Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 57

Chapter 57

The tornado at the moat of the Imperial Dragon City, and the speech that Shen Ye said the second time he was killed, had been spread throughout the city.

Including the players from Lingyun Pavillion, many players were assembling at the North Gate in order to capture the wyrmling.

Originally, Jiang Feng was going to kill Shen Ye until he was thrown back into the Starter Village. However, when he saw the thousands of players that gathered in the North Gate, all he could do was to give up on killing Shen Ye after he looked on with astonishment.

If it was a few dozens, he could still kill Shen Ye without exposing himself.

But with so many players here, just a Capture skill from each one of them could kill him easily.

“Shen Ye, I will let you this time. Cross me again, I will not spare you next time. It’s so unfortunate that he didn’t drop the Donghuang Bell fragment after killing him so many times!” He mumbled as he looked at all the players and headed towards the moat’s riverbed.

The moat’s riverbed led to the Dragon City Riverbed dungeon, but he didn’t go there to farm for monsters. In fact, he went to find somewhere he could hide and then open the Honor Marketplace to take a look.

The Honor Marketplace had three categories. They were equipment, pills, and materials.

Every time you kill a player from an opposing faction, you can gain 10 honor points.

His honor points were at 6090, meaning that he had killed around 600 players.

The highest level equipment in the Honor Marketplace was Yellow-Gold. Their stats were just so so, and he wouldn’t consider them great. One of them requires 20,000 honor points. However, because he didn’t need any of them, he didn’t look at them attentively. He looked at the pills page.

The pills here were mostly high-level health recovery items and stats boosting items. They were quite expensive, and since he had no use for them, he didn’t buy any.

Finally, his sight fell on the page that sold materials.

Many types of materials were being sold, and the highest level had reached Spiritual level.

Black Gold Ore: High-level ore, Quality 5, Require 3,000 honor points.

Century Cold Iron: High-level ore, Quality 5, Require 3,000 honor points.

After giving it a thought, he exchanged for both ores.

After becoming a dragon, his Armor Piercing Claw was no longer usable. So he was preparing to forge other equipment that was suitable for a dragon.

After he closed the Honor Marketplace, he then used Polymorph to transform into human form. He then took out a Town Portal Scroll and teleported into the Imperial Dragon City.

Last time when he evolved, the cooldown of the Polymorph skill had been reset.

He guessed that it had something to do with him becoming a dragon, If not, his Polymorph duration wouldn’t have extended so much.


Once the human form Jiang Feng appeared in the Imperial Dragon City, he smiled as he looked at the empty streets.

He didn’t need to ask to know where all the players went. They must have jumped into the moat to look for him.

Polymorph had a time limit, so he didn’t dare to waste time. He ran to the Herbal Shop and bought a stack of twenty Large Recovery Pills, Then he headed to the smithy.

He was ready to forge himself a weapon and forge another Armor Piercing Claw during the time that Polymorph was in effect. He would give each Armor Piercing Claw to Yanhu and Heifeng.

He opened the smithy’s door, and a heat-wave washed over him.

Just as he was prepared to rent a smithy room, he realized that the smithy’s boss was arguing with an academic student holding a rock.

Driven by curiosity, he checked the academic student stats.

Ning Caichen: Level 20 NPC

Introduction: An academic student that was on his way for the imperial exam in the Imperial Dragon City. Met with the female ghost Xiaoqian when he was on his way and fell in love with her. Xiaoqian was however trapped by Grandmother. Yan Chixia gave him a Red Sun Ore to forge a Red Sun Sword, and only then would he save Xiaoqian.

HP: 50,000

Attack: 100-200

Defense: 50

Skills: Study

‘Um This is a quest for A Chinese Ghost Story!”

Jiang Feng was no newbie. Seeing something like this, he knew that this should be a plot quest.

This game was created according to the myths, legends, and historical background of the nation of Huaxia. It was within reason for the plot of A Chinese Ghost Story to appear.

“Boss, I beg you. Can you please help me forge this weapon? I still need to save someone.” Ning Caichen begging the boss of the smithy.

“I told you, I won’t help anyone forge anything without being paid. It’s useless even if you beg.” The boss of the smithy rejected him with a frown.

“What should I do? What should I do? If I cannot forge the Red Sun Sword, then I can’t save Xiaoqian.” Ning Caichen mumbled nervously.

Next, he was no longer in a conversation with the boss.

“Boss, have you finished forging the equipment I asked you to forge?”

At this time, a woman came in and directly asked the boss.


Jiang Feng looked at the woman that had just come in and was shocked. He quickly used his hair to cover half of his face, leaving only a small part of it uncovered. He didn’t want Canaan to discover what he looked like.

“Boss, I beg you”

After Canaan came in, the conversation between Ning Caichen, and the boss of the smithy was replayed.

From this, he could confirm that this was indeed a plot quest.

But what made him curious was that at the stage players would buy ores and come here to ask the boss of the smithy to forge equipment for them. Why wasn’t this plot quest being accepted by others yet?

“Hm?” Canaan walked in, then looked at Jiang Feng. Then she exclaimed joyously, “You are Jiang Feng?”

“Guildmaster Canaan, how are you?!” Jiang Feng knew that she had to Identify his stats, so he could only greet her with a wry smile.

Canaan in the game was extremely beautiful. Even more beautiful than she was in reality, so it was obvious that she had made herself prettier.

“Thank you for selling me that great equipment.” Canaan was also a smart woman. She didn’t mention Jiang Feng refusing to join her guild since it would make things very awkward. Instead, she steered the conversation towards equipment.

“That’s nothing. I’ve also earned some money from you,” replied Jiang Feng with a smile.

“Oh, that’s right, why are you here?” Canaan then squinted at the boss of the smith and Ning Caichen, and asked him curiously, “Don’t tell me you wanted to accept this quest too?”

Jiang Feng nodded, “Yeah, something wrong?”

Canaan smiled and said, “This plot quest is one of this game’s main plot lines. No one can accept it at this stage. From their conversation, you either have to help him pay the money to forge the Red Sun Sword or to help him find a Red Sun Sword and only then could you accept this quest.”

“While the second option can be a bit difficult, but the first one is quite simple,” Jiang Feng looked at Canaan, puzzled.

“Why don’t you ask the boss how much you need,” Said Canaan to Jiang Feng with a smile.

He gave Canaan a look, then walked towards the smithy’s boss, and then asked, “Boss, I’ll pay for his weapon. How much do you need?”

The smithy’s boss looked at Jiang Feng, and there was a pure surprise in his eyes, “Spiritual-level Smithing Master! I never thought that your smithing skills could increase by so much when I only missed you for one day!”

Spiritual-level Smithing!

Hearing the words of the smithy’s boss, Canaan was stunned. She then remembered yesterday’s server announcement, then looked at Jiang Feng with a surprised look. ‘No wonder he could forge a White-Silver equipment, I never expected that his Smithing level would be so high! Looked like he must have quite good fortune. I have to find a way to tie him to Canaan Guild!’

The game had just started for one week and Jiang Feng had already leveled up his smithing skills to Spiritual Level. Even in mid-game, it was estimated that no crafters would be able to level their smithing skills to Spiritual level.

“You overpraised me, just tell me how much I need to pay to help him forge the Red Sun Sword,” Jiang Feng answered plainly.

“If it were others, I would need at least 100,000gp. But if you are willing to teach me some of your experience in smithing, I’ll give you a 50% discount!” said the smithy boss respectfully.

Seeing how the boss was being respectful to him, and giving him a 50% discount without doing him, Canaan could only jealously complain in her mind, ‘Both of us are players, but why is there such a great difference? The comparison is just too great!’

If Jiang Feng could read her mind, he would no doubt roll his eyes at her: ‘Yeah, that’s right. Great difference. At least all of you were human beings when you joined the game. I was a bloody dog!’