Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 392

Chapter 392 A Stab In The Back

All the players within this group had seen Jiang Fengs silver hair and red-eyed form, they all looked for an excuse to leave.

The excuses were getting weirder and weirder to the point when Karina was getting dumbfounded.

Some of the players that had never seen Jiang Fengs physical form pulled a player that was withdrawing and asked, "Bro, whos that? Why are you all so afraid of him?"

The man that was pulled by him rolled his eyes and said, "How the hell did you get your level to level 150? You dont recognize the Divine Dominion Number One? The Shifter Emperor, Inheritor of the Shifters?"

"Shifter Emperor?! He is the Shifter Emperor?" The idiot was shocked.

It looked like he knew about Jiang Feng, he had just never seen Jiang Feng in this form.

"Thank you brother, I will not forget about you saving my life. I should go too"

After the idiot recovered from his shock, he then thanked the player who told him about the truth and quickly escaped!

"Damn! He ran faster than I did!"

"Shifter Emperor! He is the Shifter Emperor!"

"And here I thought who was that arrogant, so its the Shifter Emperor here out to act cool again. Time to leave!"

"What do you mean leave? The Shifter Emperors stats conversion ratio was 1000. He might not be more powerful than us, I guess he is just trying to trick us!"

Many players ran, and many players stayed.

The teams that stayed were mostly from the other servers.

As Jiang Feng had equipped the ID Card, they could not see his information. But they all believed that Jiang Feng was no longer as powerful as before and that they could handle him.

That was why a group of players began to clamor against him.

"You garbage Shifter Emperor, what is the meaning of acting all cool up there? Come down here and solo me if you dare!"

"Damn you, Shifter Emperor! Everyone, lets go and cut him to pieces!"

"Players from the five servers, where are you? Destroy the Shifter Emperor and avenge our loss during the World War!"

Karina who stood next to Jiang Feng gave him a glance, and thought to herself in shock, So, he is the Shifter Emperor. No wonder he is so familiar. I have seen his old style, but that was so long ago that I have forgotten how he looked like. But the way he looks now is so handsome!

Just as Karina was staring at Jiang Feng, a large group of players used their skills and threw them toward Jiang Feng.

"Stand here and do not move!"

Jiang Feng said to Karina and Deicide within his hand enlarged. He used "Sweep the Army," and swept it across the players that were attacking him.


All the players that were in front of him and within range were hit by Deicide. In the blink of an eye, all the players had been slain.

In just one strike, he managed to kill around 50 teams. There were around 300 of them. Some of the players who survived by not being in Deicides attack range were all stunned in place.


All the shouting in the mountains disappeared, and only the occasional roaring of monsters could be heard.

Jiang Feng did not pay any attention to the group of players that were still shocked, took out his Deicide, and attacked.

All the players that were hit by him had been instantly killed without much surprise.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 151. You have gained 10 free attribute points.

After killing around 300 and the experience points he got from killing the spider monsters at the White Tiger tribes, his level had reached 151.

After he had cleared out the players on the mountains, he then chased after the players that escaped.

It could be said that he had become the lord of quest island. There were no players that could defeat him.

"Players from the Huaxia Server, give up your quest so that you wouldnt get killed!"

As long as he met with players from the Huaxia Server, he would not kill them but simply tell them what to do.

The players from the Huaxia Players also knew what was good for them and all gave up their quest and left the quest island.

After half an hour, there were only Karina and him left on the island that previously had 1,000 players.

Karina merely followed behind Jiang Feng, and she did not even attack and the quest had been completed.

She won without doing anything!

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on completing the "Final Survivor" quest and receiving 2 levels of experience, 1 Skill Proficiency Pill, and 3 Supply Bags.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 153. You have gained 20 free attribute points.

"See you!"

As he had finished his quest, Jiang Feng was once again covered in white light and he said to Karina with a smile.

"Thank you for letting me win for free!" Karina also gave him a soft smile.

And then, both of them were teleported to where they were before entering the quest.


Silvermoon, Imperial Palace.

King Zhou lay in his pool, with one hand cuddling Su Daji and the other hand cuddling Su Ningxiang, as he looked at the chessboard floating in front of him.

There was an image on the chessboard.

The image was Jiang Feng being surrounded on the peak.

"My King, who is this man? Why does he look so arrogant?" Su Daji fed King Zhou a grape and said with a smile.

"That man is the Shifter Emperor. He is also the man that I want to mess with!" King Zhou said with a smile.

"Oh? You want to mess with him, my king? Why do you not just go over and kill him then? Why must you waste so much effort?" Su Daji asked.

King Zhou ate the grape and said, "After ruling Silvermoon for several thousand years, it was getting a bit boring. Now that there is a piece that can provide so much entertainment, I naturally have to have some fun with him.

Su Daji raised her eyebrow and asked curiously, "How do you want to play with him?"

King Zhou then smiled wickedly, "There is no fun in revealing everything so early. Just you wait, one day the Shifter Emperor will beg on his knees before me."

When he saw Jiang Feng being so prideful after he had dominated the battlefield, King Zhou did not show any expression of being surprised at all, as if he had known everything.


At this time, a woman appeared in the bath. She was wearing a spider hairstyle. She removed her clothes and entered the pool as she swayed her waist.

She raised her head and looked at the image on the chessboard, then said to King Zhou pitifully, "My King, I have failed in my mission. This man has saved the White Tiger Tribe. It was not because I was weak, but Bai Qi has given him his Talisman of Possession. Otherwise, I would have killed him!"

The woman was none other than Black Widow, who was killed by Jiang Feng.

King Zhou pulled Black Widow into his arms and gave her a massage and said, "Worry not. Bai Qi was originally Emperor Qins underling. He only swore loyalty to me out of necessity and I knew he was not really loyal to me. He only wanted to use his status to revive Emperor Qin. But do not worry, Bai Qi is under my complete control. There is nothing much that he can do."


After completing his quest, Jiang Feng then opened and checked on the three supply bags.

After looking at the materials in the three supply bags, his face darkened and he cursed, "Damn it, I was stabbed in the back by that old fox King Zhou again!"

There were only a few sets of ingredients in the supply bags for making Divine Level pulls. They were not even Sacred Levels.

That meant that in this quest, other than the 2 levels and 1 Skill Proficiency Pill, there were no other rewards.

Luckily for him, he still had something good for him. But the other 998 players that were together with him on the same quest island were in a really bad position. All their powers had been somewhat decreased.

"Fine. I should continue looking for the other Ruins Map Fragments. Once I have created the Shifter Nation and I have completed the lineup of Gods, I will go and teach that old fox a lesson!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself and used the Town Portal Scroll and teleported back to Hanshuang City!