Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Banking Exchange Service

Imperial Dragon City Respawn Point.

Qiu Si came out with anger.

‘Another OHKO? Are both the Infernal and Shifter successors that powerful?’ He thought to himself as he looked at the Divine Dragon Sword in his inventory, his eyes filled with defiance.

‘Don’t worry. Now I know all the skills you have. Next time we meet, I will kill you and the Infernals’ Successor. Only the Divines are supreme!’ He whispered to himself as he narrowed his eyes and left in a hurry.

After Jiang Feng had triumphed over Qiu Si, he left the Level 17 Porcuboar territory and headed towards the Level 18 Snapping Turtle’s territory.

He kept on replaying the battle between Qiu Si and himself in his mind.

While the battle had ended in under a minute, he knew that Qiu Si had not shown his full powers at all.

There was no reason for Qiu Si, who had obtained the inheritance of the Divines, to be that weak.

The chief reason was because of his pride. Perhaps he had some kind of superiority complex after he had gained the Divines’ Inheritance and felt that no players would be on equal footing with him.

It could be seen from the way he spoke earlier.

Another thing was that he did not know what skills Jiang Feng had. And he probably did not expect Jiang Feng had two crowd-control skills.

The first skill, Requiem, had been dispelled as soon as he used it. That means he had skills that could remove status ailments.

Unfortunately, after he had used that dispelling skill, he couldn’t dispel the second skill, Dragon Howl. He wasn’t anticipating that Jiang Feng would have so many skills and he would use them all on him. He didn’t expect that his final skill would deal critical damage to him, and only because of that Jiang Feng could instantly kill him.

Of course, while he had instantly killed Qiu Si, he had also exposed all of his skills. The next time he wanted to kill him would be more difficult.

It didn’t take him long until he reached the Snapping Turtles’ territory

The Snapping Turtles had long spikes grown on their shells and had beaks like an eagle. It was around the size of Yanhu, and all of them were quite aggressive.

The Snapping Turtles lived by a creek within the Crouching Dragon Range, sunbathing under the sun in groups.

‘Let’s continue leveling and get another evolution pill!’ He quickly put Qiu Si behind him and continued his journey to level and transmute evolution pills.

After killing Porcuboars for an entire night, Yanhu and Heifeng had reached Level 19. The Thunderclap Mantis had also reached Level 8.

But he still didn’t allow the Thunderclap Mantis to join the battle and brought Yanhu and Heifeng to kill the monsters.

Snapping Turtle: Level 18 Monster

HP: 150,000

Attack: 800-900

Defense: 600 (Turtle Shell’s Defense +500)

The Snapping Turtle had exceptionally high HP and Defense, but only moderate Attack and slower Speed.

While its moving speed was quite slow, it was quite intelligent. When Yanhu was attacking a Snapping Turtle, it suddenly extended its head, and viciously mauled off a piece of flesh from Yanhu’s paw.

“Roar! That hurts, you damned turtle! I’m going to kill you!”

Yanhu was angered and jumped onto the shell of the Snapping Turtle, and kept attacking its neck and legs using his claw. As the Snapping Turtle only had its limbs, tail, and head exposed, he had to attack these locations to cause any significant damage.

With Heifeng and his attack power, they would deal no damage at all if their attacks land on the turtle shells.

However, Jiang Feng did not have to worry about this. He stood on top of a Snapping Turtle, his dragon claws kept on scraping off the turtle shell and causing damage. He was also safe from any retaliation.

In truth, the key reason that he came here to farm was that the Snapping Turtles were worth 1.5 times the experience more than other monsters at this level. The reward was very high and was worthwhile.

He had farmed until around seven or eight in the Snapping Turtles’ territory.

In between, he had used Transmute Monster and got a drop of Bloodline. However, he did not get any Evolution Pill.

And in terms of his experience points, he was 10% away from reaching Level 19.

Looking at the time, he did not continue with the monster farming and put Yanhu, Heifeng, and Thunderclap Mantis away into the Qiankun Gourd. He then proceeded to log out.

After he went offline, he told his dad about the house that he had bought. While his father was astonished, he agreed to move after he had explained.

He called a moving company and spent his morning moving his old furniture to his new home.

Originally, he wanted to throw the old furniture away. Unfortunately, his father did not agree.

After he had finished moving, he went to the government department in the afternoon to hand the livestock back. He then took the payment for raising the livestock and the street cleaning, and he felt a heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

The location of his new home was quite ideal. It was at the border between Qingyang’s city district and the slums. It had hills and a pond, and it was very peaceful and quiet.

His new home was two-story-high with an enormous yard. The renovation wasn’t that bad either. He had already hired some cleaners yesterday, so the house was properly cleaned and was ready for its new tenants to move in.

He and his dad would live on the first floor, and then he transferred the rest of the 20,000 to his father. His father loved to read, so it was for him to buy books.

After he had done all of those, it was already evening. After dinner, he then continued to farm in the game.

After five days, Jiang Feng was at the Level 21 Giant Croc territory. He violently clawed into the stomach of a Giant Croc and killed it.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 22. You have received 3 free attribute points.

“I’ve finally reached level 22. I’ve spent too little time offline because of his classes.”

After the weekend, he had lots of classes. That was why he had only leveled to Level 22 in five days. His name was no longer in the Level Leaderboards.

“Transmute Monster, Transmute!”

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations. You have gained a Giant Croc Pelt, a Level 24 Experience Points, and an Evolution Pill!”

“An Evolution Pill! Looks like I’m quite lucky today. In that case, I have two Evolution Pills in hand now!”

Within the past five days, this was the only Evolution Pill that he had transmuted.[1]

‘Now that I have two Evolution Pills, I can use the Matter Duplication Pill to get an additional one, which means I’ll have three. In that case, Yanhu, Heifeng, and I all can evolve by one rank,’ he thought with a smile.

Yanhu and Heifeng were both Level 22, but their ranks were still rank 4. Once they had eaten the evolution pill, it would greatly increase their power.

He took out the Matter Duplication Pill and used it on the Evolution Pill that he had just gained. Next, the Matter Duplication Pill gave out a soft glow and became an Evolution Pill.

Looking at Yanhu and Heifeng sticking out their tongues, swaying their tails, and looking at him fawningly, he smiled and gave the two Evolution Pill to them. “Alright, don’t look at me like that. I told you I will give them to you, and I would do as I promised.”

“Thanks, boss! You’re the most handsome, I love you so much!” Yanhu took the Evolution Pill and said to Jiang Feng gratefully. He then ate it and began to evolve.

Heifeng thanked Jiang Feng as well and used the Evolution Pill.

Looking at Yanhu and Heifeng evolving, he took out two drops of Divine Dragon Blood and ate it.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations. Your Dragon Bloodline had reached 100%, Bloodline Purity 100%.

Once the Dragon Bloodline’s value and purity had reached 100%, he then took out the other Evolution Pill and was prepared to evolve.

At this time, a server-wide announcement rang in his ears.

Ding! Server Announcement. The second batch of ten-million new players will enter the game. The Banking Exchange System is now open. The exchange rate is 1gp = 1RMB. Each exchange will have a 5% service charge. Hope you will have an enjoyable time in game!

“Hm? The second batch of players has entered the game? And the Banking Exchange System is now open? Looks like it’s time for me to make a profit out of this!”

After listening to the server’s announcement, Jiang Feng’s mouth widened into a smile.

[1] There is a mistake in the raw. By raw, it said that “within five days and inclusive of the Evo Pill that he had gotten from the Porcuboar, this Evo Pill was the only Evo Pill that he had gotten within that 5 days.” But it’s either he gains 2 Evo Pills, or it’s excluding the Evo Pill from the Porcuboar. Also, the sentence is repetitive.