Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Advanced A.i. Uncle Fu

Once the news of the Guild Building Order had been known, the guild leader of each major guilds led their underlings and headed to the Imperial Dragon Auction House.

Myth Group, guild leader Shen Ye: “Jiang Feng had built an auction house? And he’ll be auctioning the Guild Building Order tonight? Bai Xia, follow me. We must have the Guild Building Order!”

Tianxia Gang, guild leader Hao Tian: “Yu Zhi, come together with me to the Imperial Dragon Auction House. Regardless if it’s the person Jiang Feng or the Guild Building Order, we need to get both into our guild!”

Lingyun Guild, guild leader Ling Tian: “Chen Mo and Ba Ge, let’s go together. We need to find a way to get the Guild Building Order!”

When all the guilds were heading towards the Imperial Dragon Auction House, the people from Canaan Guild did not leave their shop. Instead, they were in the middle of a meeting.

Canaan looked at Mu Xi, almost crying and said, “Mu Xi, my beautiful girl, why didn’t you discuss with me first when Jiang Feng was asking to borrow money from you? If I knew that he had the Guild Building Order, I would have bought from him with a high price privately!”

Mu Xi simply sipped some tea and said, “I didn’t know that he had a Guild Building Order.”

Canaan shrugged and said helplessly, “What’s done is done. We have to fight for it now. The first Guild Building Order is going to be extremely valuable. Mu Xi, you have to support me, I’m dirt poor now.”

Mu Xi nodded. “Alright.”

It didn’t take long for a bunch of players to surround the Imperial Dragon Auction House.

Jiang Feng was no longer at the auction house at the time. Uncle Fu and Xiao Liuzi blocked at the entrance of the auction house, denying the players entry.

“What’s with the old man? Why don’t you let us in? Tell your boss Jiang Feng to come out! Tell him that the guild leader of Husha Gang wants to see him!”

“Is Husha Gang even a thing? Nice to meet you, uncle. I am Wudi Gang’s vice guild leader. I would like to request to meet with your boss, Jiang Feng!”

“Nice to meet you, uncle. I am the guild leader of Fanyun Gang. Can I meet with your boss?”

While all the players surrounded the entrance looked ordinary, but they were all guild leaders and vice guild leaders. They were all there to meet with Jiang Feng. No doubt hoping to meet him directly and buy the Guild Building Order from Jiang Feng directly.

Once the Guild Building Order was publicly auctioned, many guilds would no doubt try to grab it. Then, the Guild Building Order’s price would be speculated to an extremely high price. Small guilds like them could never afford that.

“Look, the top 5 guilds are coming.”

All the players turned their heads when someone yelled out.

Only to see that Shen Ye from Myth Group, Hao Tian from Tianxia Gang, Ling Yun from Lingyun Pavilion, Canaan from Canaan Guild, and Xing Yu from the Xingyu Gang all came from different directions.

Very quickly, they had all arrived in front of the Imperial Dragon Auction House.

Looking at Uncle Fu and Xiao Liuzu that were blocking the entrance, Shen Ye asked, “We still can’t go in yet?”

“Master Shen Ye, please wait for five minutes,” Uncle Fu very respectfully replied with a silly smile.

Seeing that Uncle Fu was so respectful toward him, Shen Ye felt that he had been shown some reverence. He then nodded with a smile and said, “Looks like the Imperial Dragon House has its rules. Five minutes it is then!”

Those from the other four major guilds and heard Shen Ye’s conversation with Uncle Fu and waited on where they were standing with patience.

They had to have a level of magnanimity to be able to become guild leaders of such large guilds after all.

As for all the other smaller guilds, they didn’t cause any chaos seeing that the guild leaders of all the top five guilds were there. After all, if they were to offend the top guilds, they would be in trouble when it was their turn to build their guild bases.

Five minutes went past very quickly.

Uncle Fu then said to Xiao Liuzi beside him, “Distribute the numbers.”

Uncle Fu was the Imperial Dragon Auction House’s steward and was of a higher rank than Xiao Liuzi. So, he could naturally command him.

“Of course!” Xiao Liuzi nodded and took a stack of numbered blocks and walked towards the players with a higher status.

Xiao Liuzi first went to the guild leader of the top guild in the game, Shen Ye from Myth Group, and extended his hand towards him with a small wooden block in it. He said, “Room number 1, you can bring 5 people in, 1,000gp!”

“What? You need money for that?” Shen Ye asked with a frown.

Uncle Fu smiled and said, “We’re a small business and we have limited space, so this is just for us to earn a little. I don’t think that guild leaders and assistant guild leaders would mind paying with some pocket change?”

Shen Ye blushed in embarrassment as he heard Uncle Fu’s words, and quickly took out two bags of gold coins to Xiao Liuzi, “I was just joking. I was just being curious. You’re right that it’s just pocket change. Here’s 2,000gp. Consider the extra 1,000 is your tips.”

“Then I thank you, Master Shen Ye. I wish that you will return home with a great yield,” Uncle Fu thanked him.

Shen Ye took the numbered block and brought Baixia along and entered.

Xiao Liuzi then took the numbered blocks and approached Hao Tian, and said, “Room number 2, you can bring 5 people in, 1,000gp”

Hao Tian paid him and followed tightly after Shen Ye.

In a short while, all 220 numbered blocks had been distributed.

The 220 numbered blocks fell into the hands of 100 guilds and 120 players. These guilds and players were all quite wealthy.

Those players that didn’t get any numbered blocks started to make a ruckus.

“Damn, what’s the meaning of this? Why didn’t you give us any numbers? Are you looking down on us? One room is just 1,000gp, right? I’ll pay, so let me in!”

“That’s right! I can pay you no matter how high you’re charging, what right do you have for not letting us in?”

“What kind of number 1 is this? I think Jiang Feng is just looking down on us common people. Damn you. So what if you don’t let me in? It’s not like I want to go in anyways.”

Uncle Fu still carried a smile despite him being drowned in shouts and curses, and explained to everyone there, “Our auction house is very small, and we only had 220 places available. I would like to extend my apologies to all of you. But do not get angry just yet. The auction will begin in 1 hour, and we will live stream the auction right outside on the walls of the Imperial Dragon Auction house. You can also bid from outside the auction house, so please excuse us!”

After Uncle Fu’s explanation, the players became less angry. However, there were still many that weren’t satisfied and cursed Jiang Feng. However, it was clear that they were merely jealous of him.

Imperial Dragon City, in a room in the smithy.

Jiang Feng smiled as he looked at the shop’s live feed and the guilds and players entering the shop.

“As expected of a steward with an advanced A.I. He even knew about selling tickets and pacifying the masses! So worth it! Once I’ve sold the Guild Building Order, I must buy him!”

Twenty rooms, each room was worth 1,000gp, and he had earned a total of 20,000gp.

Two hundred seats, each seat was worth 200gp, and he had earned a total of 40,000gp.

He had earned 60,000gp just on the tickets alone, and it was enough to hire Uncle Fu for a month and some. It was easy to understand how well the value was to hire Uncle Fu.

With the 60,000gp in Uncle Fu’s hand, he spent 1,000gp to buy drinks and snacks from within the game and distributed them to all his customers in the rooms and seats. He spent another 11,000 and hired 220 servants at a rate of 50gp per hour and had each of them stand beside their customers and to hold their auction paddles. The service provided was impeccable.

“Yes, these spendings are necessary. The customers must be happy with the services provided after all. Uncle Fu is giving me so many surprises,” Jiang Feng said excitedly. “He knew about market analysis, is business-minded, and treats others well. This game’s advanced A.I. is much higher than human intelligence. I feel like I’m falling deeply in love with this game!”