Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 391

Chapter 391 All The Players Here Are All Rubbish

When they saw Hamaguchi Ichirou being so idiotic, Cha Taehyun and Master Choi both cursed under their breaths as they turned and left, following the rocks and running in another direction.

"We should go too. This captain had no intelligence at all. If we follow him, it would be suicide!"

Jiang Feng said to Karina, then headed toward another direction.

There was a battle that had just happened earlier. Before getting into how many of them were dead, even if they only had a little bit of health left, both parties would definitely focus all their firepower on a new party that had just appeared.

Not to mention that with the battle that just happened, it would definitely attract many other parties. If they went over, they were simply having a death wish!

Of course, with his power, the number of teams that went over to look for him would be meaningless as he would kill them all.

If it were a team made out of all Huaxia players, he would probably go and kill them with a high profile. But when he was forced to create a team with players from the other servers, he did not want them to gain an advantage.

In truth, if he could kill his teammates, he would have killed Hamaguchi Ichirou from the very beginning.

"Quickly, follow me! Ive already seen someone with only a small bit of health left. Lets go, well What the hell, where are you all going?"

Hamaguchi Ichirou made his way near the forest excitedly and quickly waved his hand behind him. But when he did not get any response, he turned his head and realized Cha Taehyun, Master Choi, Karina, and Jiang Feng were all headed toward other directions. His face paled as he cursed loudly.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Just as he was cursing, two arrows were shot straight toward him, and both of them buried themselves in his head and reduced almost half of his health.

He turned around in pain, and saw three players heading toward him. They kept on rushing toward him as one of them, an archer, kept attacking him.

When he saw what was happening, his face paled and he turned tail and ran.

Unfortunately, his speed was not as fast as the archers arrows. He was sent away after a few critical hits.


Jiang Feng and Karina were walking around the edge of the island.

As soon as Hamaguchi Ichirou died they both received the system prompts.

Both of them exchanged a glance with an indifferent expression.

All they needed to do was to survive until the very end, and they could then be victorious. They did not need to care about the survival of their other teammates.

After walking around the island for a while, the news about Cha Taehyun and Master Chois death had also reached them.

"Now that there are only two of us in our team, we can do what we need to do!"

Since his other three teammates had all died, Jiang Feng was not going to hide any longer. He was going to quickly finish the quest and then continue to find the other Ruins Map Fragments.

As soon as he said that, he summoned the Somersault Cloud, caught Karinas hand, and then flew toward the sky directly above the forest.

The only reason that he waited for the death of his three other team members was that he was afraid that they would share his experience as well as the loot that would be dropped later. He did not want to see that happen.

"You" Karina stood on the Somersault Cloud and looked at Jiang Feng with confusion.

"Take these three Sacred Spring Pills here. Dont die!"

Jiang Feng took out three Sacred Spring Pills and gave them to Karina, and then under her suspicious eyes, flew onto a mountain in the middle of the island.

As soon as he landed on the mountain peak, he then roared, "Hear me! All the players here are all rubbish!"

His voice was very loud, and all the players could basically hear him.

What he said was extremely arrogant, and instantly angered a group of players.

The trees and shrubs in the forest swayed non-stop, as group after group headed straight toward the mountain in the middle of the forest.

"What are you doing? Do you have a death wish?!" When Karina heard what Jiang Feng said, her face paled, and said to Jiang Feng with a frown.

"Dont worry, we wont die!" Jiang Feng said to Karina with a smile.

The effects of Bai Qis Talisman of Possession was still ongoing, and his stats were still off the charts. Naturally, no players could kill him, unless there was a group of Rank Two or Rank Three Sacred Level elites here.

But it was not possible. There were tens of millions of players in the main city, and there would only be one thousand players on one island. That meant that there would be dozens of thousands of similar quest islands being spawned. And there were only that many elites, they would not all be on the same island.


When the leader of a party heard that voice, he was enraged and cursed, "Damn it! Who is that on the mountain? How could he be so arrogant?"

"Captain, get him! I hate people that act arrogantly in front of me the most!" A member from the team said.

"Alright, well take care of him first!"

The captain nodded and they all headed toward the mountain.


"Captain, it seems that we have been looked down on. What should we do?"

"What else? Beat him up!"

"But there would be a lot of teams going over. If we go there, Im afraid we wont be able to escape afterward!"

"What are we afraid of! Since there are so many teams here, they wouldnt focus just on us!"



"Be quiet and lets go beat him up!"


"Hey, hey Captain, dont be a coward and run!"

"The man on the mountain is right. Looking at our overall stats, were rubbish. What do you think we should do if we dont run? Die?"

"Er I want to switch teams"


Other than the teams that heard what Jiang Feng had yelled, some of the other teams had even spread what Jiang Feng had said to the other teams and let them be the vanguard.

In a short moment, more than half of the teams on the island all rushed toward where Jiang Feng was at.

Very quickly, many teams had reached the mountain peak.

When the groups that had arrived and saw that there were only two, they all started to snicker at them.

"Haha! You must be joking! Just two of them and they are so arrogant?!"

"They must have known that they wouldnt survive for long, so they wanted to act cool before they die!"

"Tsk tsk That American babe is quite pretty, should we go and take good care of her later?"


When he saw that around 90 teams had gathered on the mountain peak, Jiang Feng smirked as he listened to all the jeering.


Deicide appeared in his hand as he held it by his side horizontally. Next, a cloak appeared behind him, and there were pictures of monsters on it.


He stomped the ground lightly, and it shattered as a giant, flaming lotus appeared underneath his feet. Flaming petals danced around him in a radius of 20 meters.

In the end, Jiang Fengs normal face became silver hair and red eyes.

As he transformed gracefully, all the players that were humiliating him all shut up as they looked at him with shock.

"Er Todays weather is quite good. Not suitable for killing. You guys can do whatever you want, Ill take my leave!"

"About that, I dropped my blade at the foot of the mountain. Ill attack when I get my blade first!"

"Ahem Its been cold for the past two days, Ill go get a few herbs to cure my fever!"


Once they saw Jiang Fengs appearance, many teams began to turn around and ran toward the base of the mountain.

Karina, ""

Karina remembered what all the teams that were running had said earlier, and could not help but be speechless.