Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 50

Chapter 50

The three gnomes went through the swamp and climbed through a mountain peak and finally reached a steep cliff.

They did not realize that someone was following from behind, and they each took out an iron pickaxe and climbed down the cliff.

Once they had climbed down, Jiang Feng then came out from behind a huge rock and quickly followed them. Then he looked down towards the cliff.

There was a heavy mist under the cliff, causing the visibility to be very low.

To prevent himself from losing them, he jumped down.

Just as soon as he was going to free fall, his sharp claws caught the rocky wall of the cliffs, and he slowly moved down.

While there the mist was heavy below the cliff, but as the three gnomes made sounds as they used their picks, all he needed to do was to follow the sounds.

The cliff was very deep, and it almost took him twenty minutes before reaching the bottom.

Once he was at the bottom, he was shocked by what he saw.

The bottom of the cliff was a bowl, and it was very wide. It was the size of tens of soccer fields. There were many beautiful homes here, all forged from iron. These houses formed a circle, and in the middle of this circle formed from homes was a giant hole with a diameter of a hundred. There were many facilities around this hole.

These facilities had giant pulleys on them. As the pulley turned, an iron cage would appear from the hole, with many gnomes in it. Once the pulleys stopped, the gnomes came out from the iron cages. The facility was designed similarly to an elevator.

Near the giant hole, there were some bonfires here and there. Some gnomes were eating roast meat, while some were dancing around the bonfire while holding a smithing hammer.

The entire surrounding was quite peaceful

“I did not expect that in the depths of the Crouching Dragon Range would be a bunch of gnomes!” Jiang Feng exclaimed with mixed emotion as he saw the gnomes living happily together.



Then suddenly, the sounds of a bell being struck could be heard. The gnomes that were enjoying their food and dancing were stunned for a while and all went into the giant cage and went down the giant hole.

In but tens of minutes, all the gnomes on the ground had entered the giant hole, including the children.

“Something must have happened to the gnomes! Can it be that a treasure appeared? I have to go down and take a look!”

Seeing that there was no one else, he quickly came by the giant hole.

He looked into the depths of the hole but realized that at its depths, it wasn’t dark at all. Instead, it was very bright. Many high-level fluorites lodged into the walls of the hole, and these lights came from the fluorites.

Because no one had activated the mechanism and that the cage was down there, he couldn’t take the elevator. So he grabbed onto the fluorites that were on the face of the wall and jumped down.

He reached the bottom of the giant hole very quickly.

And the moment when he reached the bottom, he was once again awestruck.

The space within the hole was unimaginably huge, as if someone had removed an entire mountain. Many giant rock pillars stood from the ground up, and on these giant pillars were homes.

He couldn’t even count the number of homes as he couldn’t see their end.

Between these homes were bridges made of chains, and they extend to all directions on the giant hole. He did not know where the chains ended up.

There were also many tracks on the floor of the ground, and on these tracks were carts carrying ores. There were even more ore mines at some distance away, and these carts were from those ore mines.

The carts moved automatically, carrying a cart full of ore from the ore mines to a giant hole to the west, then these carts automatically poured the ores in.

Jiang Feng tried to take the ores on the carts, but the system told him they could take items with owners, and this made him a bit disappointed.

There was also a giant hole to the east, and in the middle of the hole was where a giant rock platform was erected. On the platform was a giant altar, and on the altar, five gnomes stood, One of them was an aged gnome with a staff in his hand and was performing a ceremony on the altar. The other four were just guarding him. The rest of the gnomes knelt by the cave, praying towards the altar piously.

Seeing this, Jiang Feng carefully approached the eastern hole.

Once he had reached the side of the hole, he looked down.

“A Spinosaurus!”

What shook him up the most was that underneath was rolling lava, and on top of that lava was a western dragon bound in chains.

Earth-covered Dragon: Divine Beast (Weakened, Dying, Falling[1])

Introduction: 10,000 years ago, the Earth-covered Dragon was being critically injured by the Infernal King Heize. Infernal energy intruded into its body. It accidentally escaped to the gnomes. Because of the infernal energy within it, it had killed many gnomes. Finally, it has been captured by the gnomes, and chained on top of the lava, hoping that it would burn it to death. 10,000 years have passed, but because of its power, the Earth-covered Dragon has not yet died.

Health Points: 1,000,000 (Dying state reduces attribute by 90%.)

Attack: 500,000600,000 (Dying state reduces attribute by 90%.)

Defense: 300,000 (Dying state reduces attribute by 90%.)

Skills: Unable to use skills due to the Dying state.

“Damn, it’s still so strong when it is in a dying state, even its sneeze could kill me! That is so terrifying!” Jiang Feng looked at the Earth-covered Dragon’s attributes and took in a deep breath as his body shuddered involuntarily.

“The evil dragon had killed hundreds of thousands of our people, destroyed our home! Now that we have the perfect weapon, the gnome king shall use his life to unseal the weapon, so that we can use it to destroy the evil dragon once and for all, as well as preventing it from becoming fallen and to give aid to evil!”

At this time, an old gnome wielding a staff shouted out loud as he had finished his ritual, and he was the elder priest of the gnomes.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

All the gnomes knelt by the hole yelled out.

“While the health points and defense of the gnomes are exceptionally high, their attacks are so weak. How could they kill the Earth-covered Dragon?”

Jiang Feng knew that once the Earth-covered Dragon completely falls and its health restored, it would definitely be used by the Infernals. While the gnomes did not belong to any specific race, they hated the Infernals. So, they would be more than happy to kill the Earth-covered Dragon. But from where he stood, it would not be possible for them to kill the Earth-covered Dragon.


At this time, he realized that the Divine Fate Compass in his Spatial Bracelet shone brightly. He was slightly surprised and quickly looked to the hands of the elder priest.

Only to see that the elder priest was now holding a broken sword tip, and the sword tip had many patterns, bright and holy.

Driven by curiosity, he used Identify on it.

Xuanyuan Sword Fragment: Most Powerful of the Primordial Divine Artifacts.

Introduction: Xuanyuan Sword, most powerful of the Primordial Divine Artifacts. 10,000 years ago, it was broken into 12 pieces and scattered throughout the world. Not long ago, the King of Gnomes found its tip. In order to kill the Earth-covered Dragon, the King of Gnomes used his life to unlock a slither of its ability.

Attributes: ???

“My gosh! How is this possible?! One of the most powerful weapons of the Divines is in the hands of the gnomes? No wonder the Divine Fate Compass has pointed me here, this was the real treasure that the Divine Fate Compass had found!”

Jiang Feng’s lips had become dry, and his eyes were filled with desire as he stared at the Xuanyuan Sword fragment in the elder’s hand.

He was a Shifter, and his greatest enemies were the Divines and Infernals.

If he could obtain the Xuanyuan Sword fragments, the destined successor of the Divines would no longer be able to complete the Xuanyuan Sword. And when the Great Divine-Infernal War begins, only then would he have a chance to defeat the successor and restore glory to the Shifters.

As he thought of this, he began to plot on how he could obtain the Xuanyuan Sword Fragment!

[1] as in going into the Fallen state