Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 59

Chapter 59

“Dragon Ball!”

Ding! System Prompt: Naming successful!

The Dragon Ball’s surface was as smooth as a mirror, and it had a giant word “Dragon” written on it.

The only reason it had Dragon printed on it was that the image that he searched had some modification to it.

Ding! Server Announcement: Congratulations to player Jiang Feng forging ‘Unnamed’ Yellow-Gold equipment. As he is the first player to have forged a Yellow-Gold equipment, he has been awarded 500 reputation points and 20gp. Hope that all the Crafters would make more effort!


After Canaan had left the smithy’s and took the equipment that he had asked the boss to forge for her, he then went to the Cave of the Undead dungeon together with her guilds’ higher-ups.

After farming for half an hour, she received the server announcement. She was slightly stunned, and then she smiled.

“Looks like he had succeeded. One of the game’s ten main plots. I wonder what the final rewards are?”

Mu Xi heard Canaan’s mumble, and she raised her eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you’re talking about the Chinese Ghost Story quest. Someone accepted it?”

Canaan nodded, “Not yet, but should be soon.”

“Sis Li, Sis Mu Xi, please stop chatting, I can’t hold them off for too long.” Han Qianqian was kiting around five monsters. Seeing that Mu Xi and Canaan had stopped attacking and started chatting, she shouted at them with a wry smile.

“We’re coming,” Mu Xi waved her sword and rushed towards the monster.


Shen Ye was in an extremely bad mood while leveling in the Dragon City Riverbed dungeon when the Server Announcement came.

When he heard the content of the server announcement, he turned and said to Bai Xia, who was next to him and said, “It’s this Jiang Feng again. Why have we never met him in the Imperial Dragon City before? Maybe he went to another city or even the Silvermoon? Bai Xia, investigate him. Then pull him into our guild, no matter the cost.”

Bai Xia nodded and said, “I’ll work on it right away.”

For a time, many guilds and factions began searching for Jiang Feng. Even the army that the government had sent in was looking for him.

A player that could forge a Yellow-Gold Equipment at this stage of the game was like a mobile arsenal to them.

As long as they could draw Jiang Feng into their fold, that would be equal to having unlimited high-level equipment.

That was a reason enough for them to recruit Jiang Feng at a high price.


Jiang Feng no longer cared about the server announcement.

He had been on the server announcements so many times that he had grown numb to it.

So what if he was on the server announcement? He couldn’t appear to get some fans since his polymorph duration wasn’t that long. And when he came in, the system didn’t allow him to adjust his face, so of course, he couldn’t show himself.

That was why he couldn’t care less about the server announcements.

“The stats aren’t that high, but the skills are not bad. Most importantly, it’s easy to use. Just directly throw it at someone. Unfortunately, the level restriction is a bit too high. I can only use it when I’m Level 20. Looks like I have to increase my level quickly.”

Jiang Feng was feeling slightly helpless as he played with the Dragon Ball in his hand and then stored it. He then began to help Ning Caichen forge the Red Sun Sword.

His polymorph skill only had a duration of less than one hour left, and he needed to forge a Red Sun Sword within this time.

In order to forge the Red Sun Sword, he had thrown in half of all the ore into the smelter.

The reason he used half was that the other half was already spent on forging the Dragon Ball.

If not, the Dragon Ball wouldn’t reach the level of a Yellow-Gold equipment. At most, it would be a White-Silver equipment.

Because of the teaching of the King of Gnomes, his smithing success rate was very high.

Hitting a thousand and a hundred could increase the success rate of forging equipment. Adding his current luck of 40, that increases the success rate by a few points.

That was why he had the ability to successfully forge an item at one go and had the confidence to successfully forge the Red Sun Sword at one go.

The reason that players that learn smithing had a high failure rate was because they did not have the patience to repeatedly strike on an equipment, and their Luck was not high too.

To a player, Luck, Charisma, and Insight were hidden stats. You were forever stuck with that number the moment you entered the game. You could not increase them.

But he was different. He had none of the five basic stats, but the free attribute points that he gained from leveling up can be spent on the hidden stats.

Of course, his three hidden stats wouldn’t automatically increase after every level up, or else that would be too overpowering. As for players, the five basic stats would increase substantially, allowing end game players to be very efficient in killing monsters.

Once the ores had liquified, he then poured it into the mold so that he could strike them.

In order to maintain the Red Sun Sword’s success rate, the rate that he struck at the sword was no lower than the rate he struck the Dragon Ball.

He had spent almost 50 minutes and had struck it almost four hundred times.


Ding! System Prompt: Smithing successful. Congratulations on creating the Dark-Gold equipment “Red Sun Sword.”. As you are the first player to have forged a Dark-Gold equipment, you have gained 500 reputation points and 50gp. As this is a quest item, it cannot be made into a server announcement.

“That’s fine, I don’t care about the server announcement, as long as the rewards are there.”

He shook his shoulders as if he didn’t care about it.

Red Sun Sword: Dark-Gold Equipment

Note: As this is a quest item, unable to see its stats.

He took out the Red Sun Sword and checked it, but what made him speechless was that because it was a quest item, he couldn’t check the Red Sun Sword’s attributes.

“What’s wrong with it! This is an equipment that I forged, I can’t even check its attributes?”

Jiang Feng complained and packed the Red Sun Sword away and ran out of the smithing room.

The duration of his polymorph only had seven or eight minutes left, so he needed to accept this plot quest in the shortest time possible, if not, once he became the form of a dragon, he would be calling the city guards to him.

Once he was back at the smithy, he gave the Red Sun Sword to Ning Caichen.

“You really did forge it! This is great! Thank you, brother.” When Ning Caichen received the Red Sun Sword, he took a look at it, then excitedly packed it up. “Bro, thank you. Please look for me one week later at Ruolan Temple in Luzhou City. I will then reward you for forging the sword.”

Ding! System Prompt: You have activated A Chinese Ghost Story quest. Please go to Ruolan Temple in Luzhou City after one week to seek out Ning Caichen!

After he had finished speaking, he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Now that he had accepted the quest, Jiang Feng had no more need to stay in the Imperial Dragon City. He quickly ran out of the city.

This was because he only had two to three minutes left of his Polymorph.

He ran, and he managed to run out of the Imperial Dragon City in the final ten seconds.

But there were so many players outside of the Imperial Dragon City, and he became anxious. If he became a wyrmling, his identity would be exposed and he would be ganked by all the players.

“That’s right, jump into the river!”

When he saw the moat, his eyes beamed and ran towards the city’s moat.

“I say, Zhao Zi, are you still a man? It’s just water in a game, you won’t die by jumping in. Since you don’t know how to swim in reality, you can practice swimming here in the game. Maybe it transfers to the real world and you can swim there.”

“Scram! I won’t go down there! Last time when I accidentally fell into the school’s pond and almost drowned, I swore I’ll never”

When Jiang Feng was running towards the moat, he saw two players were talking about something. It was almost time for his Polymorph to expire, and he couldn’t care about anything else. He jumped and dove into the water.

When he ran past the two players, he accidentally nudged the player that didn’t dare to jump into the water and rammed him into the moat too.

“Oh shit! Who the heck pushed me in Help, I can’t swim Somebody save me I’m going to die, I’m going to die”


That player caused the surrounding players to laugh.

Meanwhile, the other player that was together with him could only look at the sky speechlessly. ‘Why do I have such an idiotic party member’