Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Backdoor

The time was evening, half-past eight. There was still an hour left before the auction began.

Jiang Feng closed the live feed on the shot and prepared to forge a piece of equipment.

His polymorph duration still had around 50 minutes left. He was going to forge a mask that would allow him to hide his identity.

He couldn’t keep masking his face using his hair every time he went into a city after all. If the wind blew his hair away, he would still be exposing himself.


He took out a bunch of ores from the Qiankun Gourd.

The ores were mostly mid-level and high-level ores with high quality. Those were the ones he bought with the 100gp he had on him before the Banking Exchange System was opened.

Before the Banking Exchange System was opened, all the items were priced very low. After the system was opened, the items’ prices had increased. A high-level ore needed 20gp each.

Before the Banking Exchange System was opened, he could get two with 1gp.

Of course, the true price of the items wasn’t that far apart since the ratio of a gold piece and 1 yuan were quite far apart.

After taking out the ore, he walked to the mold rack and chose an empty mold, and carved the shape of a mask.

Very quickly, the mold for a half-mask appeared in his hand.

He gave it a look and nodded at it satisfyingly. Other than showing his mouth and chin, the mask would cover everything above the nose.

“Begin the forging!”

With the mold complete, he took out ten high-level high-quality ore into the smelter, and sprinkle some Molten Iron Powder. The ten ores quickly became molten.

He poured the molten metal into the mold and began hammering it with the smithing hammer.

Masks had yet to exist within the game, so he wasn’t sure what it would look like after he had completed the forging.

He carefully forged his first mask and hammering it away again and again.


He had only stopped after hammering for about half an hour and used the Smithing skill on the mask in the mold.

Ding! System Prompt: Smithing Successful. Congratulations. You have obtained an ‘unnamed’ White-Silver Equipment.

Unnamed: White-Silver Equipment

Maximum HP +1,000

Defense +50

Reduce incoming attacks targeting the face by 30%.

5% chance of nullifying any attacks.

Invisibility: Active Skill. Once activated, gain the Invisible status effect. Attacking or being attacked will remove the Invisible status. Duration of 5 minutes. Cooldown of 1 minute.

Prerequisite: Level 20, any class.

“Equipment that increases maximum HP, adds to Defense and nullifies Attacks, not to mention the Invisibility skill! This is a piece of phenomenal equipment among the White-Silver Equipment, almost as good as a Yellow-Gold Equipment!”

In this game, there was very little equipment that increased the maximum HP. The value of such equipment was always higher than others of the same level.

But the true reason that he would describe it as phenomenal was because of the Invisibility skill.

Invisibility was the assassin class’s unique skill and a skill that other classes wished they had. They can use it for offense and escape. All in all, a very practical skill.

“I’ll call it Dark Shadow. I still have about ten minutes of polymorph left, and the auction was almost starting. I better leave the Imperial Dragon City to watch the auction!” He donned the Dark Shadow Mask after naming it and put away all the remaining ores and then ran towards the outskirts of the Imperial Dragon City.

While no one could see his face after he wore his mask, he had easily caught the attention of other players. Out of curiosity, the players would use Identify on him.

When those who used Identify saw Jiang Feng’s basic information, they became excited.

“Damn! That player with the mask is Jiang Feng! Isn’t he supposed to be at the auction house by this time?”

“I want to ask him where he got his mask from. That’s so cool.”

“The game hasn’t even started selling mask-type equipment yet. I guess he forged it himself. Alright, ending this conversation right here and now. I’m going to go and worship my idol.”

Suddenly, many players began to chase after Jiang Feng.

The players cried out and screamed, and he could hear all kinds of cheers and adulations from them. It had caused Jiang Feng to grow embarrassed.

“I have to shake them off, or I would be in deep trouble if they saw what I look like after my polymorph’s duration runs out!”

He turned and looked at the players chasing after him. He then activated High-Speed Movement, and his speed spiked. He quickly threw the players off.

Once they were no longer in sight, he used the Invisibility skill on the Dark Shadow mask and entered an invisibility state. He then continued heading to the outskirts.

The smithy wasn’t far from the Northern Gate. He had quickly exited the Imperial Dragon City, ran to the edge of the moat, and jumped into the moat.

Once he was inside the moat, he looked around. When he saw that there weren’t any players, he dismissed the Polymorph skill and regained the form of a Rank 2 Wyrmling.

After he had returned to the form of a monster, he found a hidden place in the moat’s riverbed and hid in it. Then he opened the Shop Management Panel and looked at the live feed of what was happening in the shop.

There was still about ten minutes away from the auction, but what shocked him the most was that the guild leaders and players didn’t show any sign of irritation after one hour of waiting. Instead, they all looked at the auction stage with much fascination.

He rotated his video towards the stage.

“You You can do that?”

Only to see that on the stage, a group of beauties with very exposed clothing were dancing by shaking their hips, and in front of the gorgeous dancers were scholars drinking wine and chatting It was a drama performance.

“To think that you can even stage a performance, Uncle Fu is the best!”

Beep, beep.

Just as he was praising Uncle Fu, his Friend panel started to blink. It was from Canaan.

Curiously, he switched his view to Canaan’s room and looked at those in the room, and read Canaan’s message.

Canaan: “Jiang Feng, let’s discuss this.”

Jiang Feng: “No.”

Jiang Feng refused her directly. He knew what Canaan wanted to do. She wanted to use the backdoor to get the Guild Building Order.

Canaan: “Can you at least listen to what I wanted to say before refusing me?”

He could see Canaan banging her foot on the floor angrily from the video.

Jiang Feng replied with a smile: “Speak!”

Canaan: “Alright, here’s the gist of it. I don’t have that much money right now. When the auction starts, I will keep on bidding. But when the time comes, I probably won’t be able to pay you all the money at one go. Can I owe you that amount first? I’ll pay you back later, ok?”

From her message, Jiang Feng knew that she was going to make a bad bid!

Meaning that she was going to bid without money. She was also asking him to open the backdoor for her so that she could bid for the Guild-Building Order, pay him a portion of the money first, and pay the rest later!

Just as he was going to refuse Canaan, he suddenly saw the door to the room opened. Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao walked in, and they chatted with Canaan with a smile on their face after they entered.

‘Hm? Why are they here? Are they both in Canaan Guild?” He thought inquisitively as he looked at Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao.

He gave it some thought, then sent Mu Xi a message.

Mu Xi was slightly stunned and replied.

Looking at Mu Xi’s reply, Jiang Feng smiled and agreed to Canaan’s request

Since he had agreed to help Canaan, then he needed to inform Uncle Fu.

Luckily, he could give others to his staff through the Shop Management Panel.

“Uncle Fu, the Guild Building Order would be sold to Canaan Guild. It’s fine if they were bad bidding!” He gave Uncle Fu an order.