Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Guild Building Order

The first floor of the Cave of the Undead contained Level 15 monsters.

At this time, most of the players had already reached Level 20. There weren’t many players on the first level. Only some parties had passed the first level to get to the second level.

Once he had reached close to the Cave of the Undead, he did not enter it immediately. Once there wasn’t anyone, he used Blink and blinked to the portal. He then took out the key to the fourth floor and used it to enter the fourth floor.

As soon as he entered the fourth floor, he encountered a group of armor-wearing skeleton soldiers.

Skeleton Soldiers: Level 30 Monster

HP: 100,000

Attack: 1,200 ~ 1,300

Defense: 800

Skills: Dash, deals 120% of base damage to an enemy.

“Come out!”

He took out the Qiankun Gourd and let out Yanhu, Heifeng, and the Thunderclap Mantis.

The Thunderclap Mantis was at Level 15. As his stats weren’t that great, he would focus on fusing the Thunderclap Mantis to increase its stats.

Before he was going to start attacking the monsters, he took out three drops of normal monster bloodlines and consumed them.

The three drops of bloodline were those that he had transmuted in the past five days.

They were the Giant Croc Bloodline, Storm Panther Bloodline, and Unihorn Bull Bloodline.

After consuming the three drops of Bloodline, his stats had improved somewhat. His HP had reached 36,500, Attack reached 2,958, and Defense reached 1,200.

Looking at his HP, he felt a bit helpless. While he was also a monster, his base stats were too low. That was why his HP was much less than Yanhu’s and Heifeng’s.

If he were the king of a territory when he entered, he would have much higher HP as well. Unfortunately, he was only a Level 1 Wild Dog when he entered the game.

“Kill them!” With his stats increased, he issued a command coldly as he took out the Dragonball and caught it with his claw.


Yanhu and Heifeng roared and rushed towards the Skeleton Soldiers.

Jiang Feng also threw out the Dragonball as soon as he could.

The Dragonball streaked through the air quickly and smashed the head of a Skeleton Soldier in the blink of an eye.


The Dragonball didn’t fly back after hitting the Skeleton Soldier and bounced towards the few other Skeleton Soldiers next to it. That was indeed the Bounce skill from the Dragonball.

Yanhu and Heifeng both rushed toward the Skeleton Soldier that was hit and used all their skills on it.

In but a moment, that Skeleton Soldier had lost around 7,000 HP.


The battle had begun, and the thirty Skeleton Soldiers from the fourth floor approached them wearing their heavy armor.


“Watch out!”

At this time, the Skeleton Soldiers that were approaching suddenly used their Dash skill, and their movement speed had increased. Seeing what, he quickly warned Yanhu and Heifeng as he used his Float skill to take flight.

The scene of thirty Skeleton Soldiers dashing at the same time was quite terrifying. Yanhu and Heifeng managed to dodge a few Dashes, but they were still struck a couple of times and each lost around 5,000 HP.

While they couldn’t care less about losing that negligible amount of health, it enraged them. After all, being damaged by monsters that were like mere puppets was a humiliation to them.

And because of that, their attacks became more cunning, and in a short while, they managed to kill a Skeleton Soldier.

“Transmute Monster!”

Seeing that Yanhu and Heifeng had killed a Skeleton Soldier, Jiang Feng, who was fighting another Skeleton Soldier at the time, used Transmute Monster on the one that was killed.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations. You have received a piece of equipment, one bag of virus, and one Level 30 Experience Pill.

‘Just as I thought!’

As he expected, the Skeleton Soldiers that were wearing armor would drop equipment if he transmuted them.

After killing the monster and he looked at the Skeleton Soldier wearing the heavy armor, he had guessed that if he could transmute the armor and other equipment it was wearing. And after some testing, he could!

Undead SetBoots: White Silver Equipment

Agility +50

+30% Movement Speed

+20% Evasion

Active Skill: Ghostly Shadow, Movement Speed increases by 150%. Duration of 5 seconds. Cooldown of 10 seconds.

Prerequisite: Any Level 30 Warrior Classes.

“An undead set for the warrior classes!”

He took the equipment set and gave it a look, but he did not expect it to be an undead set for the warrior classes.

There were quite a number of undead set equipment being sold in the market. Since all the cities could unlock the Cave of the Undead dungeon, and there were so many players that farmed in the Cave of the Undead, there were about a hundred of these already. However, most of them were Black-Iron sets or Green-Bronze sets. White-Silver sets hadn’t appeared yet.

The one that he had received was a Level 30 set equipment, and a White-Silver one at that. Not even one had appeared in-game yet. If he could sell them a few days later, he could definitely sell it at a good price then!

“If I could gather a set of Level 30 White-Silver Undead Set, their price would double. I won’t be Fusing today then, I’ll focus on Transmute!” He became thrilled at the thought and he grabbed the Dragonball and hurled it at a Skeleton Soldier that was going to attack him.

After spending an hour, he led Yanhu and Heifeng and cleared the creeps on the fourth floor. And they had fought with the boss of the floor, the Undead General for about twenty minutes.

Undead General: Level 35 Boss

HP: 33,843/ 300,000

Attack: 2,500 2,700

Defense: 1,200

Skill: Bash, Sweep the Army

“You damned animals! How dare you tarnish my honor! Die!”

The Undead General held his greenish-black greatsword in front of his chest horizontally. He then began to spin, cutting towards Jiang Feng, Yanhu, and Heifeng.

“Oh no, run!” Jiang Feng quickly yelled at Yanhu and Heifeng when he saw that the Undead General was preparing to use his ultimate skill.

Alas, the Undead General was too fast and managed to draw Yanhu and Heifeng into his attack.

Yanhu and Heifeng’s HP decreased continuously as they were drawn into the Undead General’s ultimate skill, and their 50,000 worth of HP were instantly decreased to about 30,000. One attack had dealt around 20,000 worth of damage to Yanhu and Heifeng.

“What a terrifying ultimate. Retreat and heal, I’ll take it on!” Seeing what had happened, Jiang Feng became serious as he took out two Large Recovery Pills and fed them to Yanhu and Heifeng.

With the Dragonball, his attack had become long-range so the Undead General’s ultimate attack didn’t affect him. His life was still at full.

“Requiem! Tornado! Tiger Roar! Violent Grab! Bite! Check it out..”

Seeing that Yanhu and Heifeng had retreated from the battle, he suddenly rushed into battle and once his skills were no longer in cooldown, used them all on it.




A string of red numbers floated from the head of the Undead General.

After using all his skills, Jiang Feng retreated and launched his Dragonball at the Undead General who was still stuck in the Tornado.

In less than a dozen seconds, the Undead General had less than 10,000 HP. That meant that the burst damage from the string of skills and normal attacks had taken out almost 20,000 worth of HP from the Undead General.

The Undead General skills had been spent, and it only had around 10,000 HP remaining. It finally died at the hands of Jiang Feng who kited him to death with the Dragonball!

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations! You have slain the Level 35 Undead General, receiving 50,000 experience points.

Ding! Server Announcement: Cave of the Undead Fourth Floor unlocked!

He picked up the key that would allow him to go to the fifth floor and used Transmute Monster on the corpse.

“Transmute Monster, Transmute!”

With that, he used Transmute Monster and successfully transmuted the corpse of the Undead General.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations You have received one bag of virus, one piece of equipment, one Guild-Building Order, and one Level 35 Experience Pill.

As his Luck increased, even if he were to no longer transmute living creatures and to only transmute corpses, the success rate of Transmute Monster had steadily increased.

“A Guild-Building Order?!”

Hearing the system’s voice, Jiang Feng was stunned as he could hear his own heart pounding.