Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Yanhu and Heifeng had insufficient strength, but they had helped him out in these few days.

And he hadn’t fulfilled his promises to them yet, so he didn’t want Yanhu and Heifeng to die like that.


Seeing that Heifeng was almost going to get killed, Jiang Feng flew over. He let out a Dragon Howl, causing all the players nearby to get dazed.

“Take these Small Recovery Pills!”

As soon as the players were dazed, he quickly took out two Small Recovery Pills and gave them to Yanhu and Heifeng.

Yanfu jumped and ate the Small Recovery Pill. Heifeng, who only had around 300 hp left, ate the other Small Recover Pill.



Suddenly, an arrow came from afar. Jiang Feng became anxious and used High-Speed Movement to rush towards Heifeng. Unfortunately, he was still one step too late. The arrow plunged into Heifeng’s neck, and blood flowed according to the arrow shaft.




Heifeng had only consumed the Small Recovery Pill. His HP hadn’t reached 400, and he was already shot. And this arrow took away all of Heifeng’s hp. Seeing this, both Jiang Feng and Yanhu let out a roar.

“Boss I”

As Heifeng’s life was scattering, he managed to mumble a sentence before falling to the ground and several items fell out from him.

“Yanhu, drag Heifeng’s body somewhere else!”

Seeing Heifeng being killed, Jiang Feng’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He ordered Yanhu, then stared at the player that fired the arrow. He became even more maddening and roared, “Shen Ye! You have a death wish! If I don’t kill you to the point you’re back to the Starter Village, my name is not Jiang Feng!”

To tell the truth, while Yanhu and Heifeng were his underlings, he treated them as his good friends. And they were his only friends.

And that was why when Yanhu and Heifeng chatted with him there was no so-called hierarchy and they spoke their mind freely. And while they had some intelligence, they would not understand what plotting is, and as such, that was their true character!

And that was why they could get along very well. And he also truly wanted to make them extremely strong, and to conquer the world together with him.

But Heifeng had become a body now. Just moments ago, he was playing pitiful trying to get an Evolution Pill from him.

The loss of a friend. The unfulfilled promise. These made him furious.

And that arrow was fired by Shen Ye, who had crossed his path before. This made him even more enraged.


After he saw that Yanhu had dragged Heifeng’s body afar, he then roared at the players that were rushing towards him.


Suddenly, a giant tornado appeared out of nowhere and swirled the players all into the air.





With his current 2,000 points of attack, all the players that were caught into the tornado all turned into white light in less than five seconds.

The remaining twenty players were all shocked to see this and began to retreat.

“Escape? Tiger Roar!”

When he saw that the remaining twenty plus players wished to escape, he used Tiger Roar on them. Around eight players that were caught within that 5-meter long straight line were instantly slain.

With two of his most damaging skills used, his pair of dragon claws caught the ground. Then he shot himself through the air like an arrow and quickly appeared behind a player. His dragon claws violently clawed at his back. One Violent Grab and he only had a slither of health left. One more normal attack and he was instantly killed. He then chased after the other dozen players.


Seeing this scene, Shen Ye was extremely surprised. But once he saw Jiang Feng’s status, his eyes beamed. He told a player called Lie Sha next to him and said, “I did not expect that we would encounter a wyrmling coming here for a guild quest. Call more of our brethren from the guild. Don’t let him escape, I want to catch him as my pet!”

Lie Sha nodded and opened the guild’s page and announced a gathering.

“Oh no, it’s coming for us! You’re all Level 15 and have the Capture skill. Use everything you have to capture him!”

In less than a minute, those dozens of players had all been killed. Seeing Jiang Feng was coming for him, Shen Ye quickly ordered the other four players next to him.

They had all reached Level 15 and had access to the Capture skill given for free by the system.

Now that there was a wyrmling in front of him, how could they give up? They scattered and prepared to use Capture to catch Jiang Feng.


When Jiang Feng saw that Shen Ye and the four other players around him did not escape, he smiled coldly in his mind. He then pounced towards Shen Ye.


Just as he was approaching Shen Ye, a light barrier appeared on him and shut him in.

Ding! System Prompt: Shen Ye has used Capture on you. Due to special reasons, you cannot become a player’s pet. However, Capture will cause a 0.5-second binding effect. The more powerful you are, the shorter the binding effect becomes.

As soon as the system’s voice had ended, he could move again. He hurled himself towards Shen Ye, but at this time, a light barrier appeared on him again. This caused him to get stunned for a while, and he could move again.

But it wasn’t long before that and another light barrier encased him and caused him to stop again.

“Damn Capture skill! Why is your cooldown so short! This is such bullshit!”

After being continuously struck by five Captures, each time his momentum was cut and this made him very irritated.

Luckily, the Capture skill has a 5 seconds cooldown time.

Once these five had finished using Capture, and seeing that Shen Ye had held out his hand and ready to use Capture again, his dragon claw clawed at the ground and he shot himself towards Shen Ye. “Die!”

Violent Grab and Bite both skills were used on Shen Ye, and before Shen Ye could even react, he was instantly killed. At the same time, a piece of equipment was dropped.

He picked up the equipment that was dropped from Shen Ye, and he rushed towards the other three.

“Scatter! Take turns to use Capture to slow him down, then attack! Monsters become easier to capture when they have less HP!”

A spellcaster player called Bai Xia commanded the other three players.

‘Heh, you want to use Capture to limit me?’

When Jiang Feng heard Bai Xia’s plan, he gave a cold smile and sprinted towards him.

Bai Xia had also used Capture as soon as he could.

As soon as 0.5 seconds had passed, Jiang Feng had already approached the retreating Bai Xia. Even before the second Capture skill was used on him, his claw had struck on Bai Xia.

While the skill Capture could limit Jiang Feng, around 6 or 7 players were needed to be able to limit him.

The skill Capture’s cooldown was 5 seconds. The binding effect was 0.5 seconds. After the first person used Capture and the binding ended, then the second person would use Capture, so on and so forth. After ten times, the first person’s cooldown for his Capture has passed, and he could go for the second round of limiting him.

Seven players with good coordination could also perfectly do the same thing. For example, when Jiang Feng was freed of the binding, drag him for 0.5 seconds or 1 second while not being damaged, and they could then limit him.

Of course, Capture only had this 0.5-second binding effect on him. It would not exist for other monsters. If not, a group of players could easily farm a boss without ever being harmed.

However, when five of them were trying to limit him, he noticed that Capture also had a weakness. And that was the player could not move when the skill was being used. This skill also had a somatic component. The waving of a hand to use the skill. And while they did that, it would give him enough time to move a few meters.

And that was why when Baixia used Capture on Jiang Feng that wasn’t that far away, he was attacked before he had the time to retreat. Because he was a Wizard who had low hit points. One attack was all he needed to instantly kill him.

There were only three left, and they could not limit him.

While these three were also veterans and used positioning to their advantage to fight a good fight, they were still killed in the end.

This was because his stats were much higher than theirs, and his movement speed was faster than theirs. Tactics are meaningless when faced with absolute strength, and only speed cannot be overcome. And he had shown them why.

After killing around 50 players, his honor points had increased by around 5000. After cleaning the battlefield, he quickly ran towards Heifeng’s body.