Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 4

Chapter 4


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As he had successfully transmuted the monster, Jiang Feng’s Level 1 Wild Dog became a Level 1 Elite Wild Dog. Meaning he had become a Level 1 Mini-boss.

With his current attributes that were double that of a normal Wild Dog, he could begin to barely slaughter those of the same race as him.

When he reached that conclusion, he became slightly excited. Moving his frontal limbs, he rushed towards the closest Wild Dog. Without saying a word, he bit it.

A dog bit a dog, a mouthful of fur!

1Luckily, there weren’t any players nearby. If there were any, and they saw this scene, they would get stunned for a while and then simplylaughed out heartily.

After biting another Level 1 Wild Dog, he finally killed it.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on killing a ‘Level 1 Wild Dog’ and received 20 experience points.

“Hm? Only 20 experience points? It is less than that from an experience pill.”

Looking at the experience points from killing a Wild Dog, Jiang Feng frowned.

But after thinking for a while, he was at ease. Transmute Monster had a cooldown timer, so he couldn’t use it continuously. However, he could continuously kill other monsters. In between the time that he could use Transmute Monster once, he could kill two monsters which equal to 40 experience points.

Not to mention Transmute Monster had a failure rate, so the speed of leveling up between these two methods was almost the same.

He lay on his stomach on the ground waiting for his HP to recover. Once Transmute Monster was no longer on cooldown, he would once again fuse with another Wild Dog.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful.

The second time was still a success.

After fusing with the second Wild Dog, his grayish fur had become a lighter shade of white and seeminglyglowing, making him look cute.

But what disappointed him the most was that the attribute increase resulting from the second fusion was quitelow.

3Character: Jiang Feng

Display Name: Level 1 Elite Wild Dog

HP: 220

Attack: 25

Defense: 5

Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy

Equipment: None

Drop: 5-20 BP (Bronze Pieces) and Level 1 Black-Iron Equipment

There was only an increase of 20 points of HP, 5 points of Attack and 1 point of Defense. The items he could drop had also changed. Looks like the system knew that his power had increased and became a Mini-boss, and as suchgave him better drops.

7Unfortunately, the money and the equipment belonged to the system and not him. He couldn’t use them.

“Oh well, time to farm!”

As his HP had almost fully recovered, he continued to kill the monsters.

At one point in time, at the corner of the Starter Village, a little white dog was continuously chasing down and biting other gray Wild Dogs.

3Every time Transmute Monster was not on cooldown, he would choose touse its second function to continue to fuse with other Wild Dogs.

He had failed three times. Every time he failed it would mean death for him. Fortunately, his attributes did not decrease after being revived.

After spending more than an hour, he had finally reached Level 2 due to his diligence.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 2. As your bloodline is too low, you have only received 1 free attribute point.

“Oh d*mn, you’re joking. Only 1 free attribute point? This is too little.”

He had reach Level 2 after dying for so many times and spent so much effort, and to think thathe had only been given 1 free attribute point. This made him quite speechless.

1He was someone that was easily satisfied, however. Once he remembered what Transmute Monster could do, he let his dissatisfaction go.

With Transmute Monster, this 1 free attribute point was dispensable. Not to mention, as long as he evolved, he could gain chances to use the lottery. He had a chance to get a bloodline.

He opened his status window and was prepared to spend his 1 free attribute point.

However, what made him confused was that he did not have the five main attributes. On the other hand, his status window showed the attributes Luck, Charisma, and Insight.

1‘Hm? I remembered on the official website, these three were considered hidden attributes. Why could I see them?’

Luck: 3

7Charisma: 2

2Insight: 5

2‘Luck increases drop rate. So, no wonder I have never seen any loot.

2‘Charisma? When I look like a dog? What Charisma?

9‘Insight might be the attribute that influences the number of experience points and skills I gained. I should choose this.’

After thinking for a while, he added his only free attribute point on Insight.

2After distributing his attribute point, he then looked at the status window again. Then he discovered, after his level up, his HP, Attack, and Defense had all increased.

“It seems I have become stronger. Time to continue killing monsters!”

He mumbled and smiled. After stretching his four limbs, he pounced on a nearby Wild Dog.

As he killed the Wild Dogs, his mastery of controlling the body of the dog became better. His positioning had also become better. In the end, the other Wild Dogs couldn’t even hit him anymore.

He had killed for an entire night, and his level had reached 5.

HP 630, Attack 80, and Defense 30.

For one whole night, he did not choose totransmute monsters into items. Instead, he had chosen to fuse with them, causing his attributes to be as strong and comparable to that of a Level 7 or 8 monster.

3“It’s almost daylight. I should make breakfast for Dad and go to class.”


Just as he was going to disconnect, his buttock was bitten by something. It was so painful that he barked out.

At this stage, a Level 1 Wild Dog could no longer break through his defenses and could only do 1 point of damage. But the20 points1of damage that he had suffered proved that the dog that had attacked him was no mere dog.

He turned around and saw it. As he expected, a wolfdog that was one size bigger than him was already pouncing at him.

Wild Dog King: Level 5 Monster

Hit Points: 500

Attack: 50

Defense: 15

Skills: Violent Grab

5“I was just thinking about what can damage me, and here stands the Wild Dog King. How dare you call yourself a king in front of me, you small fry. Die!”

Jiang Feng sneered and rushed towards it, then directly used Transmute Monster on it.

He had already become an Elite Wild Dog. Perhaps if he fused with the Wild Dog King, he could become a king himself.

The moment he had used Transmute Monster, a giant cauldron fell from the sky. It shut them both in it and began spinning.

Ding. System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful!

He did it!

Hearing the system’s voice, Jiang Feng got too excited and quickly opened his status window.

Character: Jiang Feng

Display Name: Level 5 Wild Dog King

HP: 1260

Attack: 160

Defense: 60

Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, Violent Grab

5Equipment: None

Drop: 1-3 SP (Silver Pieces) and Level 5 Black-Iron Equipment

“Haha, it is just as I thought. Only after fusing a Boss will my attributes increase this greatly. And this time, my attributes have doubled again, and it is around the attributes of a Level 8 or 9 monster. Not to mention I have learned the Wild Dog King’s skill too!”

The eager Jiang Feng opened his skill window and looked at his first skill that had damaging potential.

Violent Grab: Level 1. Proficiency 0/10000. Deals 120% of base damage to an enemy. Cooldown 0.1 seconds.

12“This is barely enough but it will do.”

6The skill wasn’t verypowerful, but it was at least something. At least he could deal some extra damage.

3At this time, another system prompt rang in his ears.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on becoming the Wild Dog King in the Starter Village. You have learned the Tongues of the Beast. You can now communicate with other monsters who have gained sentience.

3“Tongues of the Beast?”

Jiang Feng was stunned for but, but then shook his head. He did not pay it much attention.

What was the point for him to learn the Tongues of the Beast? So he could become bros with a bunch of monsters? He wouldn’t have the time for it.

6He closed his status window and clicked on the logout button. His world became black, and he disconnected.