Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Did someone forge White-Silver equipment?

Players in the game were stunned after the server-wide announcement. They could hardly believe it.

The game had just started for around four days. Even if the players had learned Level 10 Craft-Profession skills, increasing them would be very difficult. And they also needed a lot of materials and money.

Currently, most crafters were only at the low level, with few reaching the 50% mark for their experience bar.

Forging White Silver equipment required at least high-level smithing, and they couldn’t imagine how Jiang Feng had managed to increase his smithing skill to high rank.

Many of the crafters who focused on smithing believed that Jiang Feng knew some secrets that allowed them to quickly increase his smithing skill. All of them published posts on Weibo and the official form, wanting to have Jiang Feng give up that secret.

And all of them said in a righteous tone, saying that this would increase the overall strength of the Huaxia server, and he must give it up. If he did, then the Huaxia server would be victorious during the war between nations.

While they wrote it righteously, it was actually for their own benefit.


Jiang Feng wasn’t paying attention to Weibo and the message board. Even if he did, he wouldn’t give any response except a cold smile.

The strength of a nation’s server was not dependent on one Craft-Profession Skill. Strength also would not come for free. Jiang Feng despised those who sought to benefit themselves by using the name of their countries the most.

It wasn’t long since he had left the Imperial Dragon City when his Polymorph’s duration reached its end, and he once again became half-dragon, half-tiger.

After he had restored his form, he then took out the Armor Piercing Claw and equipped it.


As soon as he equipped the Armor Piercing Claw, a sharp claw giving off a cold glint appeared in his right forelimb.

Seeing a Level 10 Green Bull monster not far away, he slammed his four limbs on the ground and jumped up. He swiped with his Armor Piercing Claw. It caused the winds to move, and he clawed at the Green Bull’s body.



With one swipe, the Green Bull’s abdomen had a long wound on it with blood gushing out. The 20% armor piercing chance triggered, causing almost 3000 damage to it.

After a few rounds, the Green Bull let out a cry and fell into a pool of blood.

Looking at the Green Bull’s corpse, Jiang Feng looked at the Armor Piercing Claw excitedly and said, “With this weapon, my damage has increased yet again. Killing monsters would be easier now!”

After transmuting the Green Bull’s corpse, he then took out the Divine Fate Compass and was ready to use his third chance.

The Divine Fate Compass can be used 3 times per day. He had already used his two uses searching for the two Donghuang Bell fragments, and he still had one more use for the day.

If he didn’t use up all its uses per day, then its uses wouldn’t refresh.

So he had decided to use Treasure Hunt for the third time.

“Treasure Hunt!”

After using the Treasure Hunt skill, Shen Luo appeared on the compass.

“Master, you still had one more chance to hunt for treasures. After your use, the Divine Fate Compass can only be used again after 24 hours.”


“Then please tell me the type of treasures you seek, master!”

“Anything will do!”

Earlier, he had used twice his uses to find the Donghuang Bell fragments around this area. If he looked for the fragments and the result ended up the same, then he would have wasted another chance, so this time he had chosen to randomly find any treasures.

“Searching for treasures, please wait”

Shen Luo closed her eyes, and in the next moment, the ancient letters and runes on the Divine Fate Compass began to float up, then flew everywhere as they turned into light.

A few minutes later, Shen Luo opened her eyes with her face becoming pale.

“Deep in the Crouching Dragon Range. There’s a treasure at the coordinates 98342.21423. Master, I must sleep now.”

After finishing her sentence, Shen Luo disappeared and the Divine Fate Compass’s Treasure Hunt skill entered into cooldown.

“I wonder what treasures would there be deep in the Crouching Dragon Range?”

Jiang Feng looked at the coordinates on the Divine Fate Compass, then ran into the depths of the mountain range after packing up the Divine Fate Compass excitedly

After running for half an hour, he passed by the Cave of the Undead.

Even now there were many players forming parties killing the monsters in front of the cave.

“Xiao Liu, your positioning is so bad! You still need to practice!”

“Brother Zhao, stop complaining about Xiao Liu. Your support was also problematic, if not the attack just now could be smoother!”

“Teehee, let’s practice our positioning and cooperation and grind the Cave of the Undead tonight. Hopefully, we can reach the third level. I heard that several other parties have already obtained Level 15 equipment sets and Level 20 equipment sets.”

Jiang Feng felt sad as he heard the exchange between members of a party when he passed by in the nearby bushes.

Friends, friendship, and great times when they fought together. He had none of these.

As a monster, it was destined that his growth would be lonely!

As the sun began to set, the evening rays shone on Mount Crouching Dragon as he lamented, then he ran towards the coordinates that were shown on his Divine Fate Compass.

It was around 5 a.m. in the real world, while it was around 5 p.m. in the game world.

In a little while, the game would enter darkness.

Once it was dark, all monsters in the game would have their stats increased by 10%. If he were surrounded by monsters in the middle of the journey, that would be so pathetic.

So, he was going to run towards where the treasure was as soon as possible using his fastest speed.

As the sun was setting, the heavens grew darker and a full moon hung in the night sky.

Jiang Feng had spent around one hour to finally reach the coordinates shown by the Divine Fate Compass.

He was now at the depths of the Crouching Tiger Range, in the Level 40 Demonflame Wolves’ territory. There were only swamps nearby, and the swamps were surrounded by mountains, and the mountains were covered with a blanket of heavy mist. The location looked mysterious indeed.

“Hm? There is no treasure here. Looks like the coordinates weren’t accurate, as usual. I better look nearby.”

Lucky for him, his vision wasn’t affected at night and his stats had increased by 10%. This made him very excited.



Just as he was looking at the surrounding for the treasure, the woods far away from the swamp began to sway. Sounds of footsteps could be heard.

“Something’s happening!”

Seeing that, Jiang Feng ran towards where the footsteps were from.

His movement speed was very quick, and in a moment he then saw three figures of small stature. He hid behind them, then quietly used Identify on them.

Robert: Level 40 Elite Gnome

Introduction: Gnomes. Their average height is 60cm. They have intelligence greater than that of normal men, but they are a race that had disappeared after the Great War 10,000 years ago. They have a very strong affinity and talent for smithing and lives underground most of the time.

Health Points: 200,000

Attack: 300-500

Defense 10,000

Skill: Master-level Smithing

“Eh? I didn’t expect to see the legendary gnomes. Looking at how rushed they are, something must have happened. Perhaps it has something to do with the treasure? I should follow them and take a look!”

After seeing that status of the figures, Jiang Feng was no doubt surprised, but he was also interested in what the three gnomes wanted to do in the middle of the night. Perhaps it had something to do with the treasure?

Remembering that, he quickly followed after them.