Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 60

Chapter 60

After he had jumped into the moat, his Polymorph expired and he once again returned into the form of a wyrmling.

Luckily, the player that he accidentally caught along with him wasn’t paying attention to him, if not he would be exposed too.

Once he had become a wyrmling, he could no longer stay close by to the Imperial Dragon City. He quickly swam to some place deserted, went ashore, picked a direction, and ran.

“As one of the ten main story quests, A Chinese Ghost Story’s difficulty wouldn’t be too easy. I better find a place where I could level in peace, find some evolution pills and bloodlines so I could help Heifeng and Yanhu increase their power,” He mumbled as he ran while he opened the map, hoping to find a monster territory that offered high experience.

Ding! System Prompt: The Barbaric Giants event that takes place on every Saturday at 8 am has been refreshed. 100 Barbaric Giants from Level 1 to Level 100 will be spawned near every city. The Barbaric Giants have various pet eggs, high experience points, and pet skills. Link to the official website had been created in-game. Please see the details on our official website.

Barbaric Giants Event?

Jiang Feng was slightly stunned when he heard the system announcement, then he quickly opened his status window. Indeed, on the bottom right-hand corner was a button that linked to the official website.

Once he had entered the official website, an image popped out, and it was indeed the details for the Barbaric Giants event.

He read about the event out of curiosity.

After reading it to the finish, he then understood why such an event existed.

When players had reached Level 15, they would learn the Capture skill. But the rate of success of the Capture skill was too low, around 5% only.

When normal monsters become pets, their ranks were 4 and below. Their combat ability wasn’t that high. If they wanted to capture the boss, the success rate would be even lower.

And that was why this event was organized.

The Barbaric Giants were from Level 1 to Level 100, and they only had a hundred near each city. Each of them could be considered as a big boss and would be very difficult to deal with. Of course, the higher the level of Barbaric Giants defeated, the higher the drop rate.

The purpose of the event was first, to make up for the pets capture late. Secondly, it was to improve the players’ level of cooperation. Thirdly, to give players a faster way to increase their level.

All the MMORPGs that he used to play had similar events, and they were to help players increase their power and to add something interesting to the game.

“100 Barbaric Giants, huh? At this step, each city could only kill around thirty to forty. And this will require many players to coordinate, Otherwise, a party can’t even handle a Level 20 Barbaric Giant.”

Jiang Feng closed the official website and then recalled the introduction to this event from the website.

“Since there’s such an event, I will of course join it. Hopefully, I can find a slightly lower level Barbaric Giant, so that I could use Transmute Monster to transmute some pets and pets skills.”

He guessed that he shouldn’t be able to use the pet eggs since he himself was considered a monster. He couldn’t own a pet.

He could exchange it for a lot of money if he got one.

As for him, experience points were what he needed the most. Especially now, when there were thousands of players already reaching Level 16. His position as the top was in jeopardy, so of course, he had to fight for it.

After he had made a decision, his body quickly slithered away, looking for Barbaric Giants in the monster territories around him.

Not only him, but many players had given up grinding levels in dungeons. Even those that have quests had given up, and all of them formed parties to hunt for the location of Barbaric Giant.



After looking for around a dozen minutes, Jiang Feng found a Barbaric Giant in Xiling Valley.

Xiling Valley was an area for monsters between levels 30 to 50, meaning that players at the current stage won’t approach this place at all. That meant that no one would discover this Barbaric Giant.

The Barbaric Giant was about 10 Zhang in height (or around 33 meters.) It looked like Shrek, but the skin was white and bright. It carried a giant mace on its shoulder.

Barbaric Giant: Level 32 Event Monster

HP: 350,000

Attack: 3000-3200

Defense 1500

Skills: None

“Level 32 Barbaric Giant. I didn’t expect it to have such high attributes. Luckily it doesn’t have any skills, otherwise, there is no point in fighting!” Jiang Feng exclaimed in shock as he looked at the Barbaric Giant’s stats.

“If its movement speed isn’t high, then I can still try. But if its movement speed is very high, then there is no point to fight the battle. Let’s see.”

He finally found a Barbaric Giant, of course, he didn’t want to give up just like that, so he was prepared to give it a try

His current attack was around 2,000, so he could break through its defenses. With his HP at 30,000, he could still kill the Barbaric Giant given enough time and as long as he didn’t get hit.

“Transmute Monster, Transmute!”

Trying his luck, he used Transmute Monster on the Barbaric Giant. If he succeeded, then he wouldn’t need to fight. Of course, there wasn’t much hope in the first place.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Failed!

Just as he expected, the Barbaric Giant’s level was much higher than his, causing Transmute Monster’s success rate to be very low. If he could transmute monster that easily, then the skill would be too overpowered.


After his failure, his movement had caught the attention of the Barbaric Giant. He saw it let out a roar, then waved his giant mace towards him.

His two claws quickly waved on the ground, and he quickly left from his position.


The mace hit the ground causing a large bang and the entire earth trembled as if an earthquake had just happened.

Jiang Feng ran swiftly and reached the Barbaric Giant big foot, then he climbed his body from his leg.

The bigger the enemy was, the more limited the area that their limbs could reach. As long as he could reach behind the neck of the Barbaric Giant, it would need to spend a lot of stamina just to attack it.

“It’s so smooth. Luckily, I have dragon claws, or I wouldn’t be able to climb its body at all!”

The dragon claws stabbed into the Barbaric Giant’s skin. Each time he climbed up, he would leave some bloody holes on it.


The pain came from his feet, and it caused the giant to roar in pain, its giant feet swaying everywhere.

Unfortunately, Jiang Feng’s dragon claws were very sharp, and he applied a lot of strength and clawed them into its skin. So no matter how it swayed, it couldn’t get rid of Jiang Feng.

Suddenly, the Barbaric Giant’s hand was going to slap him.

“High-speed Movement!”

He quickly used High-speed Movement and climbed up the Barbaric Giant’s body.



The Barbaric Giant blew its own leg. But perhaps he used too much force, he even staggered himself. The body lost balance, and he fell vehemently to the ground.

“A great chance!”

The Barbaric Giant slammed onto the ground, and he was dazed for a second. After a second, when he saw the Barbaric Giant bent over and was going to stand up, he used this chance to reach the back of the Barbaric Giant’s head while scratching all over.

Once he had reached the back of the Barbaric Giant’s head, one of his claws stabbed into the Barbaric Giant’s skin behind his brain while the other dragon claw kept scratching, causing blood to keep flowing down from the back of its head.


The intense pain caused the Barbaric Giant to let out a roar. Both of its hands extended to the back of its head towards Jiang Feng.