Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 51

Chapter 51

As he hid in a corner near the hole, Jiang Feng’s eyes stared at the elder priest’s Xuanyuan Sword’s fragment and were plotting for a way to take it.

But looking at the number of gnomes that were at the tens of thousands, he became agitated.

These gnomes were all around Level 40 to 80. With his current strength, he wouldn’t even be able to defeat a gnome child, much less fight properly.

Not to mention that the moment he tried to snatch the Xuanyuan Sword fragment from a Level 80 elder priest, he would be instantly killed as soon as he showed himself.

What a slim chance!

He could only sigh when he thought of this.

“But I have to try it. If I managed to succeed, then it would be great! If I failed, then I would die at most!” After going back and forth over it, he had decided to try.


As he was thinking about how to snatch the Xuanyuan Sword fragment, the elder priest cried out coldly. The Xuanyuan Sword sword tip fragment floated into the air, glowing a golden light.

“Kill!” All the gnomes called out.

The entire hole was filled with the voice of those who wished to kill!


Suddenly, an ethereal gnome appeared at the Xuanyuan Sword’s sword tip.

The ethereal gnome stroked its beard with an expression that carried might without the need of being angry, and there was an aura of majesty to him.


Seeing the ethereal gnome, the gnomes at this place all cried in tears, and kowtowed towards the King of Gnomes in sorrow.

The King of Gnomes looked at his subjects, then said out loud, “Iron was born in the hands of Life. Hit it a thousand and hundred times so that you can distill its essence, which is called the Essence of Iron. Melt it in the divine flames, so that it can be morphed into a hundred shapes. Instill a soul, and give rise to the Artifact Spirit, and the Artifact Spirit would be no weaker than a Divine. Remember well, if the gnomes wish to become stronger, then you must continue to forge divine weapons. Use the Artifact Spirit from the divine weapons, and only then would the gnomes live on forever!”

The words of the King of Gnomes felt as if they had some penetrating power, and they struck right at man’s soul.


Many of the gnomes that were talented had lights shone on them after finishing hearing the King of Gnomes’ words, and their Smithing skill increased by one step.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on listening to the wisdom of the King of Gnomes, your Smithing skill has increased by one level.

“Haha, is that supposed to be possible?”

The system’s voice that rang by his ear made Jiang Feng excited.

His Smithing had already reached master level, so he never thought that listening to the King of Gnomes’ words would allow his Smithing skill to increase by another level, allowing him to increase his smithing level to Spiritual level!

In truth, there was a reason that his smithing skill had increased.

While the words of the King of Gnomes were short, but it was the essence, the deepest analysis of the gnome’s understanding of smithing.

The king’s words had allowed him to understand about smithing more.

If he wanted to create a divine weapon, he would first need to obtain the Essence of Iron by hitting the iron for a thousand and a hundred times. Next, he would need to use divine fire to smelt the essence of iron, and the essence of iron shall become a divine weapon in a form dictated by the smith. When the Divine Weapon was crafted, it still needed a soul to be fused within so that it could produce an Artifact Spirit. Once the Artifact Spirit becomes stronger, the Divine Weapon would become stronger as well.

Perhaps it was because his understanding of smithing had allowed his smithing level to increase by one.



With the words from the King of Gnomes, he roared with great anger in his eyes and controlled the Xuanyuan Sword sword tip to fly towards the Earth-covered Dragon that had been chained under the altar.


The dying Earth-covered Dragon felt that its life was in danger, unleashed a dragon howl, and its body swayed, hoping to release itself from the chains to prevent its death.

Unfortunately, as it’s dying, it could only struggle for a while before running out of strength. Its eyes carried a maddening killing intent as it stared at the Xuanyuan Sword sword tip going to pierce its head.


The Xuanyuan Sword sword tip went through the Earth-covered Dragon’s head, leaving a giant bloody hole in its head.

Then, a black aura raised from the Earth-covered Dragon’s brain and was burnt into nothingness by the lava.

“Gnomes! I apologize to you! Thank you for killing me, or I would have become the sinner of the Divines and Shifters.”

When the black aura floated out of the Earth-covered Dragon, its Falling status had been removed. Its madness had disappeared, and his eyes as big as lanterns were filled with clarity and guilt. It spoke to the gnomes in weakness, then closed its eyes slowly as its body slumped. It had died!

The Earth-covered Dragon’s final words caused his heart to tremble. He knelt down and prayed for the Earth-covered Dragon for his sacrificial act.

“While I admire you, I must apologize in order to restore the glory of the Shifters!”

Jiang Feng stared at the Earth-covered Dragon’s corpse and muttered, then his eyes squinted as he took out the Qiankun Gourd and carried it in its mouth. He then jumped towards the Earth-covered Dragon’s body and used the Absorb skill to absorb the Xuanyuan Sword sword tip that was lying nearby in the cliff wall very close to the lava.



He activated the absorb skill, and his HP kept decreasing.

“Damnable beast, what are you doing?!”

At this time, the gnome elder that stood on the altar had finally discovered him, shouted out and a ball of flames appeared on the staff as it slammed towards Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng looked at that ball of flames, and he became anxious as he sweated: Absorb it in, quickly!

“High-speed Movement!”

Just as the ball of fire was going to slam into him, he quickly used High-Speed Movement and dodged that ball of fire and dropped on the body of the Earth-covered Dragon.


Seeing that the flames did not kill Jiang Feng, all the gnomes near the hole stood up, and took out chains after chains and threw them at him.

‘Absorb!’ Seeing that his hp was less than one third, Jiang Feng became even more anxious and roared in his mind.


Perhaps his roar was heard by the Qiankun Gourd, the rate of absorption had increased by one step, and the Xuanyuan Sword sword tip did move as it was on the cliff by the lava. In a moment, it turned into prismatic light as it thrust itself into the Qiankun Gourd.


Jiang Feng became excited as he now possessed the Xuanyuan Sword sword tip fragment.

And then he saw hundreds of chains whipped towards him. He did not dodge, and he stood still, prepared for the inevitable death.

Since even if he resisted, he wouldn’t be able to leave the gnomes’ territory alive. If that was the case, death would offer him a quicker escape.


Jiang Feng, while waiting for his death, looked at the Earth-covered Dragon’s body underneath him. He had an audacious thought.

He wondered if he could use Transmute Monster to transmute the Earth-covered Dragon. If he succeeded, perhaps he could even gain a Divine Artifact!

“Transmute Monster, transmute!”

Once he thought of that, he immediately used Transmute Monster on the Earth-covered Dragon’s corpse.

He actually really wanted to use the fusing ability of the Transmute Monster, but once he remembered that there was a success rate for the fusing ability, he gave up. Fusing with a Divine Beast was completely impossible. But he might still have a little of chance if he chose to transmute it.


The moment he used Transmute Monster, a blazing fire enveloped the Earth-covered Dragon’s body. And at the same time, several hundred chains slammed into his body fiercely.

There was an intense sense of pain, and his body began to solely dissipate. Just before he disappeared, he saw something in the flames that enveloped the Earth-covered Dragon. He couldn’t even see what it was, but he had it moved into the Spatial Bracelet!

The moment that it was in the Spatial Bracelet, he blacked out, and appeared in the void!