Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 62

Chapter 62

The Imperial Dragon City had four great gates, each directed towards the East, the South, the West, and the North.

And a large playable map was connected to each of these four directions.

Greenwind Ridge to the East. Twilight Forest to the South. Xiling Valley to the East. Crouching Dragon Range to the North.

And these four playable maps were all categorized as monster spawn points close by to the Imperial Dragon City.

That meant that the hundred Barbaric Giants would be spawned in the monster spawn points within these four maps.

After he had left Xiling Valley, he tried searching for Barbaric Giants nearby the valley.

He found seven or eight within a brief time, but he didn’t go over to kill them. No players were there to kill them too.

That was because these giants were all at above Level 50. Their defenses were extremely high, and he estimated that they couldn’t even damage it. That was why no one had attacked them.


After searching around the monsters’ territories around Xiling Valley, he managed to find a Barbaric Giant’s corpse, and he was quite pleased.

The corpse had yet to disappear, which meant that it had only been killed in less than ten minutes.

“Transmute Monster!”

Since there was already a corpse laying right in front of him, he would not let this chance pass him by. He immediately used Transmute Monster on it.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations. You have received one pet egg.

“It’s great to be able to take advantage of situations like this. I guess I’m the only one in the server to get a pet egg without spending effort,” Jiang Feng mumbled cheerfully after obtaining yet another pet egg. He then checked on the pet egg’s status.

Crimson Flame Rabbit: Rank 5 Pet Egg

“Hm? Only rank 5? I guess I should just sell it.”

The ranks of pets from the pet eggs were all fixed, which meant that their growth had been limited to Rank 5. It could only grow after being fed with very powerful bloodlines. It was a waste of resources to raise a pet like that, so he didn’t choose to use the Pet Egg of the Crimson Flame Rabbit.

Because of his high standards, only pets with Rank 8 and above would enter his consideration.

He put away the pet egg and looked at the endless monster territories close to the Xiling Valley. His eyes squinted as he thought to himself, ‘It’s a waste of time to search for them with no information. It’s possible that some corpses disappeared when I was looking for them. Looks like I need to ask for some help from the guilds.’

With that, he opened his Friends panel and looked for Canaan. He then sent a message over, “Help me find the locations of the players that are fighting the Barbaric Giants or have slain a Barbaric Giant. Once done, I’ll sell you a pet egg!”

While there was a limit to how far one person could search, using the power of a guild with hundreds and thousands of members would be an effortless task.

Canaan: “Crouching Dragon Range. 3412.3456. One Barbaric Giant had just been killed there. You said you have a pet egg in your possession? There’s already around twenty Barbaric Giants killed and only two pet eggs and a pet skill book have been dropped. The drop rate is extremely low. How did you get a pet egg?”

Jiang Feng: “Continue to find them for me. After you have done them for me, I’ll make sure to give you something good!”

After reading the message that Canaan had sent over, Jiang Feng didn’t answer her question. He replied to her and then made his way to the coordinates she had just given.

He had understood that he should not speak too much when communicating with Canaan. He would not especially answer any of her questions. It would be too easy for him to expose himself.

He was at the North-Western end of the Xiling Valley, which was not too far from the coordinates given to him. He had arrived at the coordinates given to him by Canaan in five minutes.


There was a Barbaric Giant’s corpse that was lying at the coordinates, but the corpse only had a minute or two left.

“Transmute Monster!”

He did not hesitate and directly used Transmute Monster.

Ding! System Prompt: Monster Transmutation Successful. Congratulations. You have received one pet egg.

Two-Headed Python: Rank 6 Pet Egg.

“Another low ranking pet egg.”

Jiang Feng shook his head disappointingly and had it put away.

Beep beep!

It was another message from Canaan. “There’s a Level 24 Barbaric Giant to the East of Greenwind Ridge. It’s being attacked by the Tianxia Gang!”

Jiang Feng: “Continue with the search. The more the better!”

After replying, he then ran to the East of the Greenwind Ridge.

While there was a distance from the North to the East, he had made his way to the Greenwind Ridge after about ten minutes.

“Team One, retreat! Team Three, attack!”

As soon as he had reached the Greenwind Ridge, he could see the gigantic body of a Barbaric Giant. Close to it, a group of two hundred players had it completely surrounded. They continuously attacked the Barbaric Giant, and a male priest called “Feng Chu” was commanding them from afar.

Under Feng Chu’s leadership, the two hundred players crossed between each other as Team One retreated after their attacks and the Blood Fighters tanked the giant’s attack, and they would attack again once the team had completed switching formations.

The entire group cooperated very well with each other, and it didn’t take them very long before reducing the Barbaric Giant’s HP to less than one-third.

“The Tianxia Gang works very well as a team, looks like scheming against them wouldn’t work. It’s possible that I would get myself in trouble instead!” Looking at how well the group was working with each other, he was originally thinking of using the same scheme he had always used against them but gave up after thinking it through.

Not to mention that the Barbaric Giant wouldn’t drop any loot for him. Even if it would drop any, he couldn’t kill all the two hundred players by rushing out at this time.

Once they used Capture on him and Feng Chu found out his weakness, these people could easily use Capture to limit him.

After giving it a thought, he had decided to hide on a tree and wait for the Tianxia Gang to kill the Barbaric Giant, so he could go get the corpse.


In a short amount of time, the Barbaric Giant had only a slither of HP left and it began its rage. Its gigantic mace thrashed around it continuously and killed more than several dozen players in an instance.

Unfortunately, retaliation at the end of one’s life would never be effective. In the end, it died in the hands of the waves of players from the Tianxia Gang.


Its gigantic body fell unto the ground, but not even one loot was dropped.

“Damn it, another Barbaric Giant with no drops. We have already killed five of them, but we had only managed to get one pet egg. Such a waste of resources.”

After the Barbaric Giant died, the guild leader of Tianxia Gang Hao Tian looked around the body. He searched for a long time but could find nothing. And disappointment could be seen from his face.

Feng Chu went over and comforted him, saying, “There is no need to be disappointed, guild leader. Since this is an event, if every Barbaric Giant could drop a pet egg and pet skill book, then pets would become overly common. We have already profited by getting a Rank 8 pet egg after killing five giants. The Myth Group had killed seven and only managed to obtain one pet egg. Similarly, Lingyun Pavilion had killed about five or six and only obtained one skill book.

After hearing Feng Chu’s words, Hao Tian’s disappointment receded a bit. “Alright, let’s go find the next one,” he said with a nod.

Then, Hao Tian led the group of players and left to find the next Barbaric Giant.

After they left, Jiang Feng smiled as he jumped down next to the Barbaric Giant, seizing his opportunity.

“The drop rate for this event is so low. But to me, the drop rate is not that bad!” He said as he used Transmute Monster on the corpse of the Barbaric Giant.

Ding! System Prompt: Monster Transmutation successful. Congratulations. You have received a Pet Skill Book.

“I got a book!”

After hearing the system’s voice, Jiang Feng was slightly pleased. He took the skill book from the flames and checked.

Blink: High-level Pet Skill Book

Active Skill. Upon activation, appear at any location within 10 meters. Cooldown of 5 seconds.

“A positioning skill, not bad!”

Looking at the skill book in his hand, he didn’t hesitate and learned it. He then ran towards the next set of coordinates that Canaan had sent to him.