A very cute little girl was standing on it too.

Ling Luo: Level 153

Class: Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens

Sacred Health: 450,234

Sacred Mana: 11,342

Sacred Defense: 35,432

"Oh damn! What kind of a class is the Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens? Such high Sacred Health and Sacred Defense!"

Jiang Feng was shocked when he saw Ling Luos stats.

He did not expect that Ling Luos Sacred Health and Sacred Defense would be so high. It was even higher than the tanks in the game. It was just that her Sacred Mana was lower.

But for a spellcasting classs Sacred Health and Sacred Defense to be so high, it was terrifying, it looked like the Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens was a support class. And it might be a powerful healer class!

Jiang Feng looked at Ling Luo flying toward him, he could not help but think, So big

As Ling Luo flew over, Jiang Feng was not sure if he should cry or laugh at the pair of bouncing chests.

A youthful face with a pair of mountains. These were words reserved to describe Ling Luo.

He was not sure why Ling Luo was following him, so just in case, he was going to take out his Deicide.

At this time, Ling Luo had finally flown over with a faint smile, then heaved a heavy sigh as she said to Jiang Feng, "Whew Ive finally caught up with you!"

Jiang Feng looked at Ling Luo and asked curiously, "I dont think we know each other. Why are you following me?"

Ling Luo sat on the rainbow sash crossed-legged, then gave him a faint smile. "Hehe, didnt your Burning Golden Eyes show you that Im part of the Shifter faction?"

"Shifter Faction?" Jiang Feng was slightly stunned and then used his Blazing Golden Eyes to look at Ling Luo. "Um the Blazing Golden Eyes can see through things, right? But why does it look like an X-ray vision Oh sh*t Im going to die, Im going to die"

Just as he had used his Blazing Golden Eyes, what made him almost bleed was that Ling Luos equipment seemed to have disappeared as she stood in front of her without wearing anything. His face was burning red, and he almost had a nosebleed.

He once again looked at Ling Luos stats and realized that she was indeed part of the Shifter faction. Not only that, she had four Sacred Skills. And as he had guessed, the "Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens" was a healer class. And it was a very powerful healer class. All her four Sacred Skills were very powerful.

When he saw the two grapes in front of Ling Luos breast, he quickly deactivated the Blazing Golden Eyes and no longer wanted to look at it, afraid that something bad would happen.

"How is it? You believe me now?" Ling Luo said to Jiang Feng with a smile.

"Wait a minute, how did you know that I have the Blazing Golden Eyes skill?" Jiang Feng looked at Ling Luo and asked her curiously.

"Youre so stupid. Thats because I have items that would allow me to see your skills!" Ling Luo said and took out a pair of aviator-style sunglasses, making her look much cooler.

Eagle Eyes Glasses: Rank One Sacred Item

Destiny +20

Sacred Health +50,000

Scan: Can automatically scan for living things within 1,000 meters.

Scout: Can see an enemys stats and skills.

Pursuit: Lock on to a target and pursue it. If the target escapes, the targets coordinates will be automatically revealed when it enters within 10,000 meters.

Prerequisite: Bound to Ling Luo

Jiang Feng used his Blazing Golden Eyes to look at Ling Luos pair of glasses, and exclaimed in astonishment, "Holy! Thats a good item!"

The three skills that the glasses had were very good. Scan could prevent enemies from approaching, Scout could find out an enemys stats and skills so that she could figure out a way to handle it, and the third skill was somewhat overpowered. As long as a target was locked, the locked-on effect was permanent. It was a must-have skill if she wanted to pursue someone.

"This is mine. Not giving to you." Ling Luo said as she stuck out her tongue toward Jiang Feng.

"Who said anything about wanting it? My Blazing Golden Eyes is more than enough. Speaking of which, why are you following me?" Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Ling Luo.

Ling Luo gave him a naughty smile and said, "Party up, so that I can act cool with you!"

Jiang Feng, ""

"Someone in the forest up ahead!"

At this time Ling Luo touched her eyes and stopped smiling. The special effects of the silk sash under her feet had also been closed, and it became like a white cloud. It instantly covered her and Jiang Fengs Summersault Cloud.

Next, it was a moment that caught Jiang Feng completely by surprise.

He saw her take out a sniper rifle and crouch on her silk sash, she looked into the scope with her glasses and scanned a party underneath them within the forest.

He did not expect that the healers equipment would be a sniper rifle. What made him even more surprised was that the sniper rifle was a Grade Three Sacred Artifact.

That was the first time he saw a Grade Three Sacred Artifact. Unfortunately, the equipments stats had been completely hidden. Even if he used the Blazing Golden Eyes, he could only see its name, "Gods Sniper!"

Ling Luo aimed for a while, and then her eyes seemed to roll as she said to Jiang Feng, "Players from the Japanese Server. Shifter Emperor, lets make a bet!"

"What kind of bet?" Jiang Feng asked Ling Luo curiously.

"I will eliminate the ten-man party down there in one minute. If I can do it, you will have to party up with me and add me as a friend!" Ling Luo said.

Jiang Feng gave it a thought. He would not be at any disadvantage to make a party with a healer. He could save a lot of Sacred Health Pills. Not to mention that Ling Luo was part of the Shifter faction and could also be considered as his follower. And it was only natural for him to do that. Therefore, he nodded in agreement, "Alright."

"Okay, look carefully, and dont blink!"

Ling Luo smiled happily then grabbed the sniper rifle that was around her height, crouched on the silk sash, and aimed with her left eye using the scope.


The sniper rifle fired a magic bullet the size of a thumb, and it quickly headed toward the forest underneath.

Bang! Bang! Bang

She quickly squeezed the trigger and fired bullets after bullets.

In less than a minute, she had fired 60 shots.

After she had finished, she stood up and dusted her hands and said to Jiang Feng with a smile, who could only watch in amazement. "How did I do? Not bad, huh?"


Jiang Feng gulped and looked at Ling Luo with shock, and could not say anything for a very long time.

He had used his Blazing Golden Eyes to observe the ten players below him. All her shots were headshots, and all of them were critical hits. It could be said that each of Ling Luos hits could reach around 60,000 damage after including the damage boost from her equipment. She could almost catch up to him in terms of damage.

Originally, he thought that Ling Luos 10,000 Sacred Mana was very low. But it seemed that he had completely underestimated Ling Luo.

"Youre good. You dont need me to act cool! You are already cool!"

Jiang Feng gave Ling Luo a thumbs up.