Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Five Claws Mechanica Dragon

Chapter 394: Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon

If four Divines Inheritors were here in Mechanus, they must have an aim.

The plan that Johns said made Jiang Feng beam with excitement and he quickly headed into the city and chased after Kitazawa Hinata.

While he did not know what kind of plans Johns was talking about, but if so many Divines Inheritors were here for the plan, that meant that the plan must be something that possessed great power.

Why would he miss a chance to take that for himself?

"Ling Luo, follow me. You dont have to care about the others!"

Kitazawa Hinata had five Sacred Dragon Guards with him. In order to guarantee that he could steal the plan as soon as possible, he had Ling Luo follow him in the air.

Bai Qis Talisman of Possession cooldown had yet to expire. Therefore, he did not have enough firepower to kill everyone that was there.

However, his aim was not to kill. It was to steal the treasure!

Within Mechanus, other than the ground, all the NPCs homes and decorations were all made from metal.

However, as the city had been built for many years, the scent of rust filled the air.

"You have trespassed into Mechanus. Die!"

Just as Kitazawa Hinata was running on the streets, five Mechanica Guards held their spears and rushed over, and stopped Kitazawa Hinata.


Kitazawa Hinata did not waste his breath, took out his long sword, then led his five Sacred Dragon Guards to attack the five Mechanica Guards.

When he saw that Kitazawa Hinata was stopped by five Rank Three Sacred Level Mechanica Guards, Jiang Feng did not stop. Instead, he continued to head toward Mechanuss main castle.

His guess was that the plan that Kitazawa Hinata and his group were searching for must be something valuable. That meant that they would put it in the most important place.

And the most important place in Mechanus was the metal castle in front of him.

"Shen Luo, come to me!"

As he headed toward the main castle, he summoned the Divine Fate Compasss Artifact Spirit Shen Luo.

Shen Luo said with a playful smile, "Anything I can do for you, Master?"

Jiang Feng said, "Help me look for any treasures nearby!"

Shen Luo nodded and closed her eyes, and began to search for treasures in the surroundings.

After one minute, Shen Luo opened her eyes and said to Jiang Feng happily, "Master, there is one Donghuang Bell fragment here and three treasures."

"I didnt expect there to be a Donghuang Bell fragment here!" Jiang Feng was overjoyed and he quickly asked Shen Luo, "Can you help me check if there are any treasures that are plans?"

Shen Luo then said, "I do not know if there are treasures that are plans, but I do know that out of the three treasures that I found, one of them is a piece of paper!"

After the Divine Fate Compass had reached Rank Two Sacred Artifact, Shen Luos ability had become stronger. She could find out about the treasures general form, and not just the treasures general information. But Jiang Feng believed that as the Divine Fate Compasss rank became higher, so would Shen Luos ability.

"Tell me where that piece of paper and the Donghuang Bell Fragment are!"

Jiang Feng could already confirm that if the treasure Johns said was a plan, then the piece of paper that Shen Luo had found should be the plan that Johns was talking about.

"The Donghuang Bell Fragment and three items are all stored together. Coordinates are 290.879."


As soon as he had gotten the coordinates, Jiang Feng had become slightly faster as he rushed forward.

The coordinates that Shen Luo had given him were right at the castle a thousand meters away.

"Master, be careful. When I was searching, I seemed to have been detected. Something powerful must be inside!" Shen Luo said to him just as he was approaching the castle.

"Your treasure hunting ability can be detected by other people?" Jiang Feng asked her suspiciously.

"Not people, its I cant explain it, because I dont even know what that is!" Shen Luo said.

Not a person, then it had to be a Mechanica!

While he was on his way there, he had encountered Golems from Rank One to Five. He did not know what the ranks were for those that were inside. So for safetys sake, he activated his Blazing Golden Eyes when he reached in front of the castle and took a good look inside the castle.

The Blazing Golden Eyes had the ability to see through objects. With just a sweep, everything within a thousand meters within the castle was revealed to him.


There were plenty of Mechanica soldiers within the castle. The coordinates that Shen Luo gave were underneath the castle. He looked down, and what he saw down there caused him to draw in a cold breath.

He saw a Five-Claws Gold Dragon underneath the castle!

The Gold Dragon was extremely huge, and it coiled underneath the castle.

The Golden Dragon was made up of mechanical parts, and every single beard on its back was as sharp as swords.

At this time, the Five-Claws Gold Dragons opened its eyes as large as lanterns and met his Blazing Golden Eyes.

The moment that his eyes met with the Gold Dragons, Jiang Feng could not help but shudder.

"Holy hell, Rank Five Lesser Sacred Master!"

Jiang Feng glanced at the Five-Claws Golden Dragons stats and his face quickly paled and he turned off his Blazing Golden Eyes.

Rank Five Lesser Sacred Master was far more powerful than Black Widow. Even if he could use Bai Qis Talisman of Possession, he would not be its match.

Not to mention it had already detected him. If he were to enter now, it would be suicide!


Outside of Mechanus, the Sacred Dragon Sword that had evolved from the Divine Dragon Sword grew in size and violently slashed on the Guardian Transformer until it fell into the ground. Qiu Si then said to the others, "We cannot let it stop us here. All of you, go get the stuff! I alone will be enough to hold it here!"

"Alright!" Xuanyuan Qi nodded and then said to Johns and Adam, "Lets go!"

Johns and Adam exchanged a glance and nodded, then summoned their steeds, and led a majority of the Sacred Dragon Guards, and flew straight to the castles direction.

As they were quite the target in the air, beams of light kept on being fired from the metal houses and attacked them.

As if they had some understanding regarding Mechanus, Xuanyuan Qi took out and held an item in his hand and waved it. The next moment, all the beams had disappeared.

As they were riding on their steeds, they were much faster than Jiang Feng or Kitazawa Hinata.

When they saw that Kitazawa Hinata was stopped when they were on their way, Xuanyuan Qis blue sword flew straight toward the five Mechanica Guards.

The blue longsword spun around the Mechanica Guards and froze all of them.

"Kid, stop wasting time with them. Lets go!" Xuanyuan Qi said.

"Xuanyuan Qi, if you call me a kid again, Ill kill you!" Kitazawa Hinata said angrily at Xuanyuan Qi.

"You can try if you have the guts!" Xuanyuan Qi sneered at Kitazawa Hinata then paid him no attention as he flew toward the castle.


Kitazawa Hinata was going to dash toward Xuanyuan Qi angrily, but he was stopped by a yell from Johns, "You can fight however you like once we have the plans. Now, all of you calm the hell down! If we cant get the plans, then the Floating Island would not be unlocked!"


Jiang Feng, who was standing near the castle, was thinking about how to take the several treasures. He suddenly noticed something, and then looked up into the sky behind him.

Then, he saw the three Divines Inheritors, Xuanyuan Qi, and a large group of Sacred Dragon Guardians making their way there. His eyes rolled and he smiled coldly in his mind.

"Hm? That fast? Then all of you can go and attract the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons attention!"