Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Mechanus

Hanshuang City was located in the north of Silvermoon.

It was also the coldest place on Silvermoon.

As soon as he was teleported to Hanshuang City, Jiang Feng could already see the snow falling from the sky.

The citys houses and the mountains and forest outside of the city were all covered in white. It was extremely beautiful.

It was also because of this scenery that had attracted many players to Hanshuang City.

The ratio of players from each of the Six Servers was quite balanced.

The reason that Jiang Feng teleported over was that he wanted to get his hands on the Ruins Map Fragment kept by the Black Tortoise Tribe.

The Black Tortoise Tribe resided in the Guanghan Lake.

And the Guanghan Lake was to the north of Hanshuang City.

Beep! Beep!

As soon as he arrived in Hanshuang City, he received a message.

Jiang Feng opened the message, and it was Ling Luo that had sent him the message.

Ling Luo, "Shifter Emperor, where are you at?"

Jiang Feng replied, "Just reached Hanshuang City!"

As soon as he replied to the message, the teleportation circle next to him radiated a white light and Ling Luo came out with a huff and a puff.

Looking at Ling Luo huffing and puffing, Jiang Feng asked her with a smile, "How was it? Quest failed?"

Ling Luo said angrily, "Failed. I was killed by the Shifter Archguardian Mu Xi and Ye Wushuang!"

"Haha, Mu Xi and Ye Wushuang are so lucky to be able to be in a group despite such low probability!"

When he heard that Ling Luo had died at the hands of Mu Xi and Ye Wushuang, Jiang Feng laughed loudly and could not help but be envious of Mu Xi and Ye Wushuangs luck.

Ling Luo said pitifully, "And you laughed at me? Let me tell you something. Our Shifters two Archguardians are too sneaky. I could have won."

Jiang Feng smiled. "You didnt lose to them by chance."

Between Mu Xi and Ye Wushuang, Mu Xi was a warrior while Ye Wushuang was an assassin. Both their combat experiences were even richer than his. It was not out of expectations that she would be killed by that team-up.

"Fine, were all from the same faction. Im not someone intolerant though, so I wont hold that against them," Ling Luo narrowed her eyes and smiled.

"Right, lets go. To Guanghan Lake!"

Jiang Feng said to Ling Luo and summoned the Somersault Cloud and headed straight outside of Hanshuang City with him carrying Ling Luo.

As soon as they rose into the air, many players recognized him.

"Thats the Shifter Emperor. Hes here at Hanshuang City? Where is he going? What does he want to do?"

"I dont know, but he should have the same aim as Qiu Si, Xuanyuan Qi, Johns, and Kitazawa Hinata. I remember that the Inheritors from each of the servers were all heading toward the direction where the Shifter Emperor was heading too."

"Looks like something big is going to happen!"


Jiang Feng carried Ling Luo as they flew in the air.

Ling Luo took out the Rainbow Sash, with a wave of his hand, the Rainbow Sash floated on top of them, blocking the falling snow.

Standing on top of the Somersault Cloud and looking down, all the ground below him was all white. There were some areas where monsters were concentrated. He could also see the players the size of ants leveling in the monster territory.

"The monsters nearby Guanghan Lake are all Sacred level monsters close to level 250, and also some Ice Crystal Drakes in the sky. They are going to be difficult to handle, so we will have to be careful later!" Ling Luo said.

Jiang Feng nodded.

He had already fully memorized the area and monster distributions from the map. He had also made full preparations, otherwise, he would not come to Guanghan Lake.


After flying for half an hour, they had arrived in the sky of a mountain range.

At this time, there was the sound of fighting coming from the mountain range.

Jiang Feng opened his Blazing Golden Eyes curiously and looked into the mountains.

He then saw a castle made completely of metal within the mountains, and the fighting sound came from within.

"Huh? That looks like Mechanus!" Ling Luo exclaimed in surprise as she wore her glasses and looked down.

"Mechanus?" Jiang Feng opened his map and noticed that the map had not pinned this place, and he became suspicious.

"Before the third update of the game, the developer was originally going to make Silvermoon a high-tech map. However, after the update had changed Silvermoons background, they still built Mechanus, the machine city. It is possible to obtain firearms near Mechanus. And players could also class change into Mechanists through Mechanus, as well as Alchemists and Appraisers," Ling Luo explained to him.

"Er How do you know so much?" Jiang Feng asked.

"Idiot! On the official website! How long havent you read the official website?" Ling Luo rolled her eyes at Jiang Feng and thought to herself, Of course I know! I was the one that released the information on the official website!

Jiang Feng paused slightly. He really had not gone to the official website for a very long time, and so he quickly opened the website to the official website.

On the message board, there was an introduction to Mechanus.

Mechanus was a city that was not part of the nine main cities. In this city, it was inhabited by a race called Mechanica. It was a city that was very flourished, but it was isolated in its own world.

According to its introduction, there might be mechs and transformers within Mechanus. Mechs were just like Sacred Artefacts. If a Mech was able to produce its own Artifact Spirit, it would become much more flexible than a common Sacred Artifact. And it could deal more damage as well.

After browsing the official introduction for a while, he had gained some understanding of Mechanus.

"The players that were fighting against some golems down there looked like the Divines faction from all the servers. It seemed that the Divines had also integrated together. Lets go, and take a look!" Jiang Feng said to Ling Luo as he closed the official website and looked toward where the battle was waged.

"Be careful, out of the six Divines Inheritors, four of them are here. Not to mention that they have a group of Sacred Dragon Guards as followers, they will not be easy prey!" Ling Luo said to Jiang Feng and changed the Rainbow Sash into white color, giving them cover where they were.

Jiang Feng nodded and said, "Understood. I will turn invisible and go down, just be on your guard while youre in the air!"

With that, he then stepped on the Somersault Cloud and headed toward the tall mountains surrounding Mechanus.

He landed on the mountains close by, and then used his Sacred Stealth skill and rushed toward Mechanus below him.

Screech Crunch

Just as he got close to Mechanus, he could hear the sounds of some rusted mechanical parts grinding against each other.

Next, a rusty house outside Mechanus began to move. In a short while, it turned into a 30 meters tall giant Transformer.

Red Eye: Level 200 Rank Five Sacred Level Transformer

Faction: Mechanica

Type: Guardian Transformer

Sacred Health: 1,609,228

Sacred Attack: 98,209

Sacred Defense: 79,230


"The Guardian Transformers Sacred Defense is so high," Jiang Feng said in a surprised tone as he ran toward Mechanus and looked at the Red Eye Transformer.

With the Guardian Transformers Sacred Defense, the Divines Inheritors could not possibly kill it. Since there was no one among the Divine faction players who could break through its defense.

Why would the Divines fight against the Mechanica? Could it be a quest? Jiang Feng thought to himself as he hastened his footsteps.

After a short while, he then arrived close to Mechanica. He was only two to three hundred meters away from the Guardian Transformer.

"We cant beat it. Kitazawa Hinata, get your people in and grab the plan and the energy source! We will hold it back!"

At this time, Johns said to Kitazawa Hinata.

"Yes, hang on!"

Kitazawa Hinata said to them and quickly rushed toward Mechanus.

"Plans? What plans?"

Jiang Feng was slightly stunned and quickly followed Kitazawa Hinata into the city.