Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 388

Chapter 388 The Black Widow

One should experience a different kind of life when one were inside a game.

When one had entered the game world, regardless of which character one was given to play, one should become the character so that one could get the most out of it.

Even if one was a dog, one had to make it wonderful!

Only those that dared to accept challenges would be able to reach the end. All the bumps on the road were added to make ones life delightful.

And when one looked back on the day of success, one would only realize that the final victory was not as memorable as all the pain one suffered during ones journey.

And Jiang Feng was someone that was willing to take the challenge.

He managed to take a look at the spiders when he was within the White Tiger tribe. Most of them were Rank One Sacred level Insectoids. There were also a few Rank Two and Rank Three Sacred level Insectoids.

It could be said that it would be very dangerous for them to enter.

However, with Jiang Fengs personality, he was never afraid of danger. Not to mention that he had many cards in his hand, and he would not be afraid of encountering any dangers

Once he had entered the White Tiger tribe and looked at the hundreds of spiders within the valley, Jiang Feng pointed at one point in the valley and said to Ling Luo, "See that place over there? Find somewhere to hide and snipe over there, then leave the rest to me!"

Ling Luo gave him an OK and then said, "Understood, you be careful too!"

With that, she took out the Rainbow Sash. She stepped on it and flew toward the high ground that Jiang Feng had pointed to in the valley.

The elevated location was surrounded by rocks. It was a good place for her to attack and to find cover.

In order to stop herself from getting exposed, Ling Luo had changed the Rainbow Sashs color to the same color as the rocks and covered the openings in the rocks.


As soon as Ling Luo was in place, Deicide appeared in Jiang Fengs hand.

With sharp eyes, he looked at the Rank Three Sacred level Insectoid that was lying on the tree. He summoned the Somersault Cloud, used his stealth skill, and headed straight toward the spiders head.

Very quickly, he had reached the top of the head of the Rank Three Sacred Insectoid.


He said softly, and Deicide grew large in his hand. After taking in a deep breath, he raised Deicide up high on his head, and then said in the party voice chat, "Fire!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As soon as he had said that, multiple shots all hit the head of the giant spider to the point where green blood flowed


As soon as the gunfire was heard, all the spiders within the valley had been awakened.

Once the spiders were awakened, they began to scan their surroundings to find their target.

However, what made them hesitant was that no matter where they looked, they could not find the person that attacked them.

Ling Luo was on the high ground and hidden behind the rocks and her Rainbow Sash, while Jiang Feng had used the Sacred Stealth skill on the Shifter Emperors Cloak to become invisible. Naturally, they would not be able to find Jiang Feng and Ling Luo.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another chain of shots, and the Rank Three spider that was attacked previously only had a small amount of health left.


Without waiting for the spiders to look in Ling Luos direction, Jiang Feng revealed himself and used his enlarged Deicide, and violently attacked from the air and immediately crushed that Rank Three spider with only a small amount of health left into a pool of blood. At the same time, he had also attracted the attention of all the spiders.


Jiang Feng narrowed his eyes when he saw a group of spiders coming toward him. He placed Deicide horizontally by his side and said, "Come!"

As soon as he had said that, he stomped his right leg and a giant lotus rose from the ground. The lotus was spreading flames, and around the giant lotus were floating petals that kept on burning. Next, he headed straight into the group of spiders.

Whenever the burning petals and the giant lotus would touch the body of a spider, they would lose 2,000 health per second, and their movement speed had also decreased greatly.

"Damn you! A bunch of bugs would dare to torment the Sacred Tribe of the shifters? Die!"

Jiang Feng roared angrily as he attacked with the Deicide in his hand. Every time he struck, a spider would be thrown away.

Bang! Bang!

And all the spiders that he threw away, their heads would have a bloody hole in them before they even fell to the ground.

And then, Ling Luo was no longer in hiding as well. She knelt on one knee on the Rainbow Sash. She held her rifle and controlled the Rainbow Sash to keep on moving around the valleys high ground, and her fingers kept on squeezing the trigger, and each bullet would hit on the head of the spiders violently.

A normal Rank One Spider only had around 400,000 health. Ling Luo could kill one in about ten strikes, her attack was very terrifying.

As for Jiang Feng, he was much more efficient than Ling Luo.

As he stood on the Somersault Cloud, he kept on wielding Deicide in his hand. Normal spider monsters could not take more than five hits, and he could kill one in two or three hits if he managed to get a critical hit in.

As for the spiders that were of higher rankings, Jiang Feng had chosen to avoid them and did not fight them head-on. He would be in trouble if he was affected by a crowd control effect.


A dozen spider webs were thrown at him, and Jiang Feng dodged with a teleportation and appeared behind a spider. In one strike, he struck it away.


Next, the group of spiders sprayed at him with liquid poison. The liquid poison had filled the entire valley with green, and it looked very disgusting.

Luckily, Jiang Feng had teleported into the sky. Otherwise, if he had teleported into liquid poison, he would have to burn through his Sacred Spring Pills.

"Hellfire! White Tigers Tackle! Sweep the Army!"

When he was in the air, he used two skills on the spiders below him. Next, he had Deicide grow larger again and hunted down the spiders that were outside the range of Hellfire, and threw them back into the skills area of effect.

In a short moment, a large group of spiders was left with little health left.

Next, he gave them another strike, and about forty of the normal spiders all died.

"Watch out, Shifter Emperor!"

Just as he was going to attack a Rank Three Spider with very little life, Ling Luos voice came from the team voice chat. Next, spider silk pierced through his abdomen.


Intense pain came from the abdomen and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. The attack had immediately left him with about 10,000 health. If he was damaged even one more time, he would be instantly killed.

He escaped with teleportation, and then swallowed a Sacred Spring Pill and looked at where the attack came from.

When he saw who came, his face instantly paled as he said, "Black Widow!"

Correct. Black Widow had suddenly appeared within the valley without him knowing.

At this time, the Black Widow was crouching on the ground as she extended her sharp claws, and on her human face, there was a strand of spider silk in her mouth.



Just when he was looking at the Black Widow, Jiang Feng was surprised when the Black Widows figure disappeared.


Next, a cry of pain came from on top of him. He was just going to raise his head, and sticky liquid dropped on his head and flowed down from his hair to his face.

He brushed it away with his hand, and it was full of blood. He looked up, and Ling Luo had appeared on top of him. Her abdomen was pierced through by a spiders claw. It went through her abdomen to her back, and the blood from her back kept on dripping blood on his face.

"Black Widow! Damn you!"

Perhaps it was the blood, Jiang Fengs red eyes shot out a blazing flame as he caught the falling Ling Luo, and struck at the Black Widow with his staff.