Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 7

Chapter 7


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Starter Village, Respawn Point.

After Li Yi had been killed to Level 0, he stood frustratedly inside the Respawn point.

He screamed out in rage, “You dog! Why do you have to kill me, why?!”

During the beta for Divine Dominion, the rich students in his class had already discussed that they would follow whoever created a clan first.

A clan equaled authority and riches, and he wanted both.

That was why he had played through the entire night to get his level up to five, and his level was the highest in his own class. He was praised and revered by many because of this.

1Then, his level had dropped from 5 to 0. All his hard work last night was for nothing and he even became the joke for the Starter Village, and he could not accept it.

4Even if he worked hard and chased after them, he would never overtake the others from his class. And he could never change the fact that a dog had played him.


Piebald Tiger: Level 9 Common Monster

HP: 3,000

Attack: 200

Defense: 80

After he left the starter village, his Polymorph effect ended not too far after. Jiang Feng became a white dog and avoided the players that were farming monsters. He jogged the whole way, and he entered the Level-9 monster zone where there was no one yet.

‘I wonder what would I become if I use Transmute Monster and fuse with the Piebald Tiger?’

4He walked on four limbs and thought to himself as he looked at the Piebald Tigers that were strolling in the forest.

After he thought about it, he was ready to find a Piebald Tiger to test it out.

He brushed his canine paw on the ground, eyeing a Piebald Tiger, and he pounced.

In the air, he extended his sharp claw and latched on to the back of a Piebald Tiger fiercely.


The Piebald Tiger that was latched on let out a roar, and kept jumping up and down, trying to throw him off its back.

“Transmute Monster! Transmute!”

Naturally, Jiang Feng would not give him the chance to do that and directly used Transmute Monster.

A giant cauldron fell from the sky and covered both the Piebald Tiger and him, and the pot began to spin.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute monster failed, you have died!

1The moment that he had died, he could only see the Piebald Tiger remain unaffected, and he himself became a white light and disappeared.

“Oh, damn!”

He did not expect that the first time he fused with the Piebald Tiger would end in failure, and he remained speechless.

His level had also fallen from 7 to 6.

10Back in the darkness, he could only shake his head.

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have chosen to fuse. If I die from a fusion failure, I would even lose a level. Next time I should just choose totransmute, and if I’m lucky, I’ll even get an Evolution Pill!”

3Transmute Monster’s fusing ability is a lot riskier when compared to its transmutation ability. For someone like him that required greater power so thathe could earn money, if the fusions failed a couple of times, he would be forced to start from the ground up again and that was not a result that he wished to see.

1After being revived, he once again appeared close to the area where the Piebald Tigers were.

This time, he managed to catch on a Piebald Tiger, but he did not use Transmute Monster to fuse but insteadchose to transmute it.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute monster failed.

And his second failure made him speechless.

“Looks like the chance of failure increases a lot if the monster’s level is higher than mine,” Jiang Feng muttered quietly.

2Suddenly, something crossed his mind, and he became spirited.

“I wonder if my Luck could increase my success rate. I should add my points on Luck and see next time.”

2After giving it a thought, he began to fight with the Piebald Tiger that he had failed to transmute just then.

1Transmute Monster had a cooldown duration. During this time, he could only kill the monsters himself.

As expected of being tigers, the Piebald Tiger was not only physically strong, it was agileas well. In a few moments, he had already lost 400~500 worth of HP.

‘No, I’m losing too much HP. And I don’t have any Vigor Pills, so my HP regeneration is slow. If I lose too much HP, it would be very dangerous for me afterward.’

Jiang Feng dodged the Piebald Tiger’s strike, and he quickly took a few steps back, trying to think of a strategy.

If he were to compare the jaws, his teeth were not as good as the Piebald Tiger’s. If he were to compare speed, he was not as fast as the Piebald Tiger’s. If he were to compare attack, his was not as high as the Piebald Tiger’s. He did not even want to compare HP.

1If the fight were to continue like that, his death would be certain.

As soon as the cooldown for Transmute Monster was over, transmute it!

With that thought, he quickly jumped away and avoided the Piebald Tiger’s pounce. Just as he went past the Piebald Tiger, he clawed at its belly, and used Transmute Monster!

“Transmute Monster! Transmute!”

As soon as he spoke out, a burst of flames appeared and consumed the Piebald Tiger.


Within the burning fires, the Piebald Tiger let out a bitter cry. In mere moments, it was burned to death, and three things appeared from the flames.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Tiger Pelt, one Level 9 Experience Pill, and one drop of Piebald Tiger Bloodline.

“Piebald Tiger Bloodline?”

Jiang Feng became curious, holding the drop of blood that was the size of a pea.

He gave it a thought, and he then swallowed the drop of Piebald Tiger Bloodline.

After swallowing the Piebald Tiger Bloodline, he felt as if his body was being burned by fire and caused him extreme discomfort.


2He let out a cry in pain as he felt that the drop of bloodline exploded within his body, and snaked into his blood and bones, causing his body to expand by a large margin.

Ding! System Prompt: As you have consumed one drop of Piebald Tiger Bloodline, your attributes have increased.

As his pain became fleeting, he quickly opened his Status Window and looked.

It made him happy that just a drop of Piebald Tiger Bloodline had increased his HP by 100 points, Attack by 10 points, Defense by 2 points. It was already comparable with a player’s single level up.

2He excitedly muttered, “I never would have thought thatthe effect of the bloodline is so good. If I transmute more monsters and get more bloodlines, won’t my attributes increase so fast as if they’re on wings?”

3After having a taste of Transmute Monster’s transmute ability, he became even more eager.

After taking the Level 9 Experience Pill and having gained 450 experience points, he didn’t go farm any monsters. Instead, he found a quiet place to settle down and wait for his HP to recover.

Once the cooldown on Transmute Monster was over, he chose a Piebald Tiger and pounced on it, continuing to transmute.

On his second transmutation, he had only obtained one Tiger Pelt and an Experience Pill, and he did not obtain any bloodline.

On his third transmutation, he still did not get any bloodline!

Half an hour later, he had used Transmute Monster over 10 times. However, he still did not get a drop of bloodline, but his level was returned to 7 instead.

“Looks like the chances of either transmuting a bloodline or evolution pill is very slim. So, I must have been very lucky earlier!”

1While he did not get any bloodline, he did not feel demoralized, and he waited for Transmute Monster’s cooldown to pass. He would continue to transmute more Piebald Tigers, since transmuting them he would still get Experience Pills and he treats it as a way of farming Experience Points.

Waiting for the cooldown to expire, then use Transmute Monster, and take the Experience Pull, and the wait continued

For an entire morning, he had repeated this set of actions.

His experience increased quickly, and he had reached Level 8.

He did not add the point he obtained from level up to insight. Instead, he added it to Luck.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Tiger Pelt, one Level 9 Experience Pill, and one Evolution Pill.

After using Transmute Monster for another time, he subconsciously took the Experience Pill. But after he thought twice of the system prompt, he was stunned for a while and excitement burst forth from his eyes. He quickly searched in the flames and soon found a golden pill within the fire.

Evolution Pill: Once consumed by a monster, it can evolve into a monster of a higher variant.