Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 44

Chapter 44

After he had entered the game, Jiang Feng then appeared in the third level of the Cave of Undead.

He then released Yanhu and Heifeng from the Qiankun Gourd.

“Kill them!” Ordered Jiang Feng towards Yanhu and Heifeng as he licked his dragon claw and stared at the hideous Zombie Dogs.


Yanhu and Heifeng both released a roar and jumped into the air, and each bit a Zombie Dog. Their sharp claws repeatedly slice at the Zombie Dogs’ rotting flesh.


Jiang Feng decided to show strength and unleashed his powerful skill, and a bunch of Zombie Dogs was then blown upward.

He did not care about the Zombie Dogs that had been thrown into the air and attacked those that were not in range.

The Zombie Dogs had high attributes, and it was difficult to deal with them.

But with the cooperation of the three of them, they had used around three hours to defeat most of the Zombie Dogs, except for one Zombie Dog King.

Zombie Dog King: Level 30 Boss

Hit Points: 100,000

Attack: 1400-1600

Defense: 800

Skills: Madness Bite, Plague, Poisonous Swamp

The Zombie Dog King’s attributes were more than double of that of a normal Zombie Dog. With his attack, all he needed was to strike Jiang Feng ten times and it could kill him.

Yanhu’s and Heifeng’s attack could barely break through its Defense. But even if their attacks went through, they could at most deal around a hundred damage. If they weren’t careful, even they could be in danger.

“Be careful you two, you can’t be revived if you’re killed.”

Jiang Feng’s Identify had no limits when used on the same thing as he was, so he could easily look at the Zombie Dog King’s stats. He looked and advised Yanhu and Heifeng to be careful.


The Zombie Dog King revealed its sharp fangs, and something slimy kept creeping out from between those fangs. Its huge body was slightly curved and barked. Then its body was like an arrow and pounced towards them.

“That’s bloody quick!”

Seeing the Zombie Dog King had launched its attacks, he was almost ready to dodge away. But what surprised him the most was that the Zombie Dog King’s speed was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye it had already reached his side and smacked him away with one swipe.

“Cough! That’s so painful”

A sense of pain above 90% caused Jiang Feng to clench his teeth in pain.

“Woof! Kill kill kill”

The Zombie Dog King called out the word kill in madness as it continued assaulting Jiang Feng.

“Boss! It’s targeting you! Be careful!” Yanhu looked at Jiang Feng with worry as he stood in the distance.


As soon as Yan Hu had finished his sentence, the Zombie Dog King’s attack had once again slammed on Jiang Feng who had failed to avoid the attack. This time, a piece of flesh had been carved out from his abdomen.


The pain that he felt from his flesh being torn was almost as painful as when he was undergoing evolution. He yelped out in pain.

“High-speed Movement!”

Seeing that the Zombie Dog King once again was heading his way, Jiang Feng quickly activated High-speed Movement, and only then had he managed to dodge its attack barely. He then took out the Qiankun Gourd and retrieved Yanhu and Heifeng in.

They couldn’t help in this situation at all. But if they saw him die, Yanhu and Heifeng would have lost confidence in him. And he might lose the support of two powerful followers. And that was why he had them back in the gourd.

“You want to die so much?! Transmute Monster, transmute!”

As soon as he had retrieved Yanhu and Heifeng, the Zombie Dog King’s claws were going to grab at his body. At this time, he quickly used Transmute Monster to transmute the Zombie Dog King.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. You have received one bag of Virus, one Corpse Pill, one piece of equipment, one Level 30 Experience Pill, and one Evolution Pill!


“I didn’t expect the transmutation to succeed! And I even got an Evolution Pill!”

Looking at the items in the flames, Jiang Feng became excited.

With his current strength, he was not the match of the Level 30 Zombie Dog King. Originally he was ready to challenge it, but once he saw the Zombie Dog King’s movement speed, he gave up and was prepared to have himself killed.

On the third strike, he was ready to use Transmute Monster to block his attack, but he never expected the transmutation to actually succeed!

The more powerful the monster than he was, the higher the rate of failure. Even with his 30 plus points in Luck, he only had around a 30% chance of success. Looks like his luck was unusually good.

“None of my bloodlines have reached 100%. I better save this Evolution Pill for when I have reached 100% in one of my bloodlines.”

He looked at the Evolution Pill in his hand but did not want to use it after giving it a thought. Instead, he packed the Evolution Pills and the other items into the Spatial Bracelet.

As for the Experience Pill, he did not use it immediately. He wanted to save some when he needed to level.

Ding! System Prompt: Cave of the Undead Level 3 unlocked.

He picked up the key after the Zombie Dog King had died and looked at the door in the center of Level 3. After giving it a thought, he didn’t want to enter the fourth level.

“The monsters in the fourth level are Level 30, and I will need to spend some effort in defeating them. This would waste time that I could use for leveling. I should come back after I have become stronger.”

The bonus experience points from killing monsters above one’s level weren’t that great, and they were troublesome to kill. So he had decided to increase his power before coming back.

As for the fragment in the Cave of the Undead, he wasn’t that worried about it.

That was because the key to the fourth level was in his hands. As long as he did not unlock the fourth level, other players couldn’t enter. Therefore, he had no worry that the Donghuang Bell fragments would be snatched.

Not to mention that he didn’t dare to venture forth with his level of strength. Even if other players go in, they would only die

“Oh? That’s right, if I don’t want to enter the fourth level and want to leave, I need to go through level one and level two. That’s going to be problematic,” mumbled Jiang Feng as he remembered about it. “Oh well, if the players on the higher floors make a move against me, then I suppose I don’t mind some extra experience points and equipment.”

He gave it a thought as he walked towards the door that would lead him to Level 3. He was given two choices.

Choice number one was to go back to level two Choice number two was to unlock Level 4.

He did not hesitate to choose to return to level 2.

“It’s the Zombie Wizard boss! This boss is mine! No one steals it from me!”

“Bullshit! If whatever you see is yours, then I saw your wife! Is your wife mine?!”

“Just kill it! Whoever killed the boss first then the boss belongs to whoever!”


As soon as he had appeared on the second level, he saw lots of players and a dozen Zombie Wizards, and all of their eyes were fixed on a huge, hideous Zombie Wizard King. No one had noticed his appearance from a portal.

Seeing that, he quickly ate the Zombie Pill that he had obtained from the Zombie Wizards earlier. In the next moment, a light flashed, and he became a Zombie.

“Hehe, Zombie Wizard boss? Let’s see if I can use the same tactic on it,” he gave a wry smile as he looked at the players that approached the Zombie Wizard King.

Suddenly, he felt a stab to his buttocks and he cried out. He turned and roared, “Sh*t! Who the hell stabbed my ass!”