Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 73 1

Chapter 73 Auction Part 1

‘Mu Xi is wealthy beyond the ordinary definition. What is her relationship with Canaan? Why is she helping her like that?’ He thought to himself curiously after giving Uncle Fu his orders as he looked at My Xi’s message.

Mu Xi: “I’m indeed from Canaan’s Guild. I also know that she wanted to make a bad bid. Just agree to it. I’ll transfer 3,000,000 to you now. No matter how high the bid gets, I will pay you the difference. Consider the 900,000 that you owe a gift in return for your silence. I hope that you will not tell Canaan or anyone else. In addition, for maintaining a business relationship between my guild and yourself, once our base has been built successfully, I will reserve a golden shop for you and give you a 50% discount. The other guilds offered you far less than this, so what is your answer?”

It was because of that message from Mu Xi that had made him agree with Canaan’s request.

In truth, if it wasn’t because of Mu Xi, he wouldn’t have agreed to that at all.

Canaan was simply promising him that she would repay him in the future. While she would most likely make good on that promise, she never gave him a timeframe. What if she dragged the payment? What if she wasn’t as trustworthy as he thought?

While he couldn’t believe in Canaan fully despite her intelligence, he had worked with Mu Xi so many times and he had chosen to trust her.

Not to mention that he didn’t make any loss, and he had earned 900,000 for nothing. Not only that, Mu Xi now owed him a debt.

And also, Mu Xi was right in her last sentence.

He had grudges against Myth Group and Lingyun Pavilion. He didn’t want them to have the Guild Building Order anyway. If they did obtain it, then they would get more powerful. When he had to announce his identity and fight both the Divines and the Infernals, it would be extremely disadvantageous for him.

In comparison, Canaan Guild had worked with him a few times and even promised him a discounted golden shop.

Only a fool would refuse such a beneficial transaction.

Of course, the only reason that Mu Xi dared to deal with him in such a way was that she was extremely rich. Or that she was crazy.


He heard a sound from the system. And when he looked at the notification, he had just received the 3,000,000. She was indeed very generous.

“She’s pretty and she’s rich. I think I’m starting to like this woman called Mu Xi,” he said plainly as he looked with narrowed eyes at the 3,000,000 in his account. He had never seen so much money in his life. “The auction is going to start soon. I wonder how much the Guild Building Order would be sold for. I wonder if it was as Uncle Fu estimated, that it can be sold for at least 5,000,000?”

He stared at the video feed expectantly in front of him, looking at the whole auction as it began.

The smoking-hot Daji walked up to the auction stage while swaying her hips. Behind her were a row of servant girls, and each of them was holding a tray. A piece of red cloth covered the tray.

Daji smiled charmingly as she stood on the auction stage, and said in a clear voice, “Thank you everyone for coming to the Imperial Dragon Auction House. I am the auctioneer of this auction house, Daji. I wish you all a fruitful evening!”

“Let us begin at once, ladies and gentlemen. Our first item is a Level 20 Green-Bronze weapon equipment. Please look at the screen for the stats. We will start the bidding at 500, and each bidding can be no lower than 100. Let us begin!” As she spoke, she removed the cloth on the tray, and the stats of the Green-Bronze weapon equipment had been shown on the screen on top of the auction stage.

The weapon was a Green-Bronze sword and increases strength and attack speed. It also had a Pierce effect as its passive skill, allowing it to ignore Defense. It was indeed an excellent weapon.

Jiang Feng transmuted this weapon from the corpse of a Level 20 boss enemy.

Looking at the weapon, the 200 people sitting on their seats looked with excitement and started the bidding.

“I bid 800!” Someone increased the price by 300 at the first go.



The bidding was extremely intense. Every time someone bid, Daji would bow in respect. Every time she did that, her pair of snowy-white mounds would be revealed, making the eyes of the players widen. When some male players saw this, they would even blush.

A piece of equipment with a market price of around 1,000gp had its price increased to 2,500. In the end, it had been sold to a stout man.

Jiang Feng noticed that the leaders in the room didn’t even look at the equipment. That meant that they weren’t interested in them at all. It looked like only the White-Silver Undead Set, Experience Pills and Guild-Building Order would be able to draw their attention.

There were only a few such pieces of set-less equipment. Only five of them, but each and every one of them was good equipment, transmuted from bosses by Jiang Feng. They were all auctioned off pretty quickly.

A tome, a wizardly weapon, had been sold to a player outside the Imperial Dragon Auction House by bidding 10,000 and it had surprised many.

The five pieces of equipment had been sold for around 40,000 and had exceeded the market price by around 10,000.

Seeing that, Jiang Feng smiled and said, “This Daji isn’t bad too. Once I’ve sold the Guild Building Order, I’ll buy her as well.”

And finally, the climax had arrived.

Daji removed the cloth on another tray. On the tray were fifty yellowish pills.

“Item number six that is being auctioned is fifty Level 30 Experience Pills. Each pill gives 30,000 experience pills, and fifty pills are 1,500,000 experience pills, which equaled to two levels and a half for a Level 20 player. Two levels and a half will allow a player to surpass many on the Level Leaderboard, and the number 1 on the leaderboard will be given substantial rewards each week. It can be said that the Experience Pills are symbols of status and wealth. We will start the bidding at 50,000 and each bidding can be no lower than 1,000. Let us begin!

“60,000!” This time, a guild leader in his seat started the bid.

“Husha Gang’s so stingy, we from the Fanyun Gang will bid 100,000!” Fanyun Gang’s guild leader sneered at Husha Gang’s guild leader.

“Fanyun, are you looking for a fight? 120,000!”


For a moment, Husha Gang and Fanyun Gang started to argue with each other, and they had increased the bid for the pills to 200,000.


Myth Group from room number 1 called out and increased the bid by 100,000 in an instant. The arguing Husha Gang and Fanyun Gang both became silent, sighed, and did not bid.

300,000 had far exceeded the market price for the 50 Experience Pills, and other guilds didn’t believe that they were worth that much and didn’t bid on it as well!

Next, the seventh item. They were still the fifty Level 30 Experience Pills.

The fifty Experience Pills had been sold to Myth Group for 200,000,

The reason that the second batch of Experience Pills was bid less than the first one was because there was no one bidding on it. That was why the price had decreased so much.

100 Experience Pills being sold for 500,000, Jiang Feng was so happy that he couldn’t shut his mouth.

The 100 Experience Pills were all transmuted from the Skeleton Soldiers spawned on the fourth floor of the Cave of the Undead.

Only now had he realized that the Monster Transmutation System was extremely overpowered. Something that he transmuted without effort could create so much wealth for him.

“Our eighth item. One full set. Of Level 30. White-Silver. Undead Set!”

Daji purposely paused at each meaningful word, and the players on the floor had all become ecstatic and thrilled. Even the guild leaders in the rooms had their attention drawn to the Set Equipment.

This Undead Set was the only White-Silver equipment set that existed in the game and could be used without waiting for long.

Once a player wore this equipment set, their stats would be boosted by two or three times. No wonder they were all so attracted to it.

Looking at the excited players, Jiang Feng felt that even he was getting excited as well, and he looked forward to seeing what would happen next in the auction.