Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Morning came, and the rooster crowed.

3Jiang Feng stretched his back as he came out of the game and removed his silver earring.

He brushed his teeth, prepared breakfast, fed the livestock, then went to school.

3A single man’s life in university was boring, but a pair’s life in university was happy and sweet.

3Jiang Feng belonged to the latter.

2While his family life was nothing, he was at least good looking and he was good at his studies too. So, he had already found a girlfriend in his first year.

5After buying breakfast for his girlfriend Zhang Qian, he came for class early in the morning.

10He flipped through his book as he waited for Zhang Qian’s arrival on the stairs in his classroom.

He didn’t have to wait for long until the students from his major came to class. All of them were discussing something together.

Liu Hong. Similar to the other rich students like Wang Wei, but he had a much better personality. He was also quitepopular.

As soon as he stepped into the classroom, he was surrounded by a group of boys and girls, asking about many things.

“Liu Hong, yesterday was Divine Dominion’s open beta. You must have been playing for the whole night. Why don’t you tell us how the game is?”

1Liu Hong was quitehandsome, and he replied in a friendly way to his peers’ questions. He said, “Of course! It was so good it’s off the charts! It was almost like the real world, but the only thing is that the leveling is too slow. I have been farming for one whole night, but I’m only at Level 4.”

1“I heard that Huaxia Games and the other countries’ agents have all been discussing selling another ten million game terminals. Liu Hong, you have some connections, right? We’ll give the money to you, can you get us one unit?”

“That’s right. Young Master Liu, please help. We had to queue up every time for hours and we still couldn’t buy it. Help us buy it, and we’ll treat you to a meal.”

Under the requests of his friends, Liu Hong proudly announced, “Sure, but you have to follow my lead once you’re in-game!”

Many of his peers answered, “Naturally. When Young Master Liu creates a clan, we’ll all join you!”


The following scene continued to happen to other rich students. Jiang Feng didn’t pay them any attention and sat on his seat, flipping through his book as he waited for Zhang Qian.

A little while later, he saw his girlfriend Zhang Qian appear at the door. He happily took the breakfast to greet her.

“Qian Qian, I bought your favoriteJianbing Guo1

He had only spoken halfway before he saw Li Yi, who was from the next class and the vice-president of the student council, appeared behind Zhang Qian, his palm softly curled around Zhang Qian’s slim waist.

11Zhang Qian curled her lips, then raised her head to look at Jiang Feng.

1“Jiang Feng, we are done!”


As soon as she finished her sentence, Jiang Feng felt as if he was struck by lightning. His mind was momentarily clouded, and the breakfast in his hand dropped to the floor.

8“Qian Qian, you’re joking with me, right?” Once Jiang Feng recovered, he took her hands in his and asked her with a saddened smile.

3“I’m sorry. You’re a good man, but I’m a girl. I have my material needs. You can’t afford to buy me any cosmetics. You can’t afford to buy me any clothes. Not to mention a terminal for Divine Dominion. Just treat me as a materialistic woman.”

51Zhang Qian flung her hands off, turned away, and walked out of the classroom.

1“Jiang Feng, oh Jiang Feng. And didn’t I still manage tosteal your woman? All these years my results have been held down by you. You have grabbed all the prizes, and even the chance to be an exchange student at the American Terrace College. All of these were originally mine. How dare a poor kid like you compete with me? As for your girlfriend, I’ll simplytreat her as a game that I need to spend money on.”

11After Zhang Qian left, the very handsome Li Yi walked next to him and whispered coldly those words in his ears.

“You b*stard!”

Li Yi’s speech had angered Jiang Feng, and he punched the top of Li Yi’s nose with force. In but a moment, blood began to drip.

3“Haha, that was great. Why not punch me a few times?” Li Yi didn’t get angry and laughed.

2Looking at that wicked smile of his, he suddenly remembered something, and his face turned pale.

Next, he was surprised that when Li Yi gave him a cold smile, he violently smashed his head at the door. Blood flowed from his forehead.

3The sound of impact attracted the attention of a lot of students, and Li Yi fainted on the floor. The students called the teacher, and the teacher brought both of them to the office.

1Everything went as Jiang Feng had expected.

2He had been given a demerit, and his opportunity to further his studies at Terrace College had been taken away and then given to Li Yi.

7All of this was Li Yi’s scheme.

As he thought of these, despair overwhelmed him. He didn’t go to class. He left the university and returned home.

When he returned, his father did ask him about it. But he had dodged the question.

He wasn’t staying in the university dorms, and he would return home to help his father as soon as he finished with his class. With what little acting skills he had, his father did not find out that the opportunity for him to continue his studies in a high-ranking overseas university that he fought tooth and nail for was gone.

He walked into his room. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he clenched his fists.

The opportunity to study at Terrace College wasn’t just for him to study another course at university. It was a chance for him to climb out of poverty.

6He had originally bet all his hope on this one opportunity. And now, he had truly lost everything.

The loss of his love and the loss of his opportunity to get out of poverty was traumatic for him.

2Looking at the terminal for Divine Dominion on the headboard of his bed, he gritted his teeth and said, “No. I still have a chance. Divine Dominion is my one chance!”

9Making up his mind, he brushed the tears away as he wore the terminal for Divine Dominion and entered the game.

He had watched the advertisement for Divine Dominion many times. Not only could one earn money from within the game, as long as one could help one’s country win an international competition, one would have the opportunity toreceive a high amount of prize money and even being allowed to work in a government department.

7Ding! Welcome back to the game player “Jiang Feng.” I hope that you will have an enjoyable time in the game.

1Back in the game, he became a dog. A pure white dog!

After fusing with the Wild Dog King, his fur had changed color from a lighter shade of white to pure white.

4“I don’t want to live like a dog, I want to be above all others!”

2Jiang Feng looked at his form in-game and quietly swore to himself.

While his current life was less than that of a dog and he was a dog within the game, he won’t be content living like this forever. He would one day become a dragon, and those that have bullied him and looked down on him would all kneel and tremble under his feet.

7Looking at his attributes, he did not stay in the spawn areas for Level 1 monsters and ventured toward the area for higher-level creatures.

Still drowning in his own sorrows, he did not realize that the players who had seen him were looking at him differently.

“All of you, come over here. It’s a boss, but this boss is all white. It’s so cute.”

A female player pointed at him and yelled out in joy. Soon, a bunch of players that were farming for experience came over.

By the time he noticed it, he was already surrounded by a group of people.

When he raised his head, many excited players looked at him with weapons in their hands, as if they were looking at a Divine Artifact.

“Hm? Zhang Qian! Li Yi!”

12It was at this timehe saw two familiar faces in the group.

These two were Zhang Qian, his ex-girlfriend that had just dumped him this morning, and Li Yi, the man that cost him his opportunity to further his studies.

5In this game, it was possible to adjust your physical appearance. However, there was only a maximum of 20% adjustment limit. If it were an acquaintance, it would still be possible for him or her to recognize someone in a glance.

2He was surprised that both of them would be in the same Starter Village. This must be fate!

“Why did you log in so soon? Is your head okay?”

Zhang Qian asked Li Yi sympathetically.

Li Yi smiled and cuddled Zhang Qian.

“Don’t worry. I just didn’t expect him to be so violent. He almost gave me a concussion.”

Zhang Qian was also a bitangry and said, “I didn’t know he was someone like that, I must be blind in the past!”



‘Since you were that remorseless, I guess I have nothing to be regretful about as well!

Without waiting for the other players to attack him, he jumped and his claws went straight toward Li Yi.

“I was the one that saw this boss first! I’m going to attack whoever that steals it from me!”

Seeing that he had begun his attacks, a player yelled out and attacked him.

He didn’t react to that male player’s attacks however and continued to rush toward Li Yi.

“Watch out!” Zhang Qian saw him attacking Li Yi, she quickly stepped forward and shielded Li Yi. This had chilled his heart even more as he saw this scene. He did not stop the attacks, and his sharp claws brutally sliced through Zhang Qian’s neck.

‘Since you no longer love me, then allow me to be the executioner of our love!’



Blood sprayed out, coating his body in red. The two damage numbers floated out of Zhang Qian’s head, and she was instantly killed as her level was only three.

After Zhang Qian was slain, Li Yi became nervous and quickly fled.

3One mustknow that death would cause you to lose a level. Losing a level meant that you would fall behind. He still wanted to show off in class and didn’t want to lose his levels.

3But there was a great difference between his attributes and Jiang Feng. His movement speed was even worse than Jiang Feng, and he quickly caught up with him.

“This is the price you pay for causing me to lose everything. I will kill you until you are Level 0!”

6Jiang Feng was filled with the intent to kill as he muttered in his heart and his sharp claws sliced at Li Yi’s body.

In just two or three attacks, he had instantly killed Li Yi.

1Ding! System Prompt: You have killed a Level 5 Player, received 500 experience points.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations for reaching Level 6, you have obtained 1 free attribute point.

It felt good to have his revenge.

But what gave him the most surprise was that, after killing Li Yi, not only was he given a lot of experience points, there was even a Black-Iron level equipment drop.

‘Hm? Don’t tell me that there is a multiplier to the experience gained if I kill a player? And they can drop equipment?’

After giving it some thought, he licked his lips and turned to look at the other ten-plus players.

Picking up the equipment that Li Yi had dropped and placing it into his Drop compartment, he then rushed toward those players that wanted to gank him.

1“Kill it! It must have a Divine Artifact on it, or it won’t be that powerful!”

9Looking at how he had killed two players in less than a minute, the players that were watching him did not get scared. In fact, they became even more excited. They took out their weapons and rushed toward Jiang Feng.