Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Damn Good Combination


When the four Rank One Sacred Infernal attacked the White Tiger mother, a gunshot could be heard from far above the sky.

The Sacred Infernal that had rushed in front was hit on the head and a bloody hole was immediately formed, and he had lost around 50,000 health immediately.

"A gunner! Be careful!"

Davies frowned and quickly looked around for the sniper.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this time, it was another continuous chain of gunshots, and all the bullets hit where the bloody hole was on the Sacred Infernals head.

When an attack hit an existing wound, it would deal an extra 10% damage.

The continuous attack immediately killed that Sacred Infernal.


The White Tiger mother was also intelligent. When it saw this, it immediately let out a roar.

It then pounced toward one of the Sacred Infernals.

Its three cubs ran toward a rock and hid behind it.

Yao Qiong looked into the sky, and then said to Davies, "Sniper in the sky! Look for cover!"

After she had said so, she then dodged into the woods next to her and summoned two Infernal Kings that could fly, and sent them into the sky.

At this level, thanks to the increase in her powers, the minions that she could summon were no longer Infernal Soldiers, but Infernal Kings, but she had very few of them.

Davies and his Infernal King minions all looked for a place to hide.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another chain of gunfire and the two Sacred Infernals that flew into the sky had all been sniped to death, their bodies fell from the sky.

"Once gunners have fully grown, they are really quite terrifying with their long-range attacks!" Yao Qiong said as she frowned and looked at the bodies of her two minions falling from the sky.


Jiang Feng, who was sitting on the rainbow sash, using his Blazing Golden Eyes X-ray vision said to Ling Luo next to him who was holding her sniper rifle, "At 3 clock, Davies is behind a giant tree. His head is around 1.8 meters from the tree roots."

Ling Luo extended her palm and made an OK sign, and then aimed at Davies, who was hiding behind that tree.


In one shot, the tree was immediately pierced and the bullet shot through Daviess head, who was organizing his followers.

Davies felt pain in his head, and was dazed for 0.5 seconds.

Bang! Bang!

At this time, there was a chain of gunshots, and all the bullets hit Daviess head and some of the bullets hit where the original wound was, and his health was continually depleted.

"So strong!"

The moment that his health bar was emptied, Davies, who was the Inheritor of the Infernals could only lament before falling into the ground.

When Yao Qiong saw that Davies had died, she unleashed several black miasmas and they covered Daviess Infernal King followers. Once she had their loyalty, she waved her hand and put away her followers and quickly said, "Retreat!"

After she said that, Yao Qiong repositioned herself and appeared behind a rock. She then took out a Town Portal scroll and teleported away.

The reason that they came here was to find the White Tiger tribes location. But they had not even managed to get into the White Tiger tribe, and they were already forced to retreat by a sniper. Not only that, Davies, an Inheritor of the Infernals, had been killed.


Ling Luo held on to her sniper rifle, made a pose, and then said with glee, "Tee hee. Im quite good, right?"

Jiang Feng gave Ling Luo a thumbs up and said, "Youre very good. Come on, lets go down and pick up our loot!"

When he was cooperating with Ling Luo, Jiang Feng realized that his Blazing Golden Eyes and Ling Luos high accuracy were a damn good combination to the point where nothing could beat them.

While he himself could save the White Tiger mother and the White Tiger cubs if he were to rush down himself, he would not be able to do that so easily.

Of course, if Ling Luo did not have his support and protection, she would be able to kill two at most.

When the enemies managed to fly up and get to her, it would be very dangerous for her to stay in position. Even if she knew that enemies were approaching with her Eagle Eyes Glasses, she would not be able to react in time since she was using long-ranged attacks. Once she was forced into melee, she would be dead.

They flew down, and Jiang Feng landed in front of the White Tiger mother and the three White Tiger cubs while Ling Luo went to pick up what Davies had dropped.

"Roar! Shifter Emperor!"

When the White Tiger mother saw that Jiang Feng and Ling Luo had landed, she immediately calmed down and put down her guard.

When he saw that the White Tiger mother had no hostility against him, he was slightly surprised, but quickly understood what happened.

The Six Sacred Tribes of the Shifters were all highly intelligent and knew what the Shifter Emperor meant and their responsibilities.

Unlike normal monsters. While they had some intelligence, they were still quite hostile against him. Since his identity as the Divine Dominion Continents Inheritor of the Shifters was not that impressive on Silvermoon.

Jiang Deng asked, "Are you alright?"

The White Tiger mother shook her head. "We are fine, but the White Tiger tribes situation is not that good."

Jiang Feng frowned and raised an eyebrow. "What happened?"

The White Tiger mother said, "Come with me."

After she had finished saying so, the White Tiger mother and her three children all jumped into the water.

Jiang Feng had waited for Ling Luo to follow her before jumping into the water together with her

Under the waterfall was a giant tunnel.

They went through the tunnel and reached a valley.

The valley was very quiet. So quiet that it was slightly terrifying.

There were many giant trees in the valley, and there were giant spiders on them. All the trees that had spiders all had giant cocoons.

"Shush, do not wake them up."

The White Tiger mother turned and said to Jiang Feng and Ling Luo. Even its three children had become unnaturally quiet and did not dare to make a sound.

Jiang Feng walked over to the White Tiger mothers side, and asked her in a low voice, "What happened? Why would there be so many Insectoid monsters here?"

The White Tiger mother gave him an eye, and they retreated out of the White Tiger tribe and reentered the water. They swam into another cave that was on the wall of the tunnel.

Once they entered the cave, they could smell the heavy scent of herbs.

Jiang Feng noticed that in the cave was a dying White Tiger so thin that it only had bones left.

"This" Jiang Feng and Ling Luo frowned when they saw the White Tiger in the cave.

The White Tiger mother then sighed and said, "Sigh We of the Six Sacred Tribes have always been waiting for the birth of the new Shifter Emperor. While we waited, we had been discovered by King Zhou. He didnt kill us, but he kept us as captives. He then used the Insectoids powers to extract our bloodline, wanting to create the Sacred-Six Pill so that he could have a breakthrough on his power. My husband is the White Tiger tribes Patriarch and was very powerful, and had helped me and my children to escape. But his bloodline had almost been completely drained."

"Damn it, are the other four Sacred Tribes captives as well?"

Once he had heard the White Tiger mothers words, Jiang Feng became enraged as he clenched his fists tightly.

He did not expect that King Zhou would treat the Six Sacred Tribes like that. As the Inheritor of the Shifters, he would remember this resentment within him.

"Yes. This is the Shifter Ruins Map Fragment. Please, find the other Four Sacred Tribes. I do not think that they have fared better than us by much. Not to mention that there are so many people trying to find us. If you are late and the Shifter Ruins Map Fragment had been snatched away, then there will be no hope for the reemergence of the Shifters!" The White Tiger mother took out a map and gave it to Jiang Feng.

"There is no rush for me to get to the other four Sacred Tribes. All those that tormented our tribesmen must die!" Jiang Fengs eyes radiated dense murderous intent as he took the map fragment. He then said to Ling Luo, "Come on, lets go kill those spiders!"

"Tee hee, the Shifter Emperor is just as bloodthirsty as I thought! I like it!" Ling Luo licked her lips excitedly.

"I was bold enough to defy Heaven. King Zhou is nothing!" Jiang Feng locked his brows as he mumbled, took out Deicide, then swam toward the White Tiger tribe together with Ling Luo.