Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Crouching Dragon Range. In a valley without anyone.


Jiang Feng stopped in his tracks. He turned and looked, then roared.

After he had left the Cave of the Undead, he kept on feeling that there was someone following him. And that someone could move extremely quickly, and he couldn’t get rid of her.

And this made him feel annoyed. So, he led someone into a valley so that he could prepare to see who had been following him.

“I never would have thought that a monster with such high intelligence would exist in this game!”

Following his roar, a beautiful woman walked out from behind a giant tree.

Once the woman appeared, he did not hesitate to use Identify on her.

In-Game ID: Canaan

Level: 11

Class: Assassin

Hit Points: 2479

Attack: 489-593

Defense: 231

‘Canaan? Isn’t that the ID of the boss of the company that I joined?’ Jiang Feng was slightly surprised as he saw the woman’s ID.

Currently, most of the players’ levels were around 11 on average. They still couldn’t build a guild, so he still hadn’t joined the Canaan Corporation’s guild.

“A monster that knows how to use items and pick up equipment. You should be an important high-intelligent monster for this game’s main quest, am I right?”

Canaan wasn’t sure what Jiang Feng was thinking about and smiled at him as she approached Jiang Feng. She emitted a powerful aura as she moved.

‘Damn, how did she know I used items? And how did she know I was picking up items?’ He thought to himself with a frown and was surprised once again when he heard Canaan’s words.

“Heh, guess I got it right.” Looking at Jiang Feng’s panic, Canaan smiled. “I never thought that this game would be so interesting. If it wasn’t because I’ve asked my father to get some insider information from the developers, I would be shocked too.”

Canaan was the daughter of a high-ranked official who held great political power. Because of her bet with Situ Hao, she had pestered her father for a very long time before his father had obtained some information about the game from the game’s developer.

What she understood was that in order to push forward the game’s development, many of the monsters in the game had high intelligence. They could level up, evolve, and could kill players and pick up their equipment. Of course, if she could cooperate with these intelligent monsters, she could gain many resources from the game from them.

It was because of this that she would come out and follow Jiang Feng. She wanted to cooperate with Jiang Feng!

“I know that you possess intelligence and can understand what I say. Let’s see, I’ll ask you some questions. If it’s a yes, you can nod. If it’s a no, you can shake your head. Is that alright?” She said to Jiang Feng as she approached him, as if without fear, and stopped around 5 meters away.


Jiang Feng also had a lot of questions in his mind, but he couldn’t speak the human language and couldn’t communicate with Canaan. So he could only hear what she wanted, and as such he nodded and roared once at her.

It was completely within his power to kill Canaan now. Who cared how she knew that he could use items and pick up equipment?

But at that time, he had an audacious hypothesis, so he wanted to hear her questions.

“Haha! You are indeed intelligent,” Seeing that Jiang Feng had nodded, Canaan had lost her demeanor as a strong woman. Instead, she began to smile like a little child. However, she had quickly regained her composure and began to ask him seriously, “You appeared out of nowhere at the second level. Was it because you had the ability to hide your identity? When you didn’t hide your identity afterward, was it because this ability has its limits?”

‘Hiding my identity? I guess it counts since I did use the Corpse Pill to hide my identity for a time,’ he nodded after giving it a thought.

“Then when you appeared on the second level, was it because of the dropped equipment from the boss?”


Jiang Feng nodded.

“Why do you monsters want equipment? Never mind, even if I asked, you wouldn’t be able to give me an answer. Let’s change to another. When you monsters fight amongst yourselves, you don’t drop any loot, do you? Only when you kill players could you get loot? Was that why you appeared only after the players had killed the boss, and dragged the battle for five minutes so that the equipment’s protection had expired, and then picked up the equipment?”

Roar! Jiang Feng nodded again.

“You need loot, and I need loot too. But when you kill monsters, you do not have any loot, but when I kill the monsters, I can obtain loot. Why don’t we do it this way? Why don’t you help me fight the monsters until they have little hp left and allow me to kill it? For the loot, I only want assassin equipment. I’ll leave the rest to you. If you agree, give me a nod.”

After Canaan had finished, she looked at Jiang Feng expectantly.

If she could cooperate with a highly intelligent monster in the game, then her leveling up speed will be increased by manifold, and she could gather top-tier equipment within a relatively short amount of time.

Once her level and equipment had improved, she would become stronger in the game. Then, she would have a better chance of beating Situ Hao in her bet.

‘She only wants Assassin equipment, and the rest would be for me?’ Jiang Feng gave it a deep thought.

If he chose to work with Canaan, it would be a very good choice for him. Unfortunately, no matter how much equipment he obtained, he couldn’t use any of it. He could only sell it out in exchange for money.

Not to mention, that working together with such a clever woman, it would be bad if his identity and the Monster Transmutation System were exposed, and she used it to blackmail him.

Canaan’s terms were quite attractive and would allow him to earn a lot of money in a very short time. But his family no longer owed others’ money, and he could become rich eventually if he used the equipment through his tactics and transmuted the bosses. But if his identity was exposed, he wouldn’t be able to play the game anymore.

After comparing the advantages and disadvantages, he disagreed.


He roared at Canaan and shook his head. He then quickly left the location.

“Hey, wait up”

Seeing that Jiang Feng had refused her offer and was prepared to give chase, she then saw Jiang Feng suddenly had a burst of speed. In a few blinks, he had disappeared in front of him. This brought her disappointment.

“Why would a monster need equipment, anyway? From his reaction, I could see that the equipment are quite attractive to him. Looks like it still isn’t attractive enough. I need to find something that I can use to tempt him to work with me,” mutter Canan under her breath as he looked at where Jiang Feng had left.

What she did not know was that her action had made her company lose a capable employee.


After separating from Canaan, Jiang Feng ran to a place without anyone and muttered, “I didn’t realize that Canaan Corporation’s boss would be so smart. Looks like I can’t join this company after all. If my identity was exposed, I would be in danger.”

He was thinking about it very seriously while he was on the road. In the end, he had decided to give up on joining Canaan Corporation, and also gave up on joining any guild because that would expose who he was.

“I should concentrate on leveling up. I’ll strive to get to Level 15 by tonight!”

He then opened the map and took a look after he had decided. He found a territory with level 13 monsters, then ran towards it to level.

There were still 33 pieces of Donghuang Bell fragments scattered in the outside world.

If he wanted to increase his collection speed, then he needed to increase his level and strength. If not, he wouldn’t be able to collect them all even if he knew where the fragments were.

For example, he knew that there was a Donghuang Bell fragment somewhere between the fourth and fifth levels. But he couldn’t get to it because he was too weak.