Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Rank 2 Wyrmling

However, Jiang Feng didn’t have the time to pay any attention to the discussions on him by the major guilds and players.

All he could see now was the gp he was pocketing, and he smiled so much that it narrowed his eyes.

All the Experience Pills, around 300 of them, that was placed on the Trading Hall were sold out in less than ten minutes.

He had profited around 130,000gp from the experience pills. After a 20% tax, he still had 100,324gp left.

“The tax rate by the Trading Hall is too high. I think I better find a way to buy a shop in one of the main cities,” Jiang Feng felt the pain of having to pay around 20,000 in taxes and thought of buying a shop.

After buying a shop, he no longer needed to pay any taxes and that could help him save a sizeable amount of money.


Just as he closed the Trading Hall panel, two tigers roared next to him.

The evolutions were a success!

He quickly looked at Yanhu and Heifeng.

After their evolution, Yanhu and Heifeng had become larger. Their stats had also greatly increased.

Their current HP had reached 100,000, Attack had reached 1,800~2,000, Defense had reached around 1,000. All in all, their stats had become higher than even his.

“Thank you, boss! Without you, we would never become this powerful! My guess was that we would have been killed by the humans a long time ago.”

Yanhu walked with flames on his feet and walked towards Jiang Feng, his eyes brimming with gratefulness.

“That’s right, boss. Not only did you save me, but you also made me even stronger. I will follow your lead forever!” Heifeng said in agreement.

Looking at Yanhu and Heifeng, Jiang Feng nodded in satisfaction.

He didn’t get the wrong followers. While those two loved to bicker with him, he knew that both of them had treated him as their best friend and their boss in this lifetime. Their loyalty was absolute.

“Protect me, you two. I am going to evolve now too!” Jiang Feng told Yanhu and Heifeng as he took out an Evolution Pill and ate it.

This time, he continued to evolve through the Dragon Bloodline.

After his selection, a blazing flame enveloped him and formed a fire cocoon.

The searing pain came, but he gritted his teeth and endured.

As time passed, he could feel the changes in his body. It felt as if his bones and flesh were being rearranged.

The time needed for his evolution was the same as before, only ten minutes. It didn’t take as much time as he became a dragon the first time.

Ding! System Prompt: Evolution Successful.


As the system’s voice rang, the fire cocoon burst opened, revealing Jiang Feng’s physical form.

Evolving from Rank 1 Wyrmling to Rank 2 Wyrmling, Jiang Feng had grown larger and longer in size. He was almost three meters long and his dragon scales were more radiant. His pair of dragon horns had grown by another two inches.[1]


Jiang Feng, who had successfully evolved into a Rank 2 Wyrmling, raised his head and released a loud howl into the heavens as his dragon claws clawed into the earth.

His dragon howl had horrified the nearby Giant Croc so much that they jumped back into the nearby lake.

“The boss is so awesome!”

Seeing Jiang Feng’s imposing form, Yanhu and Heifeng quickly flattered him.

Feeling the power in his body, Jiang Feng nodded in satisfaction. He then checked his stats after his evolution.

Character: Jiang Feng

Faction: Shifters

Gold Pieces: 100,332 Gold 29 Silver 76 Bronze

Reputation: 4,700

Honor: 290

Display Name: Level 22 Rank 2 Wyrmling

Bloodline: Normal Dog Race Bloodline 70%, Normal Tiger Race Bloodline 0%, Normal Wolf Race Bloodline 10%, Dragon Race Bloodline 0%, Bloodline Purity 0% (Evolving with a full 100% rating maximizes the increase of attributes)

HP: 35,000

Attack: 2,808

Defense: 1,150

Luck: 61

Charisma: 4

Insight: 11

Fire Resistance +10%

Hunger: 40%

Active Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, High-Speed Movement, Violent Grab, Bite, Tiger Roar, Dragon Howl, Float

Passive Skills: Gale

Equipment: Requiem Bell, Spatial Bracelet, Dragonball

Equipment Skill: Requiem, Bounce

Drop: 10 slots, Account Bound: 50-100 Gold, Level 22 White Equipment, Level 22 Black-Iron Equipment, Level 22 Green-Bronze Equipment, Level 22 White-Silver Equipment, Level 22 Yellow-Gold Equipment, Level 22 Dark-Gold Equipment, Level 22 Spiritual Artifact.

The evolution did not grant him as many attribute points as his first time. He had only gained 5,000 HP, 500 Attack, and 100 Defense.

Looking at his stats, Jiang Feng wasn’t that satisfied.

These stats wouldn’t increase as he leveled up, but would only increase when he fused and evolved.

Unlike players that could increase their stats automatically, they also gain 5 points of free attribute points that they could distribute freely. And they could also stack them up by wearing nine pieces of equipment.

Once someone had a complete set of White-Silver equipment, they would be no weaker than him.

“I only have one drop of Divine Dragon Blood left, and can’t evolve anymore. Looks like I will need to focus on fusion after this. While the attributes from fusion were low, I won’t fall behind the players much as I can keep increasing my stats. I also need to go back and forge some equipment to increase my power!”

While his current stats are higher than any other players, he had to set up better ways to increase his power to avoid the players from catching up.

If he wanted to quickly increase his power, then he would need to fuse with monsters. Especially monsters with powerful bloodlines. That, or forging a set of equipment that he could use.

“Now that my level has increased together with my stats, I should go and unlock the entire Cave of the Undead. But before this, I should use up that lottery chance I got from my successful evolution,” Jiang Feng mumbled as he went for the lottery and spun the wheel.

In a moment, the lottery had begun and the indicator began to quickly spin , it then eventually stopped at the Pill category. Next, a golden treasure chest appeared in front of him.

“A pill? Hopefully, it’s another Matter Duplication Pill.”

He rubbed his dragon paws and waited excitingly as the golden chest opened. Within it was a red pill and not the white Matter Duplication Pill.

Life Prolonging Pill: Once consumed after death, can be revived fully. Equipment and level won’t drop.

“Life Prolonging Pill? Not bad. It can have a significant effect at a critical time.”

While he was slightly disappointed that he did not get a Matter Duplication Pill, but the effect of the Life Prolonging Pill was not to be underestimated.

He put away the Life Prolonging Pill, then Yanhu and Heifeng. He then ran towards the Cave of the Undead at the Crouching Dragon Range.

Ding! City-wide Loudspeaker: Hello Jiang Feng, I am Bai Xia from Myth Group. We would like for you to join us. As long as you are willing to join us, you can state any conditions. If you agree, please accept my friend request!

Ding! City-wide Loudspeaker: Hello Jiang Feng, I am Lingyun Pavilion’s leader, Ling Yun. I know that like freedom, so we would like to invite you to become our Guest Elder with a monthly salary of 500,000. You don’t have to do anything. If you agree, please accept my friend request, and we can go into the details.

Ding! City-wide Loudspeaker: Hello, Jiang Feng. I am Tianxia Gang’s leader, Hao Tian. I’m offering you a salary of 1,000,000 to join our guild

After running on the ground for a while, Jiang Feng saw a bunch of banners appearing in the sky. All the banners had his name.

“My goodness. City-wide Loudspeaker. I saw them when I was selling the Experience Pills. The Trading Hall is selling one for 100,000. What a bunch of rich people!” Jiang Feng was surprised as he looked at the invitation on the banners.

From where he was from, it was wasting money by spending 100,000 just to get a message to him.

However, he knew why the major guilds were willing to spend so much to get him to join. By using his reputation, he could use him to earn even more money. Not to mention that he had achieved Spiritual-Level smithing, the guild had no need to worry about equipment afterward. The Experience Pills were also something that can be used to increase the guild members’ levels.

As long as they could get him to agree, they were probably willing to spend millions without hesitation. So 100,000 was just a small change to them.

Unfortunately, he would never agree. That was because he was the Shifter’s Successor and he could not join any guilds from the Divine or Infernal faction. Not to mention that even if he wasn’t the successor, he couldn’t join them either way.

He was a monster, not a human. His polymorph skill would only allow him to transform into a human for about 101 minutes. Not to mention that he didn’t adjust his appearance at all. If he accidentally exposed his actual identity, it would become very problematic back in reality.

“I never thought that they would be so crazy. Looks like I have to be more careful when I enter the city after polymorphing. From now on, I shouldn’t let anyone see my true identity, and I should only appear in my monster form!”

He knew that there were many forces back in the actual world that would use extreme measures to get talents that could help them rake in the profits.

After his rise, all the different factions had definitely seen the endless profit they could gain from him. If he ever exposed his identity, they would no doubt intimidate him physically, or even use his father to threaten him.

“The path to becoming the Shifter Emperor is destined to be a lonely one!”

Jiang Feng sighed and ignored the banners fluttering in the sky and sprinted towards the Cave of the Undead.

[1] TL Note: The author making a mistake again. He was going to describe how thick the limbs are but didn’t give a measurement. At all. So I’ll be skipping that part or it’ll ruin the entire sentence. ED note: The author probably got too excited lol