Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 389

Chapter 389 King Zhous Forced Quest


Jiang Fengs attack had dealt only around 30,000 damage to the Black Widows health.

With Deicides buff, his Sacred Attack had reached around 90,00. That meant that Black Widows Sacred defense had reached at least 50,000.

He picked up Ling Luos petite body and immediately teleported away, and appeared behind a hill around 90 meters away.

Ling Luos damage was from one of Black Widows spider claws, and she was paralyzed and poisoned.

He took out a Sacred Spring Pill and gave it to Ling Luo, and he himself ate one too.

Using this time, he spied on Black Widows stats.

Black Widow: Level 250 Inheritor of the Insectoids, Rank One Lesser Sacred Master.

Sacred Health: 3,093,245

Sacred Attack: 394,000

Sacred Defense: 59,000

"Whew Black Widows stats are no longer weakened on Silvermoon. While I can defeat her on the Divine Dominion Continent, but here, I will be on the receiving end of one!" Jiang Feng looked at Black Widows stats as he mumbled.

Earlier, when he was attacked by Black Widow, the Shifter Emperors Cloak and his other equipment had the ability to reduce the damage he had suffered. Otherwise, the attack just now would be able to instantly kill him since he had less than 200,000 health.

Looking at the wound in his abdomen, and then the wound on Ling Luos abdomen, he gritted his teeth and took out Bai Qis Talisman of Possession and put it on himself.

He would regret it if he were injured in such a state and yet he did not manage to save the White Tiger tribes tribesmen.


The moment he put Bai Qis Talisman of Possession on himself, a gigantic image of Bai Qi appeared in the air. His booming warcry had made some of the normal spiders tremble. Even Black Widows face paled and quickly rushed toward where he was.

At this time, Bai Qis phantom had fused into his body and instantly allowed him to gain the power of a Rank Ten Sacred level.

Unfortunately, this was Bai Qis power at Rank Ten Sacred level, and not the Rank Ten Sacred level of a Shifter Emperor bloodline.

If the Shifter Emperors bloodline had reached Sacred level, and Rank Ten no less, it would be extremely easy for him to kill these Lesser Sacred Master level monsters and NPC.

Sacred Health: 2,000,000

Sacred Attack: 200,000

Sacred Defense: 20,000

These three attributes were Bai Qis power when he was at Rank Ten Sacred level. Of course, it was just an estimation and it had used the whole number.

After he had used Bai Qis Talisman of Possession, his health had also fully recovered.

Looking at his stats, Jiang Fengs lips slightly formed a smile as his stare at Black Widow had become a sneer.

With Deicide in his hand and the buff that would multiply his Sacred Attack by four, it had allowed his Sacred Attack to reach 800,000.

The increase of his power had caused his imposing aura to increase as well.



He suddenly jumped up and the Somersault Cloud carried him where he walked as he approached Black Widow step by step.

"Bai Qis possession! That damn Bai Qi betrayed King Zhou!"

When Black Widow saw Jiang Feng come out from behind the hill and that his power had increased by so much, she was slightly stunned before her face turned pale.

"Black Widow! You made me lose so much on the Divine Dominion Continent. Now, it is time to settle both our old and new scores!"

"So what if you have obtained Bai Qis possession? You are still not as powerful as me!" Black Widow said and her figure disappeared in a flash.

Jiang Feng sneered, and the Deicide instantly elongated as he struck it violently into the air to his left.



In the next second, Black Widows body was thrown away and smashed into the valleys wall violently, and made her lose one-third of her health.

"How how could your sacred attack be so high?"

Black Widow looked at Jiang Feng in disbelief.

Jiang Feng did not waste his breath and reappeared next to Black Widow, and slammed his staff into her again.

Black Widow quickly spat out a spider web to block his attack. Next, several of Black Widows spider legs slashed at Jiang Feng violently.


Jiang Fengs figure disappeared again.


When Black Widow saw it, her heart skipped a beat.

"Nine Kills!"

Just as she was going to use her repositioning skill to escape, a staff violently attacked her left and blew her away.

Before she could even react, Jiang Feng appeared under her and struck her with his staff one more time to throw her into the air.

The attack had almost completely depleted her health. The daze status was triggered, forcing her with only a little bit of life left to be dazed.

Another staff struck her, instantly killing her.

But Jiang Fengs attack did not stop. He kept on attacking her body with Deicide as he would hook it up with his staff and beat her body into the air, and then smashing it down, and repeating it. Only on the ninth attack did he slam her body violently into the ground.

"Transmute Monster!"

Ding. System Prompt: Transmute Monster failed. Target of the transmute is a unique being. Unable to transmute!

While the insectoids were a race, they could not escape the title of being a monster. Their bodies also had the bloodline of shifters, only that they had mutated. Under normal circumstances, he could use Transmute Monster on them.

But perhaps because the Black Widow was an inheritor, he could not use Transmute Monster on her.

"What a shame."

With the Black Widows power as a Lesser Sacred Master, the items that she dropped would be very good. Unfortunately, Jiang Feng lamented that he could not transmute her.

"Oh well. I should use this time before Bai Qis Possession expires to clear out all the monsters in the valley. And then use Transmute Monster. Maybe I can even get some ingredients!"

He shrugged and did not pay attention to Black Widows body that had been sent for revivification somewhere. He then looked at the remaining spiders and attacked.

Ling Luo, who was no longer paralyzed had also joined the battle.

"Shifter Emperor! What was that skill just now? That was so cool!" Ling Luo fired at the spiders as she asked Jiang Feng.

"Nine Kills!" Jiang Feng replied after killing the dozens of normal spiders in front of them.

"Hehe, I didnt expect that you would be so powerful when you explode. I told you, you can bring me to act cool! Oh, right, when do we hide our identities and act cool? I havent done that yet?"

Ling Luo was so obsessed with acting cool that she could not stop it. Jiang Feng also rolled his eyes at her and said to himself, You, yourself, are the queen of acting cool!

After clearing up all the spider monsters.

Jiang Feng took out a blade, and cut out the hundreds of silk cocoons hanging from the tree, and released the White Tigers from inside.

However, all the White Tigers were unconscious. He had all the White Tigers thrown into the Lianyao Flask as he had no options left.

In truth, he wanted to do that from the very beginning.

All the members of the Sacred Tribes were of Sacred Level and above. If he could bring them up with the Evolution Pills, they would become even more powerful. At that time, the Shifter Faction would once again expand.

After saving all the White Tigers, Ling Luo and was just about to find the White Tiger mother by leaving the White Tiger tribe. At this time, a world announcement had been made.

Ding. World Announcement: All players on Silvermoon other than those in the Starter Towns will automatically receive a forced quest from King Zhou in 1 minute. Please be prepared!

"King Zhous forced quest is here, I wonder what kind of quest would it be?"

He read about King Zhous forced quest from the guide when he had just reached Silvermoon.

However, the forced quest had never appeared. However, he was still in the Starter Town back then, so he did not receive it. It seemed that the quest was only for players levels 150 and above.

While this was only a quest, he did not even have to think about it to know that the quest was not some kind of beneficial quest.

It was very possible that it was just a way for King Zhou to manipulate them.