Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 65

Chapter 65 One Hit Kill

But from where Jiang Feng was standing, he knew that there was more than simply the Xuanyuan Sword Fragment that drew him here.

That was why he consumed the Divine Speech Pill, to allow him to ask him what he wanted to know.

After he ate the Divine Speech Pill, Jiang Feng climbed on top of Yanhu’s head and asked Qiu Si, “How did you know that I have a Xuanyuan Sword Fragment on me?”

Qiu Si smiled then sat down on the green grassland. He snapped a grass and put it in his mouth as he looked to the blue sky. He then said, “I have the Heart of the Xuanyuan Sword. I can sense the Xuanyuan Sword fragments’ existence within five kilometers. I was in the vicinity for a quest, and I sensed the Xuanyuan Sword Fragment’s aura on you. I never thought that I would find the Shifters’ Successor.”

“Then how are you so sure that I am the Shifters’ Successor?” Jiang Feng asked as he lay on Yanhu’s head as it crouched beside him.

Qiu Si glanced at Jiang Feng and explained, “When I was approaching you, you should have felt a sense of danger creeping up on you. I had interacted with the Infernals’ Successor once, and I had such a feeling too. My guess is that this feeling will appear only when a Successor is nearby. Not to mention that you, a monster, is leading three other monsters to kill other monsters. Can other monsters even do that?”

“It is certainly obvious,” Jiang Feng said with a smile, “Can you tell me who is the Successor of the Infernals? Have you fought with him?”

“I know that she’s a woman, but her name has been hidden by a piece of equipment. I can’t check on it,” Qiu Si continued. “Originally I wanted to have a good fight with her, but unfortunately I was OHKO with just one skill from her.”

“One-hit Killed?!”

Jiang Feng was surprised.

The Divines, the Infernals, and the Shifters. Each of their successors should have been chosen with extreme care. Not to mention the bonus item that they had, and their own strength, instant killing them shouldn’t even be possible.

But he gave it some thought, and realized what might have happened, and said, “Looks like you chose a Divine Artifact, while the Successor of the Infernals chose a skill. If not, she could not kill you in one hit.”

Qiu Si gave him a smile and said, “That’s right, but there’s something that you missed. In fact, she also had a Divine Artifact. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to OHKO me.”

“Divine, Divine Artifact?! How is that possible?” Jiang Feng asked with surprise.

It shouldn’t be possible for the Infernals’ Successor to choose two. If true, that wouldn’t be reasonable at all and it wouldn’t be fair for the other successors.

“I don’t know the reason too, but I can confirm that she has indeed a divine artifact with her,” Qiu Si said as he looked at Jiang Feng. “And that was the reason I came looking for you.”

“You wanted to form an alliance against the Infernals’ Successor?”

“That’s right, but not forming an alliance. I hope that you will become my pet!” Qiu Si answered nonchalantly.

“To become your pet? Do you think that’s possible?” Jiang Feng answered with a chilly smile.

He had to carry the burden to see the restoration of the Shifters, it wouldn’t be possible for him to be Qiu Si’s pet. Even if he had no such burden, he would not become anyone’s pet. He was he. None could replace him. None could command him!

Qiu Si removed the grass from his mouth, and looked at Jiang Feng, “You had to know that ten thousand years ago the Shifters were the pets and underlings of the Divines. It was the only way for us to have stopped the Infernals. If the Divines and the Shifters do not combine forces, we could never face the Infernals. That was because the Infernals had a significant advantage over the Divines and the Shifters. They had the ability to change both Divines and Shifters into Infernals!”

“SO, what? I’ll tell you this, I do need to combine forces with anyone. The Shifters will rise from the ashes of this faction war. Regardless if you are the Divines or the Infernals, you will all be stepping stones to our rise to glory!”

And now he finally knew the genuine reason Qiu Si had come looking for him. But to him, an alliance was not possible. That was because the Shifter’s quest was to restore the Shifters, to make the Shifters rise above the Divines and the Infernals, to make both races to cower under the feet of the Shifters.

Jiang Feng’s forcefulness and fearsomeness had made Qiu Si to be slightly surprised.

He couldn’t understand how a monster could possess such ambition and audacity. This had caused him to miscalculate.

He patted his backside as he stood up from the ground, and he took out a metal piece the size of a fan and said to Jiang Feng, “Alright, if that’s the case there’s nothing more to be said. Give me the Xuanyuan Sword Fragment, and this Donghuang Bell Fragment will be yours!”

He wasn’t expecting that he had a Donghuang Bell fragment!

Jiang Feng looked at the fragment in Qiu Si’s hand and his eyes beamed, but he shook his head after giving it a thought and said, “No. I will take the fragment back myself!”

“So a fight is inevitable?”

Once he heard Jiang Feng’s words, he squinted.

“Let us fight then!”

“Jiang Feng jumped down from Yanhu’s head and put away Yanhu, Heifeng, and the Thunderclap Mantis. He then crouched on the ground, his dragon claws dug on the earth, preparing to attack.

“Fine. However, a battle should come with spoils for the victor.” Qiu Si placed the Donghuang Bell fragment on the ground. “If I die, the fragment will be without an owner. Take it!”

Jiang Feng gave it some thought and took out the Xuanyuan Sword fragment and placed it on the ground as well. “If I die, the Xuanyuan Sword fragment is yours!”

Players could throw items onto the ground. If they did not pick them up in ten minutes, they would automatically disappear. Of course, the Primordial Artifacts’ fragments were exceptions to this rule. However, it would be impossible for others to claim it unless the owner died.

That means that if he killed Qiu Si, the Donghuang Bell fragment would have no owner. He could then pick it up.

Qiu Si’s level was also 18. His HP was around 8,000, and he couldn’t compare to the HP that he had. He had a 99% chance to defeat Qiu Si.


Qiu Si’s arm waved, a golden sword appeared in his hand. The side of the blade had a golden dragon carved into it, with its tip showing the head of the dragon unleashing a soft golden glow. It looked extremely holy.


Jiang Feng did not waste his breath as he activated the crowd-control skill Requiem from the Requiem Bell.

The sounds of a bell rang, and Qiu Si was stunned less than a second the moment he heard the bells. Golden light burst out from him, canceling the effect of the crowd-control skill.

“Divine Dragon Pierce!”

After negating Jiang Feng’s crowd-control skill, Qiu Si jumped high into the sky, and a glint of light appeared as he prepared his move with the Divine Dragon Sword, and he speared towards Jiang Feng.


At that instance, the Divine Dragon Sword unleashed a dragon’s roar, and a golden dragon jumped out from the sword and reached Jiang Feng’s side in the blink of an eye.


Jiang Feng cried out and lightning flashed. His figure disappeared from where he stood and appeared behind Qiu Si.

“Dragon Howl, Roar!”

He did not wait for Qiu Si to reach and a dragon howl came from his mouth. Qiu Si’s body staggered and he entered a dazed state.

“Tornado! Tiger Roar! Violent Grab! Bite!”

The moment that Qiu Si was dazed, he quickly used all his skills on him.

Only to see that Qiu Si had been thrown into the air by a tornado. The next moment, a beam of light shot through him. Next, Jiang Feng jumped high and entered the tornado to deliver a scratch with his claw on his shoulder. He opened his dragon’s jaw and violently bit at his aorta.





Four damages floated off Qiu Si, and the final Bite had caused a critical hit. The 8,000 plus damage had instantly killed Qiu Si!


After Qiu Si had died, his body fell to the ground. It turned into white light and slowly disappeared.

Jiang Feng looked at Qiu Si’s disappearing body, and said plainly, “I told you. No matter if you are the Divines or the Infernals, you were nothing but my stepping stone to restoring the Shifters!”

With that, he picked up the Donghuang Bell fragment, turned, and left.