Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 56

Chapter 56

Bosses killed within the game would not be revived.

Especially Yanhu and Heifeng. As they both had followed Jiang Feng, meaning that they had abandoned their territories. Their territories would be led by new bosses.

Once they died, they really died. They couldn’t revive like Jiang Feng without limits.

But Jiang Feng had a way to bring back Hei Feng.

As he ran and reached Heifeng’s side, he said to Yanhu, “Quickly, throw Heifeng’s body next to a Blackpatterned Panther!”

Yanhu nodded and dragged Heifeng’s body and hurled it onto a Blackpatterned Panther.

“Transmute Monster, Transmute!”

Ding! System Prompt: Please choose the main monster and ingredient monster. If the transmutation succeeds, the main monster shall fuse with the ingredient monster and have its powers increased. If the transmutation fails, the main monster shall remain unchanged, but the ingredient monster will disappear.

As he heard the system’s voice, he did not hesitate to choose Heifeng as the main monster.

Next, a giant cauldron fell and covered both Heifeng and the Blackpatterned Panther within it, and began to quickly spin.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful!

The cauldron had spun for a long time and finally stopped. When the cauldron disappeared, Heifeng with patterns on his fur was standing there with his head low.


Both Jiang Feng and Yanhu looked at Heifeng, and both called him out happily at the same time.

But Jiang Feng had his own worries.

Heifeng was a dead body. If there exists a soul or that the memories were retained on the body, then fusing it with a living Blackpatterned Panther might allow him to have his memories restored.

But if Heifeng died and his memories were erased, then the monster that had been fused into was not Heifeng, it was just another Blackpatterned Panther.

Just when he watched Heifeng worriedly, Heifeng spoke.

“Hm? Didn’t I die? How am I alive? Even my looks have changed somewhat.”

As Heifeng had fused a Blackpatterned Panther, his originally black fur now had stripes pattern on it, and also some traits of a Blackpatterned Panther.

“Haha, Heifeng! It was all thanks to the boss reviving you! Start kneeling down and lick his boots maybe?!” When Yanhu heard his words, he pounced towards him excitedly.

When Heifeng heard Yanhu’s words, he looked at Jiangfeng with gratitude in his eyes. “Thank you, boss. From now on, my life is yours.”

“What are you thanking me for? Now that you’ve been revived, we still have things to do. Follow me!” said Jiang Feng with joy in his voice.

At the same time, he also said in his mind, ‘Looks like even if the intelligent monsters die in this game, they would still retain their memories.’

“Where to?” Asked Yan hu.

“To take revenge!”

As he said that, he took in Yanhu and Heifeng into the Qiankun Gourd, and ran towards the Imperial Dragon City.


Even if Heifeng had been revived, his grudge against Shen Ye still existed.

Shen Ye killed Nangong Tiaotiao, who was under his protection. And then he killed his follower Heifeng. How could he become the Shifter Emperor if he couldn’t pay him back for what he did?!

As the future Shifter Emperor, it was impossible for him to not pay him back!

Because his current body was like a small snake, it wasn’t very obvious when he slithered across the green grassland. No players that he crossed path with had discovered him.

Very quickly, he had reached the moat that protected the Imperial Dragon City. He looked for a tree nearby and slithered his way up, then coiled at a tree branch, waiting for Shen Ye to leave the city.

He heard what Shen Ye had said before this. The main reason that he went through the Blackpatterned Panther territory was because of a guild quest. Since he had brought so many players along, then that quest must be very important. And since the North Gate was the gate that was closest to where the Blackpatterned Panther territory was, he would definitely depart from here.

Not to mention that a Rank 1 Wyrmling was quite rare. He had met a wyrmling and knew where he was. How could he simply give up?

Once he caught a wyrmling and when the wyrmling had fully grown, it would definitely become a god-like pet. How many players in the game didn’t want to have a god-like pet?

Combining the two points above, Jiang Feng could guarantee that Shen Ye would leave from the North Gate in a while.

And just as he had expected, Shen Ye left the North Gate with around eighty players in a while.

As he walked, he said nervously, “Quickly, we can’t let that wyrmling escape. As long as we can catch that wyrmling, we Myth Guild will no doubt be the largest guild in the game. Anyone that helps me catch that wyrmling will be awarded 50,000 cash!”

Hearing Shen Ye’s words, all the members from Myth Guild beamed with excitement.

‘That’s 50,000. If a baby Divine Beast wyrmling is worth 50,000, what’s the worth of a full-grown Divine Beast?!’ Jiang Feng thought to himself when he heard what Shen Ye had said.

“Now is the time!”

When Shen Ye brought his underlings crossing the bridge on the moat, Jiang Feng cried out in his mind. He did not rush out himself. Instead, he used his Tornado skill directly underneath Shen Ye’s feet.


The wind howled, and a tornado appeared out of nowhere and threw Shen Ye and around forty players close to him into the sky.

The Tornado’s duration hadn’t even expired yet, and all the players that were thrown into the sky had turned into white light and disappeared.

“Um what happened? Why did a tornado suddenly appear on the bridge?”

“Must be a bug. If not, the tornado wouldn’t appear without any reason, and even killed so many players!”


‘Shen Ye is currently level 13. All I needed to do is to kill him four times and I can then send him back to the Starter Village. He gave me quite the amount of experience points and honor points.’ Jiang Feng said in his mind as he looked at the people that were discussing what had happened.

He did not kill the other forty players on the bridge, because he wanted to know Shen Ye’s location.

A few minutes later, Shen ye appeared on the bridge over the moat with an angry expression. He told his followers that were waiting on the bridge, “That wyrmling has to be somewhere nearby or in the water. Find it!”

“Tiger Roar!”

Just as he had finished his sentence, a beam of light exploded from the water and struck him, and instantly killed him again.

After killing Shen Ye, Jiang Feng quickly swam away and towards the other side of the bridge. He looked for a bunch of grass and hid in them.


Just as he had hidden, a group of players began to jump into the water to look for him.



A white light appeared in the Imperial Dragon City’s respawn point. Shen Ye walked out of it with a pale face.

He had spent two nights leveling to Level 15, and now he was at Level 12. It almost caused him to burst in anger.

“Damn it! Even if dragons are intelligent, why does it have to pursue me?!” Shen Ye said as he gritted his teeth.

“Yo, isn’t this Guildmaster Shen Ye? I saw you came in and out of the respawn point from the restaurant opposite. Why are you taking things so seriously?”

Just as Shen Ye was getting extremely angry, Ling Yun brought his followers out from a nearby restaurant and taunted Shen Ye with a smile.

“Scram!” Said Shen Ye coldly as he looked at Ling Yun.

Ling Yun frowned, but once he remembered that Shen Ye had dropped three levels, he got rid of his frown and smiled. “Don’t get too upset. We have known each other for a long time now. Are you hunting down a Level 35 boss for the Guild-Building Order? Do you need my help?”


Shen Ye snorted and quickly ran towards the North Gate and ignored Ling Yun.

Chen Mo, who was standing behind Ling Yun stared at Shen Ye’s figure as he left, then asked softly, “Guildmaster, should we follow him?”

Ling Yun squinted his eyes and his lips curled up. He nodded, “Gather everyone and meet up at the North Gate!”