Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 54

Chapter 54

After he had consumed the Evolution Pill, Jiang Feng’s body had been enveloped by a flaming cocoon.

The burning pain came, but he wasn’t sure if he was feeling it wrong. It felt like the pain this time was less intense.

Maybe after being burned so much, he finally had some resistance against it?

Ding1 System Prompt: Fire Resistance +10%

“Um Alright!”

Just as Jiang Feng was having some doubt, the system’s voice rang in his ear. He was surprised, and a bit speechless.

It was just as he had thought. This game was created to be very friendly. Once you have reached your limit in enduring something, you will receive a resistance against it or improve your existing resistance.

If he guessed correctly if someone were to commit to physical labor in the game, it would increase his strength, and running would increase agility

Of course, the increase wouldn’t be a lot, but it just needed to be accumulated over time.

This time, the evolution took a bit longer. Ten minutes had passed, and he still hadn’t finished evolving.

But he could feel his body getting smaller and smaller.

Ding! System Prompt: Evolution successful!


There was an explosion, and the smoke covered his figure.

Only after the smoke had dissipated was his body shown.


A dragon had roared. Yanhu and Heifeng, who were complaining as they waited on the side, instantly groveled on the ground and looked at Jiang Feng.

“Oh my gosh, why did I only hear a dragon’s roar, but I can’t see a dragon?” Yanhu looked around and asked in confusion.

“That’s right. The boss had finished his evolution, but we don’t see him at all,” said Heifeng puzzlingly as he squinted and scanned around, but he saw no dragon and saw no Jiang Feng.

And then, a snake with antlers crept out from the hole where the flaming cocoon exploded.

“Oh, look! There’s a snake. Hehe, guess we’re going to have a snake for dinner,” Seeing the snake with antlers creeping out from the hole, he smiled and quickly jumped on it. His sturdy tiger paw smacked on the snake with antlers.

“Oh god, Yanhu!”

The snake with antlers raised its head and scolded at Yanhu after it was smacked.

“B Boss? Why did you become something like this?” Yanhu asked after hearing a familiar voice. He then quickly let go of the snake with antlers and then gave it a sniff. It scared him to the point where he took a few steps back and gave the snake an awkward smile.

That was right. The snake with the antlers was Jiang Feng, who had successfully evolved.

“Hahahaha Boss became a little snake” Heifeng pointed at Jiang Feng and laughed to the point where he rolled on the ground.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Feng told off Yanhu and Heifeng, then quickly opened his status window to see his 3-dimensional look.


The moment he saw his current look, he also felt speechless.

He was about a meter long, had two little antlers and a pair of claws. If you don’t look carefully, he does look like a snake.

Character: Jiang Feng

Faction: Shifter

Gold Pieces: 82 Gold 29 Silver 76 Bronze

Reputation: 2,600

Honor: 4,280

Display Name: Level 15 Rank 1 Wyrmling

Bloodline: Dog Race Bloodline 70%, Tiger Race Bloodline 0%, Wolf Race Bloodline 10% Dragon Race Bloodline 0%, Bloodline Purity 0% (Evolving with a full 100% rating maximizes the increase of attributes)

HP: 30,000

Attack: 2,108

Defense: 1,050

Luck: 40

Charisma: 4

Insight: 11

Hunger: 60%

Active Skill: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, High-Speed Movement, Violent Grab, Bite, Tiger Roar, Dragon Howl, Float

Passive Skill: Gale

Equipment: Requiem Bell, Spatial Bracelet

Drop: 10 slots, Account Bound:-10 Gold, Level 15 White Equipment, Level 15 Black-Iron Equipment, Level 15 Green-Bronze Equipment, Level 15 White-Silver Equipment, Level 15 Yellow-Gold Equipment, Level 15 Dark-Gold equipment

“While I did get smaller, my attributes have increased substantially. And I also have two more skills.”

After seeing his stats, all his depression was gone, and he began to smile.

A wyrmling’s form cannot be compared to its adult form. Once he gave it a thought, he then accepted his current form.

Dragon Howl: Active skill. When activated, enemies within 20 meters are dazed for 2 seconds. Has a cooldown of 10 minutes.

Float: Active skill. When activated, the body can float into the air. Once you entered an aggro radius, you can only fly 10 meters off the ground. Has a duration of 10 minutes. Has a cooldown of 10 minutes.

“One of them is a large radius crowd control skill, and the other is a flying skill. Not bad.”

Jiang Feng looked at the two skills happily and quickly used the Float skill so that he could feel what it was like to fly.

As he used the Float skill, his body began to float.

A pair of dragon claws rowed the air, and his long body began to slither in the air. His speed became faster and faster, and he went directly into the clouds.

“Haha, this is great!”

The freedom to fly made him excited, and he swam in the air like a fish in the water.

Unfortunately, it was nighttime. While his sight wasn’t affected, he could not see the world’s scenery.

After playing for a while, he opened the Monster Transmutation System’s panel.

“I didn’t expect that after the evolution, my Polymorph duration had increased so much! Even the cooldown had decreased!” He said with a surprise as he looked at the Polymorph skill in the Monster Transmutation System panel.

Originally, the Polymorph skill only had a duration of 41 minutes. He could now maintain it for 101 minutes, which was close to two hours. Not only that, but its cooldown had also reduced to 20 hours from its original 24 hours.

After the initial excitement, he flicked his tongue and muttered. “Every evolution success grants a chance for a draw at the lottery. I wonder what kind of things I could get this time!”

With that, he activated the lottery spinning wheel.

When he started the spinning wheel, the pointer quickly spun.

This time, the pointer stopped after spinning a little while, and it stopped at the Pill area. A White-Silver chest appeared in front of him.

“Hm? I haven’t had the opportunity to get something from the pills area yet. I wonder what kind of pills they would give.”

Seeing the indicator stopped at the pills area, he was slightly disappointed, but because he had never got anything from it, he couldn’t give an honest review yet. So, he was still looking forward to it.

He opened the Silver-White chest, and he didn’t have to think to know that inside was a pill.

The pill was white and gave a white glow.

Matter Duplication Pill: After using it, can duplicate anything with a physical form (Certain special items cannot be duplicated, for example, Primordial Divine Artifact.)

Holy shit!

He originally thought that it probably was going to be a pill that increased attributes or a buff. What he did not expect was that while the pill’s level wasn’t that high, its effects were very overpowered.

Duplicate. Duplicate an item with a physical form. That meant that, other than the Primordial Divine Artifacts, normal Divine Artifacts could be duplicated from one to two.

Once he thought of that, he was so excited that he was speechless. His dragon claw held the Matter Duplication Pill in his hand, and he even kissed it before carefully storing it away.

“Currently, other than the Divine Dragon blood, there was nothing else that was worth duplication on me. Next time, when I got an Evolution Pull, I could duplicate it into two.”

What he lacked the most currently were the Evolution Pill. With the Matter Duplication Pill, next time he got an Evolution Pill, he could then turn it into two Evolution Pill. He could give one to Yanhu and another one to Heifeng at the same time, so they would stop complaining to me.

As for the Divine Dragon Blood, he still had three drops. He could consume two drops and evolve one more time. He would save the last drop, so when he had drawn the Matter Duplication Pill again, he could duplicate the Divine Dragon Blood.

“Today was a really bountiful day.”

After he had tucked away the Matter Duplication Pill, his body slowly headed towards the ground. Float’s duration was almost finished.



When he almost reached the ground, he suddenly realized that around 50 players were surrounding Yanhu and Heifeng, and Heifeng’s HP was almost depleted. He had only 1000 HP left. Yanhu wasn’t doing so well himself, with half his hp gone.

“You all have a death wish!”

Seeing that, all his excitement was replaced with fury instantly and he swooped towards the group of players.