Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 42

Chapter 42

“Dragon City Riverbed dungeon Level 1. Our party needs a full-time healer. Loot determined by dice roll, come”

“Cave of the Undead dungeon level 1. Our party lacks a strong DPS and a healer. Loot determined by the dice roll. 3=2. Come quick”

“I’m an all-purpose healer. I can heal and also tank. Who needs me, let me know.”


After the two dungeons had been unlocked, many of the players in the Imperial Dragon City had checked on the dungeon’s information and all of them then gathered at where the Teleporter NPCs were. They accepted the quest and began to form their party.

Every day, one could accept ten times the dungeon’s dungeon quest. The main reward of the quest was experience points, and they were very generous with it.

Inclusive of the loot and set equipment dropped in the dungeons, all the players that were leveling in the monster territories stopped their leveling and came back to go to their dungeons.

It wasn’t long when a large number of players went to the dungeon through the Teleporter NPCs.

It wasn’t even one minute when Jiang Feng entered the second level of the Cave of Undead when the first level was invaded by many players.

For a time, the entire first level of the Cave of the Undead were war cries and sounds of quarrels about kill steal.

Since there were only 100 monsters on the first level, and they would only respawn once they were all killed. With so many players present, of course, there weren’t enough monsters for each of them. Naturally, kill-steal happened.


When the many players were snatching monsters from each other, Jiang Feng had already reached Level 2 and looked at the monsters on the second level.

Magic Zombie: Level 20 Monster

Health Points: 15,000

Attack: 650-700

Defense: 200

Skills: Fireball

‘A magic-type monster. High Attack, but lower Health and Defense. Quite easy to deal with as long as you can melee it!’ thought Jiang Feng as he looked at the group of Magic Zombies. Then he went to look for the Donghuang Bell fragment on the second level.

Unfortunately, he looked around but still couldn’t find it.

“Looks like I need to find it in the next level,” said Jiang Feng as he released Yanhu and Heifeng from the Qiankun Gourd. Then all of them dashed towards the Magic Zombie.


He used a powerful skill as soon as he jumped into the group of Magic Zombies, hoping to finish combat quickly.


The tornado howled, and around four Magic Zombies were thrown into the air.




Every second, the Magic Zombies’ HP would decrease by 500 to 600 points in five seconds, and their HP had decreased around two to three thousand.

“Blackwind Blade!”

Heifeng also used his powerful skill. Dozens of black blades appeared and slashed at the Magic Zombies.

“Fiery Explosion!”

Yanhu had also used his powerful skill. A burst of flames exploded from underneath his feet. It exploded and split into dozens of fireballs that blasted at the Magic Zombies all around him.

The total damage caused by the three tigers’ skill was enough to make around a dozen of the Magic Zombies to lose one-third of their health.

After using their most powerful skills, the three tigers then used their weaker skills.

One by one, the Magic Zombies began to fall onto the ground very quickly.

Jiang Feng was killing monsters and transmuting their corpses on the ground at the same time.

It was easiest for him to deal with magic-type monsters due to his high attacks and high speed.

In no less than one hour, the three of them had conquered the second level. Even the Magic Zombie boss did not hold for long. It only managed to hold on for five minutes before being slain by the three.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. You have received one bag of Corpse Poison, a piece of equipment, one Level 20 Experience Pill, and one Corpse Pill.

“Heh, didn’t expect I’ll get new things out of this.”

Jiang Feng took a look at the equipment, then threw it into the Spatial Bracelet. He then looked at the Corpse Pill’s stats with interest.

Currently, the level of your usual players was around Level 11. They wouldn’t be able to use the Level 20 loot from a Level 20 monster, so that was why he did not check the equipment that he had gotten from transmuting the bosses from the first and second levels.

Corpse Pill: Shapechange Pill

Once consumed, becomes a zombie. All attributes increase by 1-%, movement speed decrease by 30%. Has a duration of 10 minutes and a cooldown of 10 minutes.

“Shapechange Pill, it looks like it won’t be too useful. While all attributes have been increased by becoming a zombie, but movement speed will be greatly decreased.”

Jiang Feng looked at the Corpse Pill’s stats and shook his head as he threw it into the Spatial Bracelet.

Ding! System Prompt: Cave of the Undead Level 2 is open for outside!

Just as he was ready to walk towards the door in the center that had appeared with the key he obtained from the Magic Zombie King, a voice from the system rang in his ears.

“Looks like this dungeon will only fully unlock when I clear all the levels,” he muttered to himself as he took back Heifeng and Yanhu, then stepped into the door that leads to Level 3.

The monsters in the third level of the Cave of the Undead were Zombie Dogs.

Zombie Dogs: Level 25 Monster

Health Points: 30,000

Attack: 850-900

Defense: 500

The stats of the Zombie Dogs were very high. If it were other players, they would be hard-pressed. Even with a party, it would be difficult to avoid deaths.

But for Jiang Feng, they were still within his ability to deal with.

While the other players’ HP was only around two or three thousand, his was at fourteen thousand, with very high attacks. While the Zombie Dogs were going to be troublesome, he could still deal with them. Only that it would take him some time to kill them.

He released Yanhu and Heifeng, then baited five Zombie Dogs’ aggro, then kited them to a corner to fight them.

Because of the Zombie Dogs’ higher attributes, he wouldn’t dare jump into the middle of a hundred Zombie Dogs. He did not have a deathwish.

This time, Heifeng, Yanhu, and him did not separately deal with their own monsters, but instead focused on one and kept using their skills on it.

The Zombie Dogs’ moved very quickly. The five Zombie Dogs kept surrounding them three and kept biting. If they were attacked, they would become poisoned, causing them to lose 100 health for 5 seconds.

High attack, high movement, and poison. Jiang Feng was getting a headache.

He needed to focus on dodging while attacking at the same time.

He needed a minute or two, and only then would he be able to kill a Zombie Dog.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. You have received one bag of virus and one Level 25 Experience Pill.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 13. You have received 3 free attribute points.

Virus: Spatter at enemies. Your enemies will become berserk for 5 seconds. Take 100 points of HP damage per second for 5 seconds. Has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

“Looks like different monsters will yield me different things through transmutation. No matter if it’s Corpse Poison, Corpse Pill, or Virus, all are like a poison. If I can transmute them en masse and sell them, I could make quite a small fortune,” he thought to himself as he picked up the bag of virus.





Just as he wasn’t paying attention, four Zombie Dogs’ attacks all fell on him. He screamed out in pain and quickly retreated as he let Yanhu and Heifeng keep hold of aggro.

“Damn, I didn’t expect that being attacked by four Zombie Dogs would cause the virus effect to stack!”

At this time, Jiang Feng’s head had 400 continuously floating on him, meaning to say that the Zombie Dogs virus could be stacked. Without an antidote, he had lost 2000 points of HP in five minutes. This meant that the third level had just become much more dangerous.

Beep beep.

Just as he had consumed a Small Recovery Pill to restore his HP, his friend panel turned alight.

He clicked it to check, and he became interested as he smiled.