Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 61

Chapter 61

The Barbaric Giant was too huge, causing it to be less agile with its limbs.

Jiang Feng’s body was smaller, and his physique was slimmer, and when he saw the Barbaric Giant grabbing towards him, he then caught unto the strands of the Barbaric Giant’s hair and glided gracefully as he avoided its attack. Then, he continued to attack it.




After including the Barbaric Giant’s defense, he could only cause four to five hundred points of damage. He would sometimes cause critical damage as well.


Under Jiang Feng’s attack, the Barbaric Giant became even more furious. Its pair of giant hands would grab at the back of his head, hoping to grab Jiang Feng out.

Unfortunately, it was too huge, and Jiang Feng was too small. He was like a flea on his head and it would be difficult to catch him.

“It won’t do if I continue this way. Let’s go into the ear!” Jiang Feng mumbled as he grabbed another one of the barbaric giant’s hair and saw the Barbaric Giant’s pointed ear. The moment inspired him and he chose to enter the giant’s ear using its hair.

As there was a lot of hair within the Barbaric Giant’s ear, he took out a torch and continued to set fire on them as he walked deeper.

It wasn’t long when he reached the Barbaric Giant’s eardrum. He put down the torch and then used his dragon claws to assault it.


The Barbaric Giant kept beating himself at the ear as an intense pain came from it. It even used its finger to try to get Jiang Feng out.

Unfortunately, its finger couldn’t reach deep enough. The pain caused it to go berserk, and it kept swinging its mace within the valley. It had even struck some monsters nearby.

For a time, trees within the valley were uprooted, walls of the valley were smashed, and monsters fled everywhere.

Jiang Feng could attack twice per second, and every second would cause 500 points of damage. Two attacks would make 1,000. In one minute, he could cause 60,000 points of damage. Six minutes meant that he had caused a total of 360,000 points of damage.

Within six minutes, the frenzied Barbaric Giant had finally stopped. Its massive body fell unto the ground.

Ding! System prompt: Congratulations on slaying a Level 32 Barbaric Giant. You have received 100,000 experience points.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 16. You have received 3 free attribute points.

“Haha, it’s great to be this small. If I’m still a tiger king, it would have killed me a long time ago,” Jiang Feng said eagerly after he had slain the Barbaric Giant. “I didn’t expect that killing a Barbaric Giant would give me that much experience points, to award me the equivalent of 50% of my experience bar and some more and allowing me to level up to Level 16.”

He quickly stood on the gigantic body of the Barbaric Giant and scanned around after he had left its ear.

Looking at the empty surrounding, it disappointed him.

“Looks like I get nothing if I kill an event monster.”

Jiang Feng shrugged and used Transmute Monster as there wasn’t much he could do.


After leaving the barbaric giant’s body, he used Transmute Monster. A second later, a blazing fire enveloped the carcass of the Barbaric Giant and the transmutation process began.

Perhaps it was because of the size of the Barbaric Giant, it took slightly longer to transmute it.

After three or four minutes, the transmutation had ended.

Ding! System Prompt. Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Pet Egg and one Level 32 Experience Pill.

“A pet egg!”

Jiang Feng was pleased, and he then took the pet egg from the flames and checked on it

Thunderclap Mantis Pet Egg: Rank 8. Mark with a drop of blood to hatch!

‘I need a drop of blood to use this? I wonder if I can hatch it?’ With a thought, Jiang Feng quickly pierced his finger with a bite and dripped a drop of blood on it.


As his blood dripped on it, the Thunderclap Mantis Pet Egg absorbed the blood. And the moment it had finished absorbing the blood, the eggshell cracked.

Ding! System Prompt: Due to your special identity, you are not able to possess any pet egg. However, you are able to enter into a master-servant contract. Will you enter into a contract?

At this time, a voice from the system rang in his ears and he thought to himself in confusion.

‘What is a master-servant contract?’


It was as if the system knew about his question, and a message appeared.

Master-Servant Contract: After entering into a master-servant contract, the master may decide on the fate of the servant. If the servant dies, the servant may not be revived.

Once he saw that message, he understood it completely.

The Master-Servant Contract was similar to being a pet, except a pet could be revived after death. However, a servant’s death would be permanent.


Even if he could not revive the servant after its death, he had still decided to have the Thunderclap Mantis join him.

A Thunderclap Mantis was a Rank 8 monster after all. Under his grooming, it could become even stronger.

And this at a time when he needed more followers, so it was only natural for him to choose to have it remain.


After the contract had been entered, the pet egg broke completely. Lightning blasted out from within, and a blue praying mantis the height of half a man walked out. It flew toward Jiang Feng with its buzzing wings respectfully.

Jiang Feng looked at the blue mantis in front of him and looked at its stats.

Thunderclap Mantis: Level 1 Rank 8

HP: 5000

Attack: 20-50

Defense: 10

Potential: 65

Skills: None

“It looks like the rank is fixed after it hatches from the pet egg, but they do not have a level. Unlike Yanhu, Heifeng, or I, we still needed to increase our ranks!” Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he looked at the Thunderclap Mantis’s stats.

“I wonder if it can use the experience pills?” He thought to himself as he looked at the Thunderclap Mantis and then looked at the Level 32 Experience Pill.

Level 32 Experience Pill: Gain 32,000 experience points after use.

Looking at the experience pill in his hand, he then extended it towards the Thunderclap Mantis and said, “Eat it.”

The Thunderclap Mantis was not a King monster, so it didn’t have high intelligence and couldn’t speak. However, it understood what Jiang Feng wanted to say. It opened its sharp mouth and swallowed the Experience Pill.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

After the Thunderclap Mantis consumed the Experience Pill, its body kept on glowing and its size kept on growing. In a moment, his height had reached 1.5 meters tall.

Looking at the Thunderclap Mantis’s change, he smiled and looked at its stats.

Thunderclap Mantis: Level 5 Rank 8

HP: 10,000

Attack: 270-300

Defense: 60

Potential: 65

Skills: Thunder Slash (Cause 150% of base damage to target enemy, cooldown of 5 seconds)

“Not bad,” he said as he looked at the Thunderclap Mantis’s stats. He was still pleased with the result.

He studied it from top to bottom and then had it enter the Qiankun Gourd.

After he had settled the Thunderclap Mantis, a smirk appeared on his face.

‘The players at the other locations should have started their battle against the Barbaric Giants. Since I don’t get anything by killing the Barbaric Giants, why don’t I take advantage of the corpses of the giants killed by the players instead? If I’m lucky, I can even use my usual schemes!'[1]

With that thought, he left Xiling Valley and headed toward the monster spawn areas close by the Imperial Dragon City.

He only had one target, that was the corpse of the slain Barbaric Giants.

As long as he could find the corpses, he could use Transmute Monster to have a chance to receive pet eggs and pet skill books.

Not to mention that if he had encountered a barbaric giant that had little health left, he could then let the players kill it. And then he would kill the players. He could then pick up the loot left behind by the barbaric giants.

It had long been said that purity of emotions couldn’t keep the heart of man, but only schemes could!

“Players, tremble before me!”

[1] T/L Note: There seems to be an omission on the above sentence in the original text. The original text is “Since I get something by killing the Barbaric Giants, why don’t I take advantage of the corpses of the giants killed by the players instead?” and it makes little sense at all. I’ve gone with the implied meaning of the sentence.