Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 390

Chapter 390 Rubbish Team Leader

Within that one minute, Jiang Feng had returned to the cave within the water and had the White Tiger mother, three White Tiger cubs, and White Tiger father placed into the Lianyao Flask.

"Shifter Emperor, what kind of quest do you think King Zhou will give us?" Ling Luo smiled as she asked Jiang Feng.

"I dont know, but the quest is coming up soon!" Said Jiang Feng.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on receiving the "Final Survivor" Quest. 10 seconds later, you will be teleported into the quests map.

Hm? The Final Survivor?

Jiang Feng was slightly dumbfounded and clicked open to give the quest a look.

Final Survivor: Players that have accepted this quest would be teleported to different quest islands. Each island is limited to a thousand players. Those who enter the quest island would be randomly given four team members. You can only gain your final victory if at least two members of your team survived. Every 10 minutes, a level 200 Rank Four Island Guardian Sacred Beast would appear. Those who have won would have their level increased by 1, gain 1 Skill Proficiency Pill and 3 Supply Bags. Losers will lose 1 level, and skill proficiencies will be reduced by 30%.

"Damn it, it is a trap!"

On the surface, the quest did not seem like much, but in truth, they were geared toward reducing the powers of the players.

There were only two people that could win out of a thousand, which meant that 998 losers would be weakened.

Another possibility was that all of them fail, and all of them would be weakened.

That was because the quest had mentioned that one could only win if there were two members of your team that survived.

That meant that if all their team members had died, even if they were the last ones remaining, they would still fail.

"Why random team members? Im not happy with this!" Ling Luo looked at the quest and pouted, her face filled with helplessness as she thought to herself, That damn King Zhou. If I had known I would have made you someone with no balls! Hes so sinister!

Jiang Feng laughed at Ling Luo and said, "Wishing you good luck! Who knows, we might end up on the same island. If thats the case, lets work together first and then kill each other, haha!"

To prepare to face his team members that would appear soon who might be from the Japanese Server, American Server, or other servers, he then used polymorph to change his appearance.

If not, he still would not be able to complete the quest if his group members failed to work together.


As soon as he got ready, a light enveloped him, transformed into a white light, and teleported him into a small building. There were four other people in the building.

Ding. System Prompt: Team match-up complete. Good luck!

Once he heard the systems prompt, he then looked at his four teammates.

There were four of them, three men and one woman. One of them from the American Server, one from the Japanese Server, and another two from the Korean Server.


What surprised Jiang Feng was that the beautiful female player from the American Server was called Karina, and that he was somewhat familiar with her.

While he had not exactly met her, he saw Karinas picture once when he saw Ling Feiyu playing with her phone. That was why he recognized the American Servers blonde hair and green-eyed beauty as his fiances best friend Karina with just a glance.

"As long as it is someone that I know. As for the remaining three, they can all die!"

The stats of the three male players from the Japanese Server and Korean Server were generally alright. Especially the player from the Japanese Server called "Hamaguchi Ichirou."

"Hehe, I didnt expect that there would be such a beautiful western woman in our team." Hamaguchi Ichirou eyes beamed with excitement when he saw Karina, and scanned her curvaceous body with his lustful eyes.

As for the two male players from the Korean Server, one of them was called Cha Taehyun who was a warrior, and the other one was called Master Choi and was an archer.

Cha Taehyun looked at Hamaguchi Ichirou and said, "Now is not the time to date. We need to get victory first. We need to choose a captain to lead the team, otherwise, we would die if we meet up with other teams!"

Hamaguchi Ichirou then said pridefully, "My stats are the highest here, that means Im the strongest. Ill be the captain, then?"

"I have no objections."

Jiang Feng shrugged and gave Hamaguchi Ichirou a faint smile.

Being the captain was not a good thing for him. Not to mention that in this team, he only wanted to make sure that Karina would survive, the other three could do whatever they like.

Karina glanced at Jiang Feng and looked at his expression, and also said, "I have no objection too!"

Seeing that both Jiang Feng and Karina had agreed, Cha Taehyun and Master Choi had to agree even if they did not want to let Hamaguchi Ichirou be the captain of the team.

"Alright, youre not bad, Chinese," Hamaguchi Ichirou gave Jiang Fengs shoulder a pat and praised him after he had become the captain.

Jiang Feng looked at where Hamaguchi Ichirou had patted him and his prideful expression, he then sneered in his mind, You will find out that Im really not bad!

"Lets go and kill! Sexy, you stay close to me. Ill protect you."

Hamaguchi Ichirou said to Karina.

Karina gave Hamaguchi Ichirou a blank expression and did not respond to him.

After pushing open the door of the small building, they then appeared on an island. The island was not very big, which meant that there would be a big chance for them to meet the other 995 players.

Other than the players, the islands also had some monsters. The monsters were all Sacred level, and if they were to encounter players who had not gone for their third class change, then the players were basically dead meat.

"Lets go into the forest and find something to cover us so we can ambush them!"

Hamaguchi Ichirou said to the other four and then ran straight into the forest.


Karina said in Hamaguchi Ichirous direction when she saw him running straight as she stood next to Jiang Feng.

"I think so, too!"

Jiang Feng smiled in agreement once he heard what Karina had said.

Their current location on the island was at the edge of the island, next to a skerry. It could be considered quite a good place.

Not to mention at this stage, it was best to enter when the players inside had already duked it out.

If they were to enter now, they would only enter an encirclement created by the other 995 players.

It was clear that Hamaguchi Ichirou had no strategy at all. He was someone that was all muscles and no brain.

When Karina heard of Jiang Fengs agreement, she was slightly stunned and looked at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng meanwhile sent out a friend request to Karina.

Karina did not hesitate and directly accepted his friend request.

Jiang Feng then sent a message over, "Both of us should leave on our own, Ill guarantee that we will complete this quest!"

Karina, "Looks like youre not as simple as you look. Speaking of, have we met? I feel that you are somewhat familiar."

Jiang Feng, "I think you are quite familiar too, but I have also forgotten where weve met."

Karina, "Alright, but should we ditch the team and go somewhere else later?"

"Jiang Feng, "No need. Lets look at how he does and get an understanding of whats going on."


Just as Jiang Feng and Karina were communicating, there were loud explosions that could be heard from the forest in front of them. They could see that many of the skills special effects were flashing in the forest.

"Get a move on, all of you! They have already started fighting! I guess they must have little health remaining now! We have to go over and give them the final strikes, and maybe we can even get some good loot."

Hamaguchi Ichirou became immediately excited and rushed into the forest when he heard that there was fighting from the forest in front of them.


Jiang Feng, Karina, Cha Taehyun, and Master Choi all said in unison when they saw Hamaguchi Ichirou being so excited.