Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 398

Chapter 398 Heifeng Became A Dad

Snowrock Forest, Hanshuang City.

Heifeng was lying next to a rock as he looked at the pregnant Snow Tiger.

"Ahaha! Heifeng, you must be an idiot! You made her pregnant! Haha! You are trying to kill me," Yanhu literally fell about laughing as he pointed his tiger claw at Heifeng and mocked him.

"What are you laughing at? It was all because of you saying that it would be fun to be with a Snow Tiger. Otherwise, it wouldnt end up like this." Heifeng felt very wronged.

He did not expect that he would get the Snow Tiger pregnant just for having fun that one time.

Because it was a game, the pregnancy period was very short and it would grow up very quickly. In just one day, the Snow Tiger was going to give birth at any time.

"Haha!" Yanhu felt that how Heifeng looked currently was extremely funny. He even took out a chicken drumstick to tease him and said, "Come on, lick!"

"Lick your head! Quick, think of a way! Shes about to give birth, what should I do?" Heifeng said to Yanhu anxiously.

He had never thought that with his brilliant mind, he could think of nothing at this time.

"Dont get nervous, listen to me. Giving birth to a child requires nutrition. Maybe you can give all the pills that the boss gave you and the herbs and Sacred Blood that you got on your own to your wife?" Yanhu started to give him weird ideas that nobody knew where he had heard from.

"Really?" Heifeng asked.

"Really!" Yanhu nodded and said seriously.

Next, Heifeng then took out a pile of herbs, one Evolution Pill and ten sacred blood and walked over to the pregnant Snow Tiger, and said to her, "About About that, maybe you can take this so that the baby can come out faster. It is better for you and the kid!"

The Snow Tiger stared at him with a pair of innocent tiger eyes. She was touched, and then she ate all ten drops of Sacred Blood, the Evolution Pill, and all the herbs.


After eating all the herbs, the Evolution Pill, and the Sacred Blood, the Snow Tiger felt pretty good. Suddenly, her face began to twist as she let out a roar in pain.

"Xiaoxue, whats happening to you? Dont scare me! Should I get you a chicken drumstick so that youll feel better?" When Heifeng saw that the Snow Tiger was in so much pain, he was so anxious that he took out a chicken drumstick with sticky and smelly liquid on it and gave it to her.

The Snow Tiger began to throw up, and she felt even more powerful.


At this time, Thunderclap Mantis, Xiao Longnu, and Guapi all flew over.

The Thunderclap Mantis said, "What are you two doing? Our boss is summoning us!"

"Haha!" Yanhu laughed as he pointed at Heifeng, and then he said, "Heifeng is going to become a daddy, haha"


When Xiao Longnu and Guapi heard it, they were stunned for a second but they immediately burst out laughing.

The Thunderclap Mantis looked at him with black lines on his forehead.


At this time, an infantile tiger roar could be heard. The Snow Tiger had finally given birth to Heifengs little tiger cub.


As Jiang Feng had finally decided to kill the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon, he then began to make plans for the coming battle.

In order to increase his chances of victory, he then called the Thunderclap Mantis and the rest of its group to join him.

At the same time, he had Wen Yan, Miaoer, Xiao Lan, and the Inheritor of the Witchers, Xing Kui, that had just made it here as well as the Inheritors of the Elves, Nangong Tiaotiao, help him block the attacks of the other players.

He himself would hold back the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon.

With the Dimension Door skill and the Pictogram of the Ten Thousand Beasts on the Shifter Emperors Cloak, he could barely survive the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons clutches.

And now, he waited. He waited for the cooldown for Bai Qis Talisman of Possession to expire.

From the time that he left King Zhous Forced Quest, it had already been about four hours.

All he needed to do was to persevere for another 30 minutes, he could then use Bai Qis Talisman of Possession again.

The gigantic Deicide jabbed, and it managed to smack aside the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons tail to the side. Next, he held the gigantic Deicide in his hand and whirled it around him, forcing Johns, Kitazawa Hinata, Qiu Si, and the other inheritors to withdraw, so that he would not get attacked.


After blocking the first wave of attack, he then once again saw the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon and the Inheritors attack. He quickly used his crowd-control skill.


The requiem bell began to ring, and the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon and the inheritors surrounding him all entered into a daze.

When Jiang Feng saw that it worked, he ignored the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon and headed straight toward Kitazawa Hinata and then said to Ling Luo at the same time, "Ling Luo, kill Johns!"

The main reason that he did not choose to attack the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon was that he could not pierce through its defense. All damage he did to it would be forced damage, which meant that even if it was a critical hit, he would at most deal around a thousand damage. There was no point in fighting it directly.

Unless he used Bai Qis Talisman of Possessions. Then, his attack would reach around 900,000. As long as he was not hit by its attack, he still had the chance to kill the Five Claws Mechanica Dragon.

Bang! Bang!

There were the sounds of a few gunshots, and there was a bloody hole on Johnss head. Blood kept on flowing and his Sacred Blood amount also kept on decreasing.

That being said, Johns was someone quite powerful. He was able to dodge one of Ling Luos shots.

Even Jiang Feng was astonished.

He knew how good Ling Luo was. All her shots had never missed. She had even instantly killed the American Servers Inheritor of the Infernals, Davies. That was why he did not expect Johns to be able to dodge Ling Luos attack.

After Johns dodged Ling Luos shot and was no longer affected by the dazed status, he quickly repositioned and said to his Sacred Dragon Guards, "There is a sniper in the air, go and kill her!"

"Ling Luo, be careful!"

Jiang Feng yelled at Ling Luo who was in the sky and then attacked Johns.

At this stage, the inheritors were the biggest threat against him. If he could finish off the inheritors, the remaining players would be no threat against him.

"You want to kill me? Its not that easy now!"

Johns smiled coldly at Jiang Feng as he dodged and hid behind the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon that was rushing toward him.

Jiang Fengs forceful attack attempts were instantly blocked, and instead, he had to dodge the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons claw by a hairs breadth.

"Damn it! You rusted metal dragon! I am the person that is going to rebuild Mechanus, and you are protecting Mechanus. Our aim is the same, are you stupid?!" He roared angrily at the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon.

"Roar! You lie! Give me back the Floating Island Schema!" Roared the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon.

"You stupid dragon! Im going to shred you into metal pieces!" Jiang Feng said somewhat angrily. Of course, now that he was being dominated by the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon stat-wise, all he could do was to run.

"Breaking Dawn!"

Just as he was dodging the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons attacks, Johns jumped out from behind it. The longsword in his hand shot out a radiant light and pierced through his body.


The intense pain caused him to cough out a mouthful of blood. Looking at his remaining health, he teleported and came next to a Sacred Dragon Guard. The Deicide in his hand quickly whirled and struck at Sacred Dragon Guard and used it to recover all his health.

"Johns, Shadow Strike!"

As soon as his health was restored, he looked at Johns with murderous intent and used his most powerful Sacred Skill!