Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Imperial Dragon Auction House

There were hundreds of guilds within the game at this point in time.

However, none of the guilds had a guild base.

All the guilds were using shops as temporary guild bases.

Many of the guilds had sent out a lot of their members to find a Level 35 boss and farm for the Guild Building Order, of course.

It could be said that the guilds had gone to great length to find the Guild Building Order. If one of these appeared, they would no doubt go berserk just to grab it.

“Haha, I never thought that it would drop a Guild Building Order! A high Luck has its uses!”

Jiang Feng looked excitedly at the black, metallic Guild Building Order with the character for “Guild” written on it.

He looked at the guild as if he was looking at a pile of cash, his eyes beaming.

He was just a monster and he couldn’t build a guild, so he couldn’t use the Guild Building Order to build a guild base.

Building a base required him to go to the Imperial Dragon Palace and looked for the Land Surveyor. When one entered the Palace Gate, all the effects on him would be dispelled, so he couldn’t enter even if he used Polymorph. Once he became a monster, the guards would not hesitate to kill him. That was why even if he could build a guild, he couldn’t use the Guild Building Order.

While he couldn’t use the Guild Building Order, he could sell it for money.

The rarer the item was, the more valuable it would be. There would naturally be a bunch of rich people willing to buy it with a high price as the aim to gain a large number of rewards for being the first guild to build a base. He would become rich in no time.

“Looks like it’s time for me to buy a shop. If I could sell it in my own shop, then I could build my shop’s reputation. All I need is an advanced A.I. worker, I don’t need to manage it and I could earn money!” He said with a smile as he put away the Guild Building Order and entered the official website to check on the shop’s features.

Shops could be separated into normal shops, high-level shops, and golden shops.

The location of the shops was different. Normal shops were located at the least obvious of locations. High-level shops and golden shops were located in the Central Business District’s most central locations, where it was more crowded.

OF course, the different types of shops had different prices.

Normal shops would only cost 800,000. High-level shops would cost 150,000 while golden shops would cost 3,000,000.

It could be said that a golden shop would cost as much as a physical shop in the real world.

“800,000? Looks like I have to borrow some money!”

He needed to sell the Guild-Building Order. Currently, there were no guilds that had built a Guild Building Order yet. That meant that the one in his possession was possibly the first in the game. The value of the first Guild Building Order was far higher than the value of the second Guild Building Order. If he couldn’t sell it as soon as possible, once another guild had obtained a Guild Building Order, the one he had would have far less value.

The moment he thought of that, he opened his Friend panel and searched for Mu Xi. He then sent her a message, “You there?”

Mu Xi replied instantly, “I’m here. You have some good equipment again?”

Jiang Feng replied to her, “No, I just want to borrow some money.”

Mu Xi: How much?

Jiang Feng: 900,000gp!

The reason that he borrowed so much was that because other than buying a shop, he needed to employ a worker as well. He also needed to do some marketing. All of this needed money and they didn’t come cheap.


As soon as he said he needed to borrow the money, his system inbox beeped.

He opened it and saw the message on Mu Xi’s transfer. He had received 900,000gp from Mu Xi.

He knew that Mu Xi was someone that was gracious, but he did not expect her to be so generous and directly transferred the money to him. She didn’t even ask for anything. Looks like she trusted him a lot and was not worried that she would be lied to.

“Thanks, I’ll give it back to you in two days.”

He didn’t ask why she would lend him so much that easily. He thanked her and then closed the chatbox.

“Now that I have the money, I need to go buy the shop!”

Once he had the money, he didn’t continue to the fifth floor of the Cave of the Undead to farm the monsters. He put away Yanhu and Heifeng, polymorphed into a human form, used his hair to cover his face, and teleported back to Imperial Dragon City using the Town Portal Scroll.

There were more and more players in Imperial Dragon City. There were players all over the place, and many merchants had opened up stalls by the street.

With that many people, he was worried that his identity would be exposed. He chose places where no one would notice and headed toward the Central Business District.

After about ten minutes, he had arrived at the Central Business District safely and entered the Business District Reception Hall.

There weren’t many people in the Business District Reception Hall. He went to the counter then said to the female NPC behind it, “I would like to buy a normal shop!”

“This is the map for the normal shops distributed around the city. Please choose.” The female NPC showed him the map of the Central Business District where the normal shops were distributed.

“This one!”

He couldn’t be bothered and simply chose a random normal shop.

“Please choose your shop’s business model and content.”

“Auction House!”

“Please choose your shop’s name!”

“Imperial Dragon Auction House!”

“Naming successful. The amount will be automatically deducted from the shop. The deduction is successful. Congratulations on owning your own shop. May your business be profitable!”

“I want to employ a steward and an auctioneer, both with advanced A.I.”

“A steward with advanced A.I. and an auctioneer with advanced A.I. will cost you 100,000gp every month. As you are the first buyer to hire a steward with advanced A.I. and auctioneer with advanced A.I., we will give you a low-level A.I. worker for free. All the employed A.I. staff are now in your shop. Please go ahead and confirm!”

A normal shop, a steward with advanced A.I., and an auctioneer with advanced A.I. cost him 900,000gp.

After buying the shop and employing the steward and auctioneer, he found his shop in a most inconspicuous place within the Central Business District with the Management Order in his hand.

The shop had the auction house model and was separated into two floors.

The first floor was where the auction would take place, with two hundred seats. On the second floor were twenty rooms.

Compared to the high-level shops and golden shops, it was indeed quite small. However, it would have to do.

“Master, I am the Imperial Dragon Auction House’s Steward. Please grant me my name!”

“Master, I am the Imperial Dragon Auction House’s Auctioneer. Please grant me my name!”

“Master, I am the Imperial Dragon Auction House’s Worker. Please grant me my name!”


As soon as he entered the shop, an honest middle-aged man, an extremely beautiful woman, and a youngster with a cleaning rag came and bowed in front of him.

“Uncle Fu, Daji, and Xiao Liuzi!”

The steward was named Uncle Fu. The auctioneer, being so seductive, was named Daji. The youngster was named Xiao Liuzi.

After giving them all their names, he gave the steward the Guild-Building Order, the Undead Set, Experience Pills, and some low-value equipment.

“You are the super stewards that I had employed, so you know the value of these items?” Jiang Feng asked after he gave the items to Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu received the items, gave it a look, and said, “Of course, Master. Please do not worry. According to my reserved calculation, these should be able to bring us a profit of 5,000,000 at this time.”

“5,000,000? Reserved calculation?!” Jiang Feng stared at him in disbelief.

Uncle Fu nodded and said, “From what can be seen, the major guilds have been properly established and all they were lacking is a base. The bidding for the Guild-Building Order will be very intense. With Daji’s skills in auctioning, we should be able to achieve an extremely high bid price. As for the 30th level White-Silver Undead Set, there were none in any of the major shops. It had never appeared in the market as well. That meant that it is unique to us, and we should be able to auction it for a high price. As for the Experience Pills, the new group of heroes would need it, and we could get a high price for them as well!”

‘My goodness, as expected of an NPC with an advanced A.I.! The analysis was spot on!’ Listening to Uncle Fu’s analysis, Jiang Feng knew that the money he spent on Uncle Fu was worth it. Because from what he could hear from Uncle Fu, he should have access to a system that allowed him to analyze the market. Otherwise, he wouldn’t understand the market at such a degree.

If that was the case, he could be at ease.

After granting full rights about the auction to Uncle Fu, he bought a City-wide Loudspeaker despite the pain to his wallet.

“I just said earlier that those who used the City-wide Loudspeakers were idiots, I never thought I would become an idiot this soon too.”

Looking at the City-wide Speaker in his hand, he smiled bitterly as he shook his head.

He had no choice. This shop’s location was too unremarkable. If he wanted others to know where his shop was, he needed to make a promotion.

Ding! City-wide Loudspeaker: Hello, everyone. I am Jiang Feng. I know that many of you know who I am. From today onward, I will not sell anything through the Trading Hall again. Anyone that wants to buy Experience Pills or Equipment, please head to the Imperial Dragon City’s Central Business District. The Imperial Dragon Auction House is at the eastern end. Tonight, the Imperial Dragon Auction House will auction a Guild-Building Order, a Level 30 White-Silver Undead Set, 100 Level 30 experience pills, as well as other equipment. I look forward to seeing you all there tonight!

With City-wide Loudspeaker made its announcement, it caused an uproar among the players at the Imperial Dragon City and the players at the surrounding monster territories.

All the guild leaders and high-ranking members of the guilds were filled with excitement.

Many players and high-ranking members of the guilds quickly headed towards the Imperial Dragon Auction House.