Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Racial Integration

Jiang Feng did not realize that Ling Luo would be so good with her rifle, and the damage that she did was far beyond his expectations.

Since he had already promised her, he had to bring her along and add Ling Luo as a friend.

Even from the very beginning, the thought had never crossed his mind that the little girl in front of him was the games A.I.

But then again, even if Ling Luo told him that, he would not believe it.

Who would believe that a games A.I. would also be playing the game? Would that not be too overpowered?

"I think your flying equipments speed is even faster than my Somersault Cloud. You can take me there. Lets get to Turquoise Forest!"

He had to say, Ling Luos equipment was very comfortable to sit in. It was soft and bouncy.

"Hehe, lets go!"

Ling Luo looked at Jiang Feng who was lying on the silk sash. With a playful smile, they headed toward the Turquoise Forest.

On their way there, both of them chatted out of boredom.

Ling Luo sat next to Jiang Feng and asked with a smile, "Shifter Emperor, when are we building our nation?"

Jiang Feng took out a bottle of wine and took a sip. "Its still early."

Ling Luo blinked and continued, "I heard that building a nation this time is different from building a city on the Divine Dominion Continent. Also, there is no separation between countries like the Divine Dominion Continent. All factions, regardless of which countries they belong to on the Divine Dominion Continent, have been integrated. Other servers do not have a Shifter faction, we would be without support."

"Cough" When Jiang Feng heard what Ling Luo had said, he was choked by the wine that he sipped and he immediately sat up and asked, "What did you say? The factions integrated? Youre saying that the Divines and the Infernals from the Huaxia Server, American Server, Japanese Server, African Server, Korean Server, and European Server have allied with their own factions?"

"Um, yes," Ling Luo said with a nod.

"Impossible, all six countries have our own Divine and Infernal Inheritors. Even some of the other races inheritors have been duplicated. If they were all integrated together, then who would be leading? Not to mention that every country is hostile against each other, they wouldnt cooperate!" Jiang Feng smiled as he shook his head and drank his wine again.

If it was just as Ling Luo had said and the Divines and Infernals from the six servers had each allied with their respective factions, then the Shifters would be in grave danger. Their success rate during the Great Divine-Infernal War would become lower and lower.

"The Inheritors positions would not change, but the Inheritors need to go through tests, and a king would be born from all the inheritors. The king could lead other inheritors, and this seems to be a quest. They have to obey for the sake of the Great Divine-Infernal War!" Ling Luo said.

"How do you know so much?" Jiang Feng looked at Ling Luo suspiciously.

Ling Luo paused for a bit before quickly saying, "I I heard it from rumors too. Not to mention that posts about this have already surfaced in the message board,"

After listening to what Ling Luo had to say, he quickly opened the message board and had a look.

Once he had checked, there were indeed pictures of Huaxia Servers Yao Qiong meeting with the other Infernals Inheritors, as well as pictures of the Divines Inheritors meeting with each other. There were also some guesses in there.

He finally understood where Ling Luos information came from.

"Looks like I have to do this quickly. Make the speed of your rainbow sash fly faster!"

Once he knew about the news, his face paled.

The Shifters were not very powerful at this time, and he still had not found the ruins yet. Since he had not reached the Second Stage of the Shifters Inheritor, and he had very few followers, if the Great Divine-Infernal War were to start, that would be the end of them.


When he headed toward the Turquoise Forest, another group of people had already arrived.

This group of people was the Infernals from the American and Huaxia servers.

Davies gave a gentlemanly smile and said to Yao Qiong, "Ms. Yao Qiong, who do you think among the Inheritors of the Infernals from the six countries would become king?"

Yao Qiong glanced at Davies and said coldly, "Dont worry. It wouldnt be you. I will be the king!

"We shall see," Davies did not pay attention to Yao Qiongs cold expression as he said with a cold smile.

Davies was someone quite optimistic.

The World War on the Divine Dominion Continent was just the games requirement to push forward the plot.

On Silvermoon, players were players. There was no such thing as nationality. Those that wish to reach the end of the game would be required to cooperate with players from other servers. Otherwise, during the Great Divine-Infernal War, they would be at a great disadvantage.

Not only that, the ones that lost the Great Divine-Infernal War would face a very cruel punishment. No one wanted to take that punishment, that was why the inheritors of the same race started to work together.

After Yao Qiong and Davies had a simple chat, they came into the depths of the Turquoise Forest.

Yao Qiong frowned after she took a look around and said, "Hm? Didnt they say that the White Tiger tribe is in the depths of Turquoise Forest? Why cant I find even one White Tiger? Can it be that they are also hiding in their own secret maps?"

Davies nodded and said, "The Shifters six great tribes have very carefully hidden. Otherwise, they would have all been killed by King Zhou. Lets find the entrance."

"Look, there are three little White Tigers over there!"

At this time, the men that were led by Yao Qiong and Davies had seen three little White Tigers by a flowing stream within the forest.

They did not know where the little White Tigers came from. They were playing by the stream, and they looked like they were having a lot of fun.

"Catch the three little White Tigers!"

With Daviess order, his infernal followers all jumped out and headed toward the three little White Tigers.


As they felt the danger, the body of the three white tigers trembled and they looked toward Davies and Yao Qiongs direction. When they saw a group of people attacking them, they quickly let out a roar and ran toward a hill as they followed the stream.

But they did not manage to run far before being caught up and was stopped.

"Little one, tell me. Where are your tribesmen hiding?" Davies ate a Beast Speech Pill and asked the three White Tigers.

"Bad people you are all bad people. I wont tell you!" One of the older white tigers said to Davies, baring its teeth.

"Refuse to talk, huh? Fine, we dont have to go easy on you. Catch them." Davies smiled coldly, and his followers all rushed toward the three little White Tigers.


The moment that the three white tigers were caught up, a giant figure jumped out from a waterfall nearby, and angrily roared toward the men that were trying to catch the three little white tigers.

A giant White Tiger around three meters tall stood in front of the little White Tigers, blocking them.

"Hehe, I see. It is the same as the Fox tribe, their entrance is under the water. If that is the case, kill the mother and her three cubs. They have no more use for us!"

With Daviess orders, four Rank One Sacred Infernal belonging to the American server attacked the White Tiger mother.


The moment that the Four Rank One Sacred Infernals started attacking the White Tiger mother, a gunshot could be heard far from the sky