Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 74 2

Chapter 74 Auction Part 2

The Undead Set was made out of an inner armor, outerwear, a pair of pants, boots, and a weapon.

Jiang Feng had only managed to get one set after sweeping through the entire fourth floor of the Cave of the Undead. They had a very low drop rate.

His guess was all the monsters on each floor would only drop one set of equipment at different quality. The higher the quality, the lower the drop rate.

The fourth floor probably only had this White-Silver equipment set and he could only obtain it thanks to Transmute Monster. Even the weapon from the Undead Set was transmuted from the Boss.

The entire Undead Set increased HP by 3,000, Attack by 1,500, and Defense by 500. It also had three active skills and three passive skills.

One of the three active skills was an area-of-effect offensive skill. It was indeed the Undead General’s Sweep the Army skill.

“I believe that all of you have seen the stats of this set of equipment. We will start the bidding at 100,000 and each bidding can be no lower than 10,000. Let us begin!”

As Daji’s voice rang, the Undead Set’s bidding had begun.

“150,000!” Tianxia Gang was the first one to bid.

“250,000!” Lingyun Pavillion was the second one.

While the normal players wished to get the equipment, they gave up once they saw the bosses of the guilds themselves were grabbing the equipment.

The wealth of the normal players couldn’t be compared to the bosses of those guilds, after all.

In the end, the Undead Set had been bought out by Tianxia Gang’s Hao Tian at a bidding price of 800,000.

Ling Yun, Shen Ye, and the others would bid, but when they thought of having to bid for the Guild Building Order, they gave up on the bidding.

While the Level 30 White-Silver equipment was good, it was only a transitional set of equipment in the end. Once they were at Level 35 and 40, they would have to give them up, and they couldn’t use it for long. The market price was at most around 300,000. 800,000 was too much.

“Now is the time for the climax! Our last item, the Guild Building Order! There is no need for me to introduce the use of the Guild Building Order. Let us get straight into it! We will start the bidding at 1,000,000 and each bidding can be no lower than 10,000. Let us begin!”

“1,000,000! The bid for the Guild Building Order was already that high, how are we going to bid later?” When a player heard the starting bid of the Guild Building Order, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

To him, the price of a million was too high. Not to mention that this was just a game.

“Is 1,000,000 too high? My guess is that this first Guild Building Order would be sold at a bid of at least 3,000,000. Just wait until the first guild had built a base. They would definitely earn a profit from that!” Another player retorted.


Just when the players were still in an uproar, Shen Ye was the first one to bid. He directly doubled the starting bid, and many of the players looked with disbelief.

“2,100,000!” Tianxia Gang’s Hao Tian bid.

“2,200,000!” Canaan bid as well.

In just a short moment, the Guild Building Order’s bidding price had already reached 3,000,000. Some leaders of smaller guilds and players were completely stunned at that moment.

Canaan frowned, and raised her hand to signal the waitress to bid. She mumbled, “I never thought the competition for the Guild Building Order would be this fierce. If this continued, it was very possible for it to go beyond 5,000,000!”

Mu Xi supped her tea gracefully and calmly said, “Just bid. We’ll pay for it afterward.”

Canaan smiled bitterly and said, “All these years I only had 3,000,000 in savings. Looks like I have to sell my house to pay him back.”

Shen Ye, “4,300,000!”

Ling Yun, “4,500,000!”

Hao Tian, “4,600,000!”

The bid continued to increase. Only four guilds were left in the competition. They were Myth Group, Lingyun Pavillion, Tianxia Gang, and Canaan Guild.

Canaan Guild didn’t follow up at this time, but let the other three compete with each other.

“5,000,000! If any of you bid higher than me, I’ll give up!” Ling Yun went for another bid and said that.

“5,500,000. Thank you for giving up, I hope that Shen Ye you will give up too!” Hao Tian increased the bid by another 500,000.

“I’m sorry, but Myth Group won’t give up on this Guild Building Order. 6,000,000!” Shen Ye said with a smile.

“I’m stopping!” Hao Tian said angrily.

To these people, they were all worth a few dozen million. However, there was no need to waste so much money on a Guild Building Order.

They needed to manage a giant guild, and that needed a lot of money. While they did give up on the auction, they could still build a base after looting their own Guild Building Order. The only thing that they lost was the title of being the first guild that built the base and the rewards.

“6,100,000!” While Lingyun Pavillion and Tianxia Gang had given up, Canaan did not and continued bidding.

“Canaan, just give up. I know that you only had that much capital in your hand. Even if you build the first guild base, you couldn’t surpass Tianxia Guild. You cannot win our bet,” Hao Tian, who was in room two, said with a smile after he was stunned momentarily after seeing that Canaan was still bidding,

‘Hm? Bet? What bet?’ Jiang Feng couldn’t help but wonder after hearing Hao Tian’s words after it startled him. He then looked at Canaan who was biting her lips.

“Hao Tian is right. Give up. 6,200,000!” Shen Ye agreed at this exact moment.

“7,000,000! The Guild Building Order is mine!” Canaan announced coldly.

After increasing the bid for another 80,000 directly, Shen Ye became silent.

But Jiang Feng saw it. He saw that Shen Ye was not going silent, but was discussing something with Baixia.

After discussing for a very long time, Shen Ye’s eyebrow was raised, as if he had heard something interesting and nodded with a smile.

Because Jiang Feng couldn’t hear what they said inside the room, so he didn’t know what they were talking about.

“Since you wanted the Guild Building Order that much, I will gladly oblige. It is yours, Ms. Canaan!” Jiang Feng could only hear his words again after Shen Ye activated the room’s loudspeaker.

What he didn’t expect was that Shen Ye didn’t choose to continue. It surprised him.

Logically speaking, someone as prideful as Shen Ye wouldn’t give up that easily, especially after he said that they wouldn’t give up on the Guild Building Order. What did Baixia say to him exactly?

What made him even more suspicious was that after hearing Shen Ye giving up, the others in the room all had the expressions of “as expected,” as if they were not surprised at all.

Were the major guilds all planning on doing something?

Suddenly, Jiang Feng was slightly shaken up, as if he had something figured out. He then let out a bitter smile and whispered, “Looks like Canaan Guild will be in trouble. I can probably use this time to earn some more money!”

“7,000,000! It’s a deal! Congratulations to Ms. Canaan from Canaan Guild! The Guild Building Order is yours!” As soon as Daji had finished, Uncle Fu walked onto the stage.

“The current auction has now ended. Now, we would like to make an announcement. Every Friday at 8 in the evening, the Imperial Dragon Auction House would have an auction. If anyone had anything that wanted to be auctioned off, you may seek us out to have your items auctioned. We will only charge a 5% service charge. We guarantee that all items auctioned here would be sold at an agreeable price. Finally, thank you all for attending the auction. We shall meet again next Friday!”

After Uncle Fu had finished speaking, the auction had finished. All the players that had come for the auction had dispersed. However, some of the major guilds did not leave, and all came before Uncle Fu and asked him of Jiang Feng’s whereabouts.

When the major factions all went to Uncle Fu to ask about his whereabouts, he stopped paying attention since he had already told Uncle Fu to not reveal his location.


Just as he was prepared to leave the moat and closed the shop’s video feed, he received a notification from the system.

“I have the capital now!”

The notification contained the record of Mu Xi transferring 4,000,000 to him. He smiled excitedly as he looked.

“Now that I have the funds, I’ll let Uncle Fu help me buy some ores. If the auction house were to continue operating, I will need a large amount of equipment,” Jiang Feng said as he looked at the time. “It’s almost time for the Chinese Ghost Story quest. I should go and complete it. But before then, I should go and clear the fifth floor of the Cave of the Undead!”

With that, he had left the moat and ran towards the direction of the Crouching Dragon Range.