Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 67

Chapter 67 The Commotion Caused By The Experience Pills

When the second batch of players came in, the Banking Exchange System was opened for business.

The server announcement brought a wave of announcements in the entire game.

Every major guild began to have members waiting in front of each city’s teleportation circle. Once a new player had reached Level 10, they would approach him or her at the first moment.

Some guilds had even had banners stuck near the teleportation circle. Regardless, each major guilds have their advertisement spread throughout the thirty-six major cities.

Once the Banking Exchange System had been open, the wealthy had also become thrilled at this fresh development.

“Damn! Wang Xiaotian, just you wait! Your equipment and stats were better than mine, right? I will get a million to buy some new equipment, let’s see how you deal with that!”

“Brothers! Follow me from now on and you’ll have money and equipment! Two million to someone like me is just one month’s pocket money! Let’s do this!”

“Hello~ Xiao Liu from finance? Transfer ten million to my account from the company’s account. What do you mean you have to ask my dad? Since you have to report to him anyway, transfer twenty million then!”

What did Huaxia have a lot of? The rich. And they were very, very, rich!

Even in the past, there had been wealthy individuals spending millions on online games. And there were so many playing this virtual game, and there were a lot of very wealthy people playing this game. Within those ten million players in the first batch, there were at least several million players that spent millions to get into the game.

Some larger guilds even had millions’ worth of cash transferred to the account that was locked to the game for easy withdrawal.

As for Jiang Feng, the reason that he was excited was that he had stocked up on a lot of experience pills.

When he was at Level 15, he didn’t use many of the Experience Pills that he had transmuted afterward. He was waiting for this batch of new players.

What did the new players need the most? Undoubtedly, it was levels. And that was how he could maximize the profit he could gain with the Experience Pills in his hands.

As for his levels, he didn’t care that much. The current number one at the Level Leaderboard was only at Level 24. It would be Saturday tomorrow, and he had no classes. He could boost his levels to number one in one night.

Not to mention that if he wanted to increase 1 level, he would need at least 200 Level 10 experience pills, or 100 Level 20 experience pills. If that was the case, he’d rather kill monsters himself and use the experience pills to solve his financial woes.

After he bought the house and gave the remaining 20,000 to his father, he had not much money left.

He needed to forge various equipment for his underlings and needed to buy a large amount of equipment. He couldn’t do that without money.

He opened his spatial bracelet and counted the experience pills inside. There were around 300 experience pills of various levels.

He didn’t give it a second thought and placed them all at the Trading Hall.

Level 15 Experience Pills, 1,500 experience, sold at 100gp.

Level 16 Experience Pills, 1,600 experience, sold at 120gp.

Level 20 Experience Pills, 10,000 experience, sold at 500gp.

Level 21 Experience Pills, 10,500 experience, sold at 550gp.

Level 30 Experience Pills, 30,000 experience, sold at 1,000gp.

Level 31 Experience Pills, 31,000 experience, sold at 1,100gp.

He realized that the Experience Pills seemed to follow a formula. Experience Pills under the level of 20 increased the experience given by 100 every level. Those between 20 to 29 increased the experience given by 500 every level. The ones at Level 30 increased the experience given by 1,000 every level.

It could be said that the higher the level of the transmuted monster, the more experience the Experience Pills gives. And there existed a boost in quality every time a threshold was reached.

He only had several Experience Pills that were beyond Level 30. Most of them were between Level 15 to Level 22, and he had around 300 of those.

Once all of these Experience Pills were sold at the Trading Hall, it would no doubt cause a commotion.

While the price was set at a higher margin, he believed that there would be plenty of people buying it.

Ding! System Prompt. The Level 22 Experience Pill that you were selling had been purchased by Player X.

Ding! System Prompt. The Level 22 Experience Pill that you were selling had been purchased by Player X.

As expected, once the Experience Pills were made available in the Trading Hall, it hadn’t even been three minutes when players began to buy them. The speed that they bought can only be described as hysterical.

Jiang Feng couldn’t stop smiling looking at the amount of gp that entered his account.

And all the players that were browsing the Trading Hall had caused a huge uproar when they saw the pills.

In less than ten minutes, posts about the Experience Pills had exploded in number in both Weibo and the official message board.

“Damn! If I knew that there’s stuff like this in the game, I would have bought it as soon so I could. Guess they’re all sold out now.”

“Of course there is! I heard that only someone with high-level Pharmacy skills can make them. I heard that Jiang Feng had gained the inheritance for both Smithing and Pharmacy, and his levels for these Craft-Profession Skills are exceedingly high.”

“Poster on me, you’re right. Jiang Feng was originally the number one in this game and had received more resources than us. I heard that once he had the inheritance for the two Craft-Profession Skills, he had switched to focus on them. I can’t see him on the Level Leaderboard anymore.”

At a time, both on Weibo and the official message boards were filled with topics on Jiang Feng.

Some said that he had received the divine inheritance for both Pharmacy and Smithing. Some said that he had received the Master level Smithing and high-level Pharmacy skill after he had finished the game’s ten main quests.

Some had even said that Jiang Feng had entered the game and exploited the game’s various bugs and had become OP.

If Jiang Feng saw any of the posts, perhaps millions of crows would fly past his head.

At the Central Business District, inside Canaan Guild’s store. Canaan and Mu Xi looked at the Trading Hall, mouth opened.

Han Qianqian gulped and was the first one to speak, “Who is this Jiang Feng? He is already a Spiritual level Smith and had already sold so many pieces of equipment and pet eggs! And now he started selling Experience Pills too! Not to mention that does the game even have such a pill? I remember our pharmacist doesn’t have the ability to do it. Maybe his Pharmacy skill has reached Spiritual level too?”

“This man is very mysterious. Perhaps he even had a way to increase his Pharmacy level to beyond Spiritual level,” Canaan narrowed her eyes as he recalled the time that she met the masked Jiang Feng at the smithy.[1]

“Regardless, his selling the experience pill was beneficial to us. Those new players would increase their levels faster, and what we need to do now is to recruit more members and increase our guild’s influence!” Mu Xi drank a cup of tea and explained her analysis.

“Mu Xi is right. Qianqian, you and Mo Yi bring some of our core members to all the 36 major cities and set up recruitment points!” Canaan told Han Qianqian and a fine-looking, quiet young man next to her.

“Alright,” Han Qianqian and Mo Yi replied with a nod and left the store.

Myth Group store. Shen Ye asked Bai Xia about his search, “Have you found that Jiang Feng yet? Did we get all the Experience Pills?”

Bai Xia was disheartened and said, “There are too many people called Jiang Feng. Not to mention that no one had seen him in the game before, so there was no way for us to find him. As for the experience pills, I had collected around 200. Those above level 20s had been snatched by the rich from the new batch of players.”

Shen Ye raised his eyebrow and said, “I never thought this Jiang Feng had hidden that well. Very well. After the release of the new Banking Exchange System, the loudspeakers are now being sold by the system. Go buy some and then use the loudspeakers to seek out Jiang Feng. Also, announce that anyone who joined us will get an experience pill once they have completed a guild quest.”

Lingyun Pavilion’s store. Lingyun said to his underlings, “Buy a loudspeaker to rope in Jiang Feng. Even if we can’t win him over, use money to book experience pills and other equipment.”

The first player to reach Level 10!

The first player to unlock a dungeon!

The first player to forge a piece of White-Silver equipment and Yellow-Gold equipment!

The first player to sell Experience Pills!

The player that had been steadily ranked number 1 in the Popularity Leaderboard!

The player that had been steadily ranked number 1 in the Equipment Leaderboard!

All of these titles had been given to Jiang Feng, and his light could not be hidden away. It was destined that he would become the most popular subject in the game as well as the player that all major guilds would find!

[1] A mistake exists here. Han Qianqian refers to Jiang Feng that he perhaps had reached Spiritual level, but Canaan in the RAW text guessed that Jiang Feng had a way of reaching Spiritual level. Maybe the author meant to write what I have suggested, or Han Qianqian was meant to have said ‘High Level’ instead of Spiritual and it was a typo.