Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 58

Chapter 58

‘100,000gp? Give me a 50% discount?’

The boss’s price shocked Jiang Feng to the core.

At this juncture, most of the players’ gp had been sold to those that wanted to build up their guilds.

They didn’t have enough gp themselves. Even if some rich guy were to collect the gp, it would be impossible to gather 100,000gp within two or three days.

Not to mention that currently, 1 gp in the black market was equal to 100 RMB. So, 100,000gp was 1 million yuan. Who would spend so much money just for a quest? Unless you were being stupid or you were so rich you have nowhere to spend your money.

That being said, the boss did give him a lot of face by directly reducing the price by 50,000gp. This made him feel like he had face in front of Canaan.

“Boss, then do you know the Red Sun Sword was sold?” Jiang Feng then asked about another condition to take the quest.

“The Red Sun Sword primary material Red Sun Ore is a Spiritual-level Ore, and it is very rare. Not to mention that it needed a lot of other supporting materials. The entire sum would be around 20,000gp. So yes, there are places that do sell the sword. If you want to buy it, I can give you the address,” said the smithy’s boss.

‘Um 20,000gp. If I have that much money I could have just commissioned the sword from you.’

Jiang Feng thought to himself speechlessly, ‘20,000gp for a piece of equipment, and I don’t even know what level that is. It’s possible that it’s just there to increase the quest’s difficulty.’

“Looks like I can’t accept this quest,” he said to Canaan and shrugged as he couldn’t meet either condition

Canaan blinked her eyes and gave it a thought, then scanned Jiang Feng.

Seeing that Canaan kept looking at him, Jiang Feng thought that she wanted to see his face, so he turned away and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“There is one more condition that you can fulfill if you want to take this quest,” Canaan gave him a smile.

“What condition?” Jiang Feng turned and asked Canaan.

“Ning Caichen asked the boss of the smithy to forge the Red Sun Sword proved that he had enough materials in his hand. If a player has a high enough Smithing skill, and forges the Red Sun Sword, then he can still accept this quest.” Canaan stroked her chin as if she were a sage.

“Why didn’t I think of that!”

Hearing Canaan’s words, he then walked towards Ning Caichen joyfully.

“Bro, I am quite proficient in the art of smithing. I can forge it for you for free, I wonder if you would be willing?” Jiang Feng proposed as he stood by Ning Caichen’s side.

“You know Smithing? And you will help me forge for free?” Ning Caichen asked in surprise.

“Yes,” Jiang Feng nodded.

“That’s great! These are the materials for the Red Sun Sword, thank you.”

Ding! System Prompt: Ning Caichen gave you some ores and the design for Red Sun Sword.

He opened his Spatial Bracelet, and indeed it was filled with ores, and all of them weren’t of low level.

Especially those two Red Sun Ore. Both had reached Spiritual level. The others were high level, high quality ores as well. And they even include the Black Gold Ore and Century Cold Iron that he had bought.

But these ores were all stated to be quest items, so he could not use it for himself.

Other than the ores, there was also the design for the Red Sun Sword in his Spatial Bracelet.

“Boss, I would like to rent a smithing room.”

Now that he had the ores, he would like to rent for an Advanced smithing room from the smithy.

“Thank you, Guildmaster Canaan. I will help you forge one piece of equipment for free in the future. Of course, you prepare the materials.”

After he had rented the room, he walked over towards Canaan and thanked her.

If it wasn’t because of her reminder, he probably wouldn’t have guessed in the short term that he was the condition to accept the quest. He had to admit that Canaan could think very quickly on her feet. No wonder she was so smart.

“You said it, don’t go back your word.” Hearing Jiang Feng’s words, Canaan was overjoyed.

Spiritual Level master smiths had a chance of forging a Spiritual Artifact. Even if he had a high failure rate, the rate of him forging a Yellow-Gold equipment was still quite high. This time, she had been showered with great fortune.

Jiang Feng nodded and said goodbye to Canaan, then walked towards the smithy room.

Once he entered the smithy room, he took out the design of the Red Sun Sword and prepared to make the mold.

With the design of the Red Sun Sword, creating the mold was a very easy task, All he needed to do was to stick the design on an unused mold, and it would be given form.

Once the mold for the Red Sun Sword had completed, he then took another untouched mold and thought with his head down.

“What kind of equipment should I make?”

Jiang Feng wanted to create his own equipment before forging the Red Sun Sword, but he still hadn’t decided on what kind of equipment he wanted.

“That’s right, Capture had some control and limit over me. If my speed is limited, the players could gang up on me. If I have a long-range weapon that would be great!” After giving it a thought, he became inspired, “That’s it!”

With that, he began to look for images from the mold’s menu. In a moment, he found a picture of the dragon ball from Dragonball.

Under the scorching heat of the fire, a mold for the dragon ball appeared before him very quickly.

Once the mold was ready, the next step was to forge.

He added Black Gold Ore, Century Cold Iron, and eight other types of ores he owned into it, sprinkled the Molten Iron Powder, and when all the ores became liquid, he added them into the mold and struck it with the smithing hammer.

After striking for a while, he then threw the already formed Dragon Ball into the smelter to smelt it, then poured it back to the mold, and continued hitting.

“Since I was given two sets of the materials needed for the Red Sun Sword, while I could not use it for my own private use, but if I pour some of it into the dragon ball mold during the smithing process, that should be fine, right?”

He became excited when he was striking the dragon ball and thought of all of those high-level materials.

He put aside the dragon ball that he was striking, then took out one set of the Red Sun Sword’s materials into the smelter. Once it had melted into liquid, he poured some of it on the Dragon Ball.

Next, he poured the rest into the Red Sun Sword’s mold. He hit it once, then put it aside as he struck at the dragon ball.

“Just as I thought!”

What made him happy was that the liquid that was poured over the dragon ball melted into the dragon ball, causing it to be one size larger, and it couldn’t fit perfectly to the mold.

In order to let the dragon ball fit the mold, he began repeatedly striking it. Removing all the purities from the liquid.

The King of Gnomes had said that striking a thousand times and a hundred, and a normal iron could be struck into an Essence of Iron that could be used to craft divine artifacts. In order to give him a better weapon, he struck it again and again.

Once he had finished the final strike, the dragon ball became much smaller. For this, he had bought another batch of ore from the Trading Hal, smelted them into liquid, and poured them in. He had also poured some of the Red Sun Sword’s material’s liquid form into it, then continued the striking.

After half an hour, and after striking it around two hundred times and his arms were getting sore, only this time that the dragon ball had perfectly fit the mold, its surface became smooth and reflective, and it even generated a bright golden color.

“Smithing!” With that, he nodded in content and used his Smithing skill.

Ding! System Prompt: Smithing successful. Congratulations on creating the “unnamed” equipment. As you are the first player to have forged a Yellow-Gold equipment, you have gained 500 reputation points and 20gp. This would also be announced to the whole server. Do you wish to hide your name?


He did not care about the server announcement, and he took out the dragon ball that was the size of a goose egg.

Unnamed: Yellow Gold Equipment

Range: 10 meters

Attack +200

20% chance of critical hit

20% chance of dazing an enemy for 1 second

Bounce: Active skill. Once activated, successfully striking an enemy will make it bounce to another enemy within 10 meters. It can bounce a maximum of 5 times. Deal 100 of base damage. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Returning: Passive skill. After attacking, the weapon will automatically return to the wielder’s hand.

Prerequisites: After testing, the game had no such equipment type. The system has decided that it can be used by any players of any class or any pets, as long as they have reached minimum Level 20.