Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Imperial Dragon City, central business district.

This was the largest business district in the Imperial Dragon City.

As most crafters had not fully developed yet, most of the shops had not been rented out.

But a small number of shops had been rented by the major factions.

At the current stage, no one had a Guild-Building Order. The major factions couldn’t build up their base yet, so they could only rent a shop as a place where the higher-ups have their meetings.

The shop that Canaan Guild rented was the one that was most easily missed, it was at the corner of the Central Business District.

The shop’s signboard had ‘Canaan Guild’ written over it.

Currently, a group of higher-ups from Canaan Guild were talking by a wooden long table.

On the long table, there were five pet eggs. Two of them at Rank 5, two of them at Rank 6, and the remaining one at Rank 7.

Canaan looked at the five pet eggs and said with curiosity in her voice, “How did Jiang Feng manage to get so many pet eggs? Could it be that he had killed multiple Barbaric Giants on his own with the information that I had given him? Not to mention that his luck must be very high, if not he won’t be able to get so many pet eggs as drops.”

“My guess is that he had over five, at least six. Because it is not possible that he would sell all of them. If he had one in his hand, it must be a pet that’s at least Rank 8 and above!”

“Could It be the Two-headed Fiendish Wolf? The number 1 on the Pet Leaderboard?” Asked Han Qianqian.

“Regardless, control the members that had recently joined. Do not offend him at all costs,” Canaan instructed, then turned to Mu Xi with a smile. “Mu Xi, it’s all thanks to you this time. You had spent so much money on us again.”

Mu Xi smiled and shook her head.

“Big sis, I want to find Xiao Bai!” Nangong Tiaotiao said as she shook Mu Xi’s arm.

“Tiaotiao, Xiao Bai had gone home. This is a White Wolf pet egg, you can treat it as Xiao Bai,” Canaan said as she took the Rank 7 pet egg and gave it to Nangong Tiaotiao.

“No! He’s not as strong as Xiao Bai, I want Xiao Bai,” Nangong Tiaotiao said as she pouted.

Crouching Dragon Range, Level 17 Thorn Porcuboar territory.

Porcuboar: Level 17 Normal Monster

HP: 90,000

Attack: 900-1100

Defense: 600

Jiang Feng summoned Yanhu, Heifeng, and the Thunderclap Mantis to his side for leveling.

At this time, the Thunderclap Mantis was only at Level 5. He was ready to increase the mantis’s level and stats within the week, and see if he could transmute some more evolution pills and bloodlines.

Because of the bloodline limit, Yanhu and Heifeng could evolve into Divine Level as long as they had the Evolution Pills. But this was not the case for the Thunderclap Mantis. Only by using a more powerful bloodline to raise its bloodline limit could its power be maximized!

“Boss, is this our new underling? Why doesn’t he talk?” Yanhu asked as he looked at the Thunderclap Mantis next to him. It seems that he had already communicated with the Thunderclap Mantis when he was in the Qiankun Gourd. He wouldn’t ask that question otherwise.

“Stop asking so many questions, time to work!”

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Yanhu and then attacked at a Porcuboar.

Yanhu sharpened his claws and also attacked a Porcuboar together with Heifeng.

As for the Thunderclap Mantis, Jiang Feng didn’t have it attack any monster because of its low level and was simply towing it along for the experience points.

The porcuboar was huge and had spikes grown on its body, but its movement speed was not slow at all. Yanhu and Heifeng had some trouble fighting it, but Jiang Feng was having an easier time in general.

His current attack had reached the 2000s and his defense had reached 1050. The Porcuboar could barely breach his defenses, but the number of damage that he received was no threat to him.

Because of that, he kited a mob of twenty to thirty porcuboar at one go.

“Tornado! Tiger Roar!”

Once he had kited around twenty to thirty porcuboar, he directly unleashed his multi-target skills.

At the next moment, a giant tornado appeared and threw the thirty porcuboar into the air. As their HP continuously depleted, he used Tiger Roar at the porcuboars within the Tornado without waiting for them to fall. A beam of light crashed into the tornado and dealt an enormous amount of damage to the porcuboar within.

When the porcuboar fell onto the ground, he used High-Speed Movement to rush into the porcuboar group and swung his dragon claws, incessantly attacking the porcuboars. Each of his attacks caused blood to spurt out, and in mere moments the scent of blood filled the surrounding.

Yanhu and Heifeng looked at Jiang Feng, who was running around the porcuboar, with astonishment. “The boss is so damn bloody!”

In less than ten minutes, all thirty porcuboars had been slain.

“Transmute monster, transmute!”

After killing thirty porcuboars, he then transmuted one of the corpses.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations. You have received one Porcuboar Pelt and one Level 17 Experience Pill.

After Transmute Monster had entered cooldown, he then kited another three porcuboar. Once his cooldown had expired, he would then use Transmute Monster on the corpses of the porcuboar.

Kill, transmute, kill again, and transmute once more!

From 9 at night, he farmed until 3 or 4 in the morning.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 18. You have received 3 free attribute points!

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. Congratulations. You have received one Porcuboar Pelt, one Level 17 Experience Pill, and one Evolution Pill!

“Whew~ After killing for an entire night, I finally managed to transmute another evolution pill!” Jiang Feng heaved a sigh of relief looking at the evolution pill in his hand.


Seeing that Jiang Feng had transmuted another evolution pill, Yanhu and Heifeng ran toward him excitedly and looked at him with adulation.

“What are you rushing about? This one is for you, but not now. Once I transmute another one, I’ll give one to each of you!”

With that, Jiang Feng then put away the Evolution Pill. He would transmute another one, and then use the Matter Duplication Pill on it to get another one. Then he would have three evolution pills.

If he were to give both to Yanhu and Heifeng, he would have no idea when he could transmute another one and he would have none for himself.

After hearing Jiang Feng’s words, Yanhu and Heifeng became speechless but didn’t dare to argue with him.

“Come, let’s find somewhere else!”

He was already at Level 18, and he would get less experience if he continued to farm the porcuboar. So, he was going to switch to another Level 18 to continue to farm monsters.

But just as he turned around, he saw a handsome man wearing all white approaching him from afar.

When he saw the man in white approached, his body began to tremble as if he was being threatened.

“As expected of the Shifters’ successor, you are indeed powerful! Your attack and defense are quite decent, there are few players that can match at the current stage!”

The man in white clapped as he approached Jiang Feng.

‘The successor of the Divines, Qui Si! What is he doing here?” Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked at the man in white approaching.

As if he saw through Jiang Feng’s skepticism, a smile appeared on his handsome face and said, “Do not be alarmed. The reason that I’m here is because of the Xuanyuan Sword Fragment.”

“I did not expect that he knew that I had a Xuanyuan Sword fragment on me! Looks like he had some equipment that allowed him to search for the fragment. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know that the sword fragment was on me!” Jiang Feng thought to himself after hearing Qiu Si’s words as he was momentarily taken by surprise.

“This is a Divine Speech Pill, it will allow monsters to speak the tongues of humans. Eat it!”

Qiu Si took out a pill and threw it at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng extended his dragon claw and caught the Divine Speech Pill and examined it.

Divine Speech Pill: Spiritual Level Pill

After consuming the Divine Speech Pill, the user will master the speech of every race. Specially made by the Divines. Duration 24 hours. No cooldown!

“I never thought that such a pill would exist inside the game. Looks like the game has a lot of races. Otherwise, such a pill wouldn’t exist at all!”

Seeing the Divine Speech Pill in his hand, he ate it after giving it a thought.